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  1. New to the recast list to Avoid corsairs-kids Move along move along...
  2. CONGRATZ ERIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ho'omaika'i 'ana!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hay A.C. One of my guys is having issues seeing the 501st/TK areas here. he asked for access: But he is getting this when he is trying to go into the 501st/TK areas:
  4. Technically I am have been recast since you sold me the molds and all the rights etc several years ago.
  5. Those you posted links to IMHO are waay to high and look off. Well the original Screen used ones were the chemical gloves and is it ez to glue the latex handplates to them.. $5. at most home improvement stores ----------
  6. I would have loved to have seen the cartoon use RMQ's concept TKs there are already a lot of his some (concepts in the new cartoon) I fell they have taken the TKs a step backwards with Filoni new cartoon. my head hurts,,,,,
  7. Hi all I normally a nice guy and like seeing new stuff for the TKs, but I was not happy with Filoni and his animated team. Yes I think the cartoon is going to be cool..and want to see something other that the Clone Wars.......but I feel that they have done an injustice to the look of the TK (not doing their homework) I have it in my mind that when it came to the design of the new animated TK that one of more of the 3D PC geeks working for Filoni had either one of both of the FX lid and the MR/EFX PCR lids on their desk and said in a meeting when Filoni (more than likely said) "we need to start on the design of the Stormtroopers asap!!! I want to have the old school vibe in this cartoon" then one or more of the PC geeks spoke up and said "I got one of the lids I bought off of Ebay! " more than likely they have not a clue that those two helmets do not best represents the TK...and worked off of them, instead of walking down to the archives and scanning one of the many original lids the LFL has........ I would love to talk to Filoni and let him know he has made an issue for the TK world. mix of the RCR and FX (if they had a child) some of my 501st mates are it is just the style of animation....honestly there is bad animation in the world..... ------------ I have some of the ones in the Legion always saying "Joe Q Public cannot tell, this is great for the TKs!!!" (as they pick their nose).... I was in the C6 501st armor panel and we had both FX and a screen linage helmet sitting side by side....none of us said a word bad or anything about makers or anything. Q and A can up and one of the "Joe Q Public" asked :"why did the helmet lid look different from one another? " he went on to ask the one looks to be off and why? He was tlking about the FX...... Paul H (FISD Founder) stated " that is just the difference in the makers... So "Joe Q Public" can tell...... ..
  8. OK Todd where is the video of the hovering for 30 seconds!?!?! SKY CRL: Centurion Jetpack thrusters shall actually work and jetpack shall be able to actually hover for at least 30 seconds. Fett did it!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxljftDEOXQ Looking good man!
  9. Sorry Trevor got side tracked on a few things for my Garrison and I had Ewoks attack me at Dragon Con!!!!! Vicious Rabid Creatures!!!!! Then a Furry bit me!!!! I got sick from it and became a Walking Dead!!!!! And tried to Eat Star Wars Author Timothy Zahn!!!. And our beloved Legion founder All the while trying to protect Cirque du Soleil And being TK Jones and the Raiders of the Tantive IV!!!! Plus keeping up with my cello playing OOOOh and I needed to do my laundry!!! Plus trying to figure if I am in the Bizzaro World where is would happen?!!?!?!?? I promise ya Trevor this KTK will get done man!! stay tuned...Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time!!!
  10. I do Honor cons and Zombie walks and most cons that are three days or more like Dragon Con, SWC! I kidded and said i was going to find where they are filming an episode of the Walking Dead and try to just walk on the set and see want the frak happens...LOL!!!
  11. Thanks Todd and Tim!! I made the local news with my DTK: http://www.wccbcharlotte.com/news/featuregallery/specials/ConCarolinas-2013--PHOTOS-209844341.html From a Con this passed weekend in Charlotte NC.....Yummy, the 501st Founder (Albin Johnson) Taste just like chicken!!!!
  12. Sorry for the delay everyone on updates for the KTK. I been busy working My Garrison command staff and making sure my garrsion is going in the correct direction for 2013 and future. Hey Jim, I am still working on the armor. but the lid it now totally revamped into my likings and what I see in in it from the game. As for Mason. I hope him the best but have now heard from him in a while. While ya wait fro the armor pix, here is the all new lid. I redid the paint job from scratch and made should that is has the correct number of tubes stripes correct number of "vent lines" (AKA vertical black stripes) in the back traps (all details are hand painted), battle wear, and wearthering to mactch the style of the KTK in the game..... If you look at the way is was painted before (By Mason) the lid had faux details and needed some corrections to the trap details and chin. My all new revamped KTK lid: Originally the way it was before I purchased the helmet: Game screen grab link: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16097-the-kashyyyk-stormtrooper-project/
  13. Hello All, Just got word that my Death Trooper is now officallly 501st!!!!!! YAAAAAH!!! I did some updating to it since the last time post back last October, and it is now the third for the Legion. Now, I am looking to eat some Rebel Scum Brians....... Man Salacious Crumb did a number on my left side of my face....I now know how C3PO felt on the Sail Barge..... BTW, the puppet is a direct cast for one of the screen used Salacious.
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