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  1. Totally missed the "=== NO LONGER MADE ===" damn shame I liked my AM armour, hopefully RT-Mod will get back to me sometime
  2. Was there an update, I did a search but did not see anything regarding the end of production of the AM armor. In regards to RT-Mod an email was sent 2 weeks ago however to this date there has been not reply so it is unknown if he is taking orders or if I can get on a wait list. And last as I stated I was the 1st TKC to achieve EIB, however after 5 years of wear and the updated standards I realize that my kit is not up to snuff, thus why I am doing these inquiries. I'm definitely open to any other suggestions.
  3. So no go on Marks armor, it just wouldn't work. Can I get an answer then on the AM for centurion.
  4. As my old AM V1 armor is starting to show it's age and wear I am looking at the new AM for my new kit and am going to shoot for Centurion as a TKC, ( is there a TKC Centurion yet, the list is broken). So here is the issue as I see it, RT-MOD, isn't taking orders and AM seems like my only choice, I'm 6' 2" currently 290lbs, trying to get done to 250lbs again for the armor, so AM seems like the reasonable choice. The new armor has beenchanged in the following ways, as quoted from the email. "Overlap strips have been removed from the Calves and thighs and will require butt-joint / cover strip method of assembly". "forearms completely resculpted to be more accurate and overlap removed". vs the CRL highs use the overlap construction method. Using the butt joint and cover strips is not accurate. Lower legs are constructed using the overlap construction method. Using the butt joint and cover strips is not accurate. Forearms use the overlap construction method. Using the butt joint and cover strips is not accurate. That is the issue as I see it, armor that will fit even vs the ability to achieve Centurion status. So, is there an exception in these type of cases for Centurion status?
  5. Looks great..can't wait to do an official review for approval...
  6. He sent me them once, but I changed computers and apparently didn't move them....
  7. Looking for the images of my month...June...from the 2012 calendar...I have sent Jesse a PM and an email with no result...does anyone else have these files??? Thanks
  8. I am 6'2" 260 and I actually agree. This should be like the 3P0 where size does matter...I couldn't do a jawa, or an animated clone, just like a 5' woman couldn't pull off Vader.....wouldn't look right either. This is a very specific costume for a very specific build...
  9. This isn't new but my wife just spent 30 minutes doing the information dance with the scammers. The problem was that they had all the credit card information, INCLUDING OUR CURRENT BALANCE!!!! Meanwhile I was on the cell with Master Card getting the cards cancelled. They confirmed that NO OTHER AGENCY OR BANK WILL EVER HAVE ACCESS TO YOUR BALANCE. The call goes like this - automated message that you have qualified for a great new rate for your credit card...press number..call answered they call you by last name, no first name, don't know if you have a credit card...then start probing. First, type of credit Card that you have, describe the colors, does it have air mile. But the same time playing the you give me info I will give you info....They also ask for the 3 digit security number on the back of the card....My wife played along and was prodding them along.....Finally she asked for a supervisor and passed to "Lisa", who continued to try and get info, all the while going "oh my God your ever your limit" and "uh, weren't you listing"...we tried to get more but our phone died. Thing is that we don't use the card physically, all purchases are done online, and there has been no funny transactions lately. We only use paypal, secure online through large stores, and X-box. So that leads me to believe that somewhere someone was hacked and they got enough to see the bare minimum. They called from 250-352-9679, which when I called it back is out of service, and "Lisa" provided a call back number of 1-800-465-2619. Also, you will ask why was she playing alone, well by the line of questioning we know the cards were already compromised she why not get them going.The cards are cancelled now.
  10. no calf, thigh, forearm markings, no drop boxes....I won't call this a TKC, maybe a TDC...but it is cool
  11. I would used Bondo paste for the cracks and chips. Prep is going to be the key to this. your going to have to sand fill, sand fill, sand from 100 grit down to 2000 grit or higher then paint again to get that bad boy looking good. But it can be done...
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