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  1. This will have to be changed, anything already in use by LFL/Disney won't be able to be used. The guidelines are clear: No 501st or FISD markings or branding. Period. Any active Legion member with a valid stormtrooper costume in the specified geographic area can join. The Team can create a name, logo, backstory, etc. for itself (names usually contain Fire Team, though this isn't required). A list of each Team (with their specific "Teams Name") with a current list their members will be kept in the Fire Team sub-forum on the Detachment website. A Team must have at least 2 members to start. Ideally Teams should be no more than 16 members in size, with an average of about 8-12 members, but a Team may have as many members as you wish. A Team member must troop at least twice per year to maintain status as a member. Two or more Team members must troop together once per year to keep the group active. The first line would include any LFL or Disney properties.
  2. Get all your information together, preferably in a similar format as the other Fire Team postings, then post it in the register your fire team area. After that, please send me a PM and I'll get you sorted out ASAP. Congrats for the new Team!
  3. Congratulations to Andrew (Sly11) for once again, being named our Detachment Leader!!
  4. Welcome to the White Zone!! Bienvenu dans la Zone Blanche!
  5. Welcome to the White Zone!!
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