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  1. I am a type-1 pumper and use the Medtronic pump. I’ve got an elastic strap with a pouch that wraps around my chest under the armor. Works well for me.
  2. Looking good so far! Btw, the CRL for this is being developed over on the Spec Ops detachment site. We have a lot of members working on the costume and the corresponding variants. There's a lot of great stuff happening with it! www.501stspecopsdet.net
  3. Go to your first post and click edit. Then, more reply options. You should be able to edit the title right there.
  4. I'm an introverted, extrovert. I love being in costume or playing on stage. But I also like staying home.
  5. Jim does awesome work. Make sure to check out the Spec Ops detachment where the CRL is being developed! http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/index.php?/forum/112-shoretrooper-rou/
  6. I just approved your account and you're good to go! Look forward to seeing your progress. Cheers!
  7. Yes, the DT is over at Spec Ops. Here's the link: http://forum.501stspecopsdet.net/index.php?/forum/111-death-trooper-rou/
  8. Hope you feel better soon and looking forward to this project. Also, Shawn is top notch and had helped many of us out in the past, myself included. Cheers to you both!
  9. Well, the shadow Stormtrooper is actual part of the Spec Ops detachment, not FISD. You can find them here: http://www.501stspecopsdet.net The armor itself looks like classic FX armor which can be approved, with some tweaks. I can't really tell from the photo but the helmet also looks like an FX which cannot be approved. Those are wonky and too large, called Frankenbuckets by some. Anyways, the cost is about what it's worth but may not be all you hope for in armor. I'd go on the Spec Ops site and chat about it over there and you might even find a better setup that can be approved. Hope this helps!
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