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  1. Congrats! And what amazing feedback! You will have it dialed in!
  2. I am 4'11", but I'll do anything I can to fit in this!
  3. On that forearm, your sides are WAY to big. The cover strip is like 15mm, so you cut it back to about 7mm, then glue a 15mm strip over it. ATA writes the measurements in inches
  4. I guess I have to close my "Pacific Outpost Thread", I am now part of the MidSouth Garrison! Amazing group of troopers here! I traveled up to the Lexington Toy and Comic Con, it was amazing! I had no idea it would be that big! I was fortunate enough to run into the famous Fem Biker, Lindsay Shepard! She is also an amazing Slave Leia!
  5. That is how the Hasbros look...more than fine for basic approval. Nice job!
  6. lol, I loaded up on beach time before I left...have not been doing anything else! I also took some with my SWAG shirt! I put my FISD patch closest to my heart!
  7. Not exactly a costume, but we are planning a "blackmilk" clothing shoot at Conooga. I had my artoo swimsuit, but when they released the "trooper dress" I just had to get one instead! Of course, we know it is a TD, not a TK, so I call it the "move along" dress! Here is my test shoot!
  8. For rubber, you need the Gel Superglue...just like the hand plates. It should stick.
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