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  1. Well done, Rob, well deserved, sir! And thanks for the nice patch feature, guys!
  2. Well done Mathias! Great to see the Centurion program is off to such an awesome start. MOAR PLS!!!
  3. Have reported the listing as having a misleading title based on the rationale that this is not a Lucasfilm licensed Star Wars Stormtrooper product.
  4. Some had teh full ten!? Wow, you learn something new every day!
  5. Teeth cutouts vary across the board to just about any combo from 3/3 to 4/5 on original helmets and are not fully exclusive to either hero, or stunt, just generally less on the hero. Get ANH out and oggle your eyes at those frowns. You'll be amazed!
  6. That's okay, Matt. You're a TK, you'll miss.
  7. I think it would be fairly easy to replicate the HWT radio box. Just a thought!
  8. Shocking and disgusting. Half the UKG are running around checking their home insurance, the other half are phoning re-enactment insurers. This has stopped everyone in their tracks. Matt, so sorry it took the loss of your armour to highlight this issue. The UKG CO Scott Steele has organised a collection for Matt to obtain a full set of armour. There's no sense in people (with the best intentions in the world, I know) donating 5 shoulder bells and umpteen belts, or thighs. If you'd like to donate, please sent PayPal to Scott Steele: scotyis@blueyonder.co.uk Thank you all!
  9. Looks like I'm out of a job. Screw you guys, I'm going home.
  10. Good to see you going EIB Bruce! Heh, that's my AT-AT Driver there.
  11. Get one of these. http://www.stormtrooperundersuit.com/ The quality is great and they've made them so that there's no logo specifically for us!
  12. I must have missed that, 'cos I know next to nothing about it. What's the history of the SFS helmet?
  13. You know they're going to end up in the right place if Tony gets 'em.
  14. Rolf, I have removed your warning thread per your request. Thanks!
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