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  1. Thanks for being included in the newsletter! There's just two things: I edited the HOWTO on the iComm after it was posted, it would be nice if the edited version could be posted instead :-) And my TK-ID is 3664 ;-)
  2. Awesome! Can't wait to see this baby painted and weathered.
  3. Some adjustments on the fitting (and maybe another undersuit?), and he's good to go. New NG-member soon perhaps?
  4. Wow, I´m really impressed, the time and skill put down in this project is immense, and I don´t even want to think about the cost of materials! Very, very cool. Looking forward to seeing the rest.
  5. I´d go for TD for sure. Never having played any of the games from the expanded universe, I´m not that familiar with the HWT, so to me it looks like an incomplete Sandtrooper, and I would think that the general public would think the same. Gee, most of the public don´t even know the difference between a TK and a TD, or even a Snowtrooper or Bikerscout. I think the Sandtroopers look badass though, and have many times though of doing one myself.
  6. Thanks! :-P And those pictures are really cool, can't wait to see the finished pictures, think it's gonna look awesome.
  7. I agree with Mathias though, and can wholheartedly recommend a RS-helmet, it's so sharp you wouldn't believe it.
  8. Or started selling them under a different name... There have been heated discussions about that before.
  9. No difference in Hero and Stunt belts, except that the holster is attached with four rivets, not just two. Nice comparison by the way, Eric. A properly assembled belt looks really nice I think :-)
  10. Everything IS handpainted, and not decals ;-)
  11. Elastic for everything related to internal strapping.
  12. Thanks, Daniel! Gonna help a new recruit build his doopydoo's as well, gonna be fun :-)
  13. The AP ears are actually pretty easy compared to other ears, if you just trim them along thAe trimlines, they should fit pretty much spot on.
  14. TM with the XL-shins is my suggestion. But that kind of depends on your build, slim or bulky.
  15. We're making great progress, and I think the camera makes everything look so nice! :-D
  16. Painted my TM-bucket inside with satin black, and I think it looks great. I have an RS-helmet too, and I think i'm gonna keep it white inside, for the time being, see if there's any noticable differences when trooping.
  17. So, I finished the helmet. Found a different white (radiator white), sanded it down a bit and painted over. The only thing that rubs me a bit is that I wash't able to remove all the paint and start over fresh, so in the end, there were quite a few layers of white and gloss varnish, partly obscuring the nice bumpy detail of the helmet, and not making it as crisp as I ideally would have wanted it. The best would have been to have only the thinnest necessary layers of paint, to retain the texture as much as possible, but I think it turned out awesome anyway, and most of the bumps and irregularities are still very visible. And in the end I managed to get a pretty good match in colour to the 2mm TM I already have. All details were hand painted by myself. Here come some medium quality pics with indoor lighting, will take some better pictures soon. TM on the left, RS on the right: Bonus picture of me wearing the helmet, I'm the trooper on the left: I guess the next project will be getting a "HDPE" helmet... It never ends...
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