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  1. Yes! Not the best time, but it is great to be in touch again my friend. And same goes for m any others. Saludos.
  2. A long time ago... I was tricked into vouching for a "new maker". I was green at the time. I bring his new helmet make here and announce it and without much waring, I was covered up in a flaming storm from many many members here, but mostly by non 501st users and some makers at the time. Even if I stated that I had nothing to do with the production or business, I was blamed for recasting. It was so intense that I swore never to comeback to the FISD (at that time Paul went all the way and "fished" me back and give it a second chance to the community). Remembering that, and seeing what is happening now, I can only think that those kind of reactions and the ones we see today in the main 501st forums, serve other porpuses and interests. They are orchestrated to serve certain people and business and can't be bothered if you don't touch what they want. Not pointing out anyone, certainly not TM or CFO, and it is not a conspiracy theory either... it is just the only explanation I can find for such different reactions over time. Saludos PS. Man, I missed the boards action. It has been a while for me.
  3. WOW! I remember those CDs and the big price tag they had, not to mention the NDA and politics you had to go through to even be cosidered by Matt as a suitable buyer. I do remember the day those images were released. I considered it a game changer just as the discovery of RS's Armor years later. I also remember that in the post making the images public, it was stated that they were being made public because Matt owed money or product to the poster, and after a lot of going back and forth, the owner thought that even if he would not get what was owed, that would prevent Matt from charging hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for the CD. Also, remember how the ppl that had paid Matt for the CD were really upset. The one thing I don't remember (but I might be wrong) is Mark being the poster of the images, or that it was done to harm Paul. It was always about Matt and whoever posted the images (Mark, Joe or whoever else). But oh well... This just gets sadder. Saludos
  4. Read the news on facebook... I am really sad about this. Really sad. As I wrote on facebook, even feel heartbroken. I too believe I get along with everyone in the community by not taking sides... but I do believe this is just too clear not to see as it is. As I said... sad, heartbroken. Saludos. Juan And yes... most newbies (and recent generations) cant see or understand the implications and importance of this all.
  5. Thx Paul. That sounds perfect. I guess Justus will be in a similar place as you are. And so should all of us. This was a great conversation indeed. Saludos.
  6. Very Interesting read. There is not much I think I can add, since I am one of those older TDs who didn't wanted the HWT or the SE TD on the MEPD... But things have changed. It is not 2005 anymore. We need to evolve as Justus has stated! Just one thing here that might make it easier for all of us to come together: The MEPD was born before detachments existed. It was later made into the structure of a detachment. Thats why the name and nature of it is not welcoming for other costumes. Just as the SWAT program. It was not meant to be part of the CRL. Levels of CRL did not existed when the program was designed. So neither the Police Offcier or the SWAT badge were intended but forced to be part of the CRL. Again, that is why its nature does not meets so easily with the idea of a CRL. The Sandtroopers Detachment is different in many ways... but that is history. We need to see to the future. No SE CRL, no HWT on the MEPD... thats the past. Lets not find anwsers for today's challenges there, but here and looking to the future. As I said, I voted no for SE and for HWT... but I also wrote the very first proto-draft for the SE TD CRL and even tried to build it. We need to look to the future. All together. Justus and Paul and their teams are trying to lead us there... lets catch up, and go there! Its not about packs or dirt, its about the character and how we can use it to make our club stronger to benefit all of us, the members. After all, as GL requested, Sandtroopers are just "stormtroopers with special weapons and lots of things on the back" (or something like that). Saludos.
  7. Update. Sounds ridiculous this far... It's been 5 years since I started this build. ANOVOS armor is still boxed, and my TM replica armor is still awaiting for weathering and aging. Hope to have it finish by the end of the summer. This summer. Its been too long already. But now I need to build my daughter's WTF's sandtrooper... Hope I can manage to finish all this year. Saludos.
  8. Tony, This is just amazing! I guess you have no idea (or might have), what this pictures mean to me and many many other Sandtroopers over here. This has to be the most relevant post about the radio ever posted, going tip tip with that awesome moment when the brand and model was discovered. We have literally spent thousands and thousands of hours working, researching and just wishing to someday find one of these radios and then share the info, references, measurements and excitment with the comunity. In the past, AFIK, only two other radios like this had surfaced: one I still think was not real, and the other was destined to business and private collecting, so even if info was shared and we were (and still are) super thankfull, nothing like this. Other than that, one North Star brand radio similar to almost the last detail was found too... but info was never really shared, dont really know why. But this is just a great day for us sandtrooper and prop replicating enthusiasts. I am sure you know how valuabe the radio is and how amazing your found is too. Just, wanted to share a bit of my feelings and our community's, cause this is magic, this is amazing, this is just a great day for us!! I have personally spend years and years after this... wishing for one to appear so we can all share what you just gave us! And for that, I thank you brother! Muchas gracias! I still hope to find one myself. But till that day, this is close enough for me. Saludos Juan
  9. Ciao Tony! That is just a beautiful radio! Great find!!! Probably one of the most coveted found parts in SW! And it is without a doubt, the Holly Grail for Sandtroopers! I cant help but ask, did you find it online? I have spent thousands of hours, literally, and I am sure many others have too, searching for that radio online and offline. It is too much for my OCD to think that I have not search in the right places or times... But, on the other hand, makes me happy that it ends up in the hands of someone who appreciates it. As other have said, If you ever decide to sell it, for a fair price, put me down on the list! Big congrats!!! This gives the rest of us hope, cause they are out there, awaiting for us to find them. Saludos.
  10. It's true you learn something new everyday! This is awesome! Thx for sharing Paul! Ill take this in consideration for every future build! Saludos.
  11. Thx a lot! I actually don't now for sure... It was the thinnest foam they've got on the craft store. About 2 mm thick, maybe even 1mm. Armor was quiet flexible, but also it's a bit thin. I think it would need some repairs have she wore it just one or two hours more. Thx a lot you all for the kind words!! In about 3 weeks we will be attending another Con... I guess she will be wearing it. I will post some pictures. Saludos.
  12. Thx everyone for your kind words!! I told Vale, my daughter, about all your comments and she is very happy and says thx too!! She just asked me to get her new boots for the next con. To have better pictures. Next time. LOL!! Saludos.
  13. THX Everyone for your comments and nice word!! Then the time of the Con came and went...but I finished her armor just in time and in full Sandtrooper fashion!! I added weathering and made the final adjustmente, and even tried to add a voice amp, but didnt worked due to bad wiring... But we had a blast on the con... So finally, here she is... She was in armor for a solid hour. LOL... considering she is 5yo and that the place was super crowded and hot, I consider it a real achievement! At the end, she asked me NOW we were both Sandtroopers and we both worked for Darth Vader, when was she ever going to wear her Princess Darth Vader Costume? Since she could not be a trooper and the boss at the same time! I just told her she could be whoever she wanted, regardless of the costume! I was a GREAT troop! SALUDOS
  14. Well, She just wore here white adidas superstars... I know I will be after a pair of chelsea's on ebay for her real armor... But not for this one. Saludos
  15. LOL!!! Thx everyone. This project has been lots of fun and also, it is very fulfilling working in something i know my little girl will enjoy, if only for one single con due to well... Outgrowing the costume. lol. I will post some new Picts in a moment. Costume is all done, and on the work bench just waiting for the dirt!!!!! Saludos.
  16. Thx for your kind comments! I am now looking for a good looking undersuit. Most likely will settle for ballet tights and long sleeve top. Also looking for gloves and think we will opt for all white sneakers. I'll post more Picts of the next suit up soon. Saludos.
  17. Here they are. Pictures of the finished armor and some details. Hope you like it. Saludos.
  18. Armor is all finished and awaiting for weathering. I am very happy with how it turned out. And except for a little mistake on the insides regarding the strapping of the ab to the kidney plate and a little detail on the shin cover strips, I think it came out way better than I thought. I added many details as in the real ANH armor regarding shape and trimming. Maybe they wont be noticeable but I know they are there and thats enough for me... I can't upload pictures from my office connection, but will try to add some later from my cell. Saludos.
  19. Hey Bros!! Thx for all your comments. Yes, pink armor would look great. Just like her pink Darth Vader costume... About the helmet. Yes, it is a kid's WTF's armor, but afaik, it is from one of his previous armor runs, so it is smaller than the one he has available right now. I can tell you just by the looks of the parts, maybe not so much the helmet, that the armor is smaller than 80% the size of a regular one. About the glue... for armor I always use transparent E600 and a bit of white E600 for the looks of black elastic glued to the interior of limbs. Fot this project, I used just hot glue from a gun directly to the foam. Worked perfectly. Has a few seconds of game for me to position, just a bit. But then it stays and if you try to remove parts, it will rip the foam apart. Hope that helps. Saludos
  20. THX for your comments Bros. Here is a small update. Finished the whole torso with details and missing plates. And had the first real fitting. Vale was excited and so was my wife. And me of course. More to come soon. Saludos.
  21. Hi everybody. It's been a while since I last posted, even longer since I started a thread. Due mainly to a change in work line after being unemployed for a few months, and the lack of progress in any armor related projects or trooping. But, here I am again... And this time, wanted to share with you what I have been working in for the last few weeks: an EVA foam Sandtrooper armor for my daughter Vale. She is 5 years old and finally asked me to build her an armor. She first asked for a pint "Princess Sandtrooper" armor, to follow her "Princess Darth Vader" one I built for her last year. So I got a WTF's children's kit and started making up my mind to paint pink a perfectly white armor. Then the big brown box arrived and when she saw the armor, out of the blue asked me to keep it white, add some sand and lose the tutu. I was really excited, a real armor... But then, she was to short for the armor to fit. So I opted to build the helmet and complete it with an EVA foam armor. I worked it all from scratch, drawing and matching the patterns on newspaper, and then taking it to the actual foam. Fitting and modying... working out the details and fixing my own mistakes. I wanted the armor to look as close to the real thing as possible. There are many things that are impossible to achieve of course, but so far I think I am getting close to what I thought it should be. Here are a few pictures, hope you find it interesting and exciting... my daughter has mixed feelings so far. She is not keen of so many fitting sessions and the so, and still has not seen the big picture, but still very excited about being a Santrooper like her dad. This is what we first designed for her armor: But, then she changed her mind... And we started to work on her sandy armor. I wanted to make it as accurate as possible. Even on the insides. Still a lot to do. Shoulder bells, buttpiece, details on the backplate, handplates, thighs and shins... Also need to make the ammo pouches and work something out to have the screws inside the bucket hidden to avoid any danger for her. Weapong will be my old modified Hasbro E11. And need to do something about the boots. Don`t know if I will get plastic ones, or just let her wear snickers. What do you think? Progress and pictures to come. Saludos.
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