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  1. TBH, the broken posts can't be rewritten unless you know what was in them before, and the section is so little used that there's little point in keeping them at all. I'd just delete them. Any new posts made will continue to work properly for the foreseeable future.
  2. I think it's been like that for ages. All the broken posts are really old and probably broke when we changed the database collation to a more universal one than what was used previously. So yes, it did break in a forum upgrade, just not in recent times. Probably when we went from IPB v3 to v4 which was at least 3 years ago I think.
  3. Nice work. I went the route of commissioning an actual painting instead.
  4. Personally I don't see it as worth the time to create a CRL for a costume not even a hand ful of people will make. You *can* get approved for a new costume without an existing CRL. That's usually how it goes with new stuff. It's the LMO who makes the call in those cases.
  5. Use a real browser and check out our gallery. We have thousands of reference pictures stored and categorised there.
  6. Yeah, the RS holster isn't a normal holster. But it's the only one known of in private hands, and also the easiest to get pictures of. And while it's different, it may give you some ideas on the stitching at least.
  7. It's tapatalk being a sorry excuse for a forum app that is playing tricks on you.
  8. Moved to hard armor general discussion, as the tech support forum is for forum software issues, not armor issues.
  9. Try shortening the top strap first. It can be a lot shorter than you think it needs to be.
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