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  1. The 501st-only section is mainly for merch that is limited to 501st members and not allowed to be sold outside the club. That's why.
  2. Why would you downgrade your eye resolution that much and at such expense? Your eyes are way higher resolution.
  3. Must have been something that broke with a recent patch. Kind of low priority though.
  4. You could cut the top of the ab plate then, since that will be hidden under the chest. But the chances are your chest will cover up too much of it.
  5. Would not recommend. Instead cut the bottom of the chest plate if you are so short. That's what they did with Mark Hamill's suit.
  6. The terminology isn't completely correct. They are referring to thickness in inches. So .08 is about 2 mm.
  7. That's the usual culprit. I need to take a fresh look at how we deliver mail.
  8. Yeah, you can use those for SE-14 and DLT-19 ANH EIB. The SE-14 is only for heroes IIRC though.
  9. If I were you I'd build the demill however you like and get a cheap(er) resin-kit for trooping and EIB. You can't/shouldn't troop with a demilled anyway.
  10. I'm not really going to go back 5 pages of discussion, but FYI, there is no intended "brow height" difference between hero and stunt helmets. Some just ended up having lower brow than others. There are several hero helmets that can be seen with a "mid-to-high" brow. The low-brow helmets just had more screen time because Luke happened to wear one.
  11. Just do what the others have already told you. You can point at hundreds of alternatives, and 99 of them will be shit.
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