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    northern california / chico
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    Science Fiction, Fantasy,computers.
    Helping troopers with holsters,belts,blasters
    shipping stuff to troopers internationally
    building people's kits/ helmets.
    this is FUN


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    vern beezer
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  1. so proud of you!



    Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 11.54.23 AM - Edited.png

    1. gmrhodes13


      Why what have I done LOL

  2. I made this tutorial for general advice. Not to be confused otherwise
  3. there are posts here that I do not agree with, they post photos, and they are incorrect. please people don't just make a knee jerk reaction and paint the blaster with crinkle paint.
  4. I have only posted the wrinkled finish blaster as a ref to the magazine. I think it's best to ignore crinkle paint on e-11. sorry for the necro post. believe me people, crinkle paint is not on the e-11.
  5. Good job! Glad the TD tutorial helped!
  6. Very impressed overall for the adoption of this program. A resource much more helpful than just winging it into the EIB program! Kudos!
  7. photobucket just rasomwared all your photos.
  8. go to photobucket and download everything. then do massive updates to all your threads.
  9. I request the FISD logo be added to the top of the sight.
  10. I am running a signature that has been hacked. all my posts have hacked image tags that I cannot change. I demand the ability to modify my signature from my profile page.
  11. the graphic link provided to me by the e-11 blaster team has been changed to a broken graphic and I can not edit my forum signature.
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