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    this is FUN


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  1. I must say that the 3d files are filled with errors on the sterling and the e-11 model formats. The shapes are all wrong.
  2. edit. Mark is not the name of the person offering MTK kits. His name is mike, and he is trooperbay.
  3. I simply use 1/4" chicago screws for the canvas belt to plastic belt and for the holster. Everything simply comes apart with a flat head screwdriver. The snap and rivet idea seems nice, but the Chicago screws look just a tad bit better? I guess it's all up to our own personal ideas. Using a Chicago screw is as simple as punching a hole, and using a screwdriver!
  4. Looks great! I did a TM just recently but it's nothing like this masterpiece! This one is a modded ANOVOS. This one is almost like your original too! Not my build but it really shows what the stunts look like!
  5. I can make a fully aluminum ESB e-11. My info website is www.e-11blaster.com
  6. I know where you can get one! Bondservnt@aol.com
  7. I am still building armor and was wondering why I am not listed as an Attache' I was the person who originally suggested the program itself and I am disapointed that my designation does not show my status as an attache'


    please advise me of any changes, and I hope you can help.

  8. I wear this on my off duty uniforms and I kinda wish it was back on the website
  9. Hello sir, I have noted that my status on the forums has changed.  RE: attache'  I was wondering how I can get my status back as I am still building armor for troopers,and have not been active on the main FISD forum for a few months.


    Any help would be accepted.




    TK bondservnt 2392 still active and still an attache'



  10. TK bondservnt 2392 here. I miss the logo with the helmet and the 2 crossed E-11. can we have it back? This used to be at the top of the page? The FISD
  11. so proud of you!



    Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 11.54.23 AM - Edited.png

    1. gmrhodes13


      Why what have I done LOL

  12. I made this tutorial for general advice. Not to be confused otherwise
  13. there are posts here that I do not agree with, they post photos, and they are incorrect. please people don't just make a knee jerk reaction and paint the blaster with crinkle paint.
  14. I have only posted the wrinkled finish blaster as a ref to the magazine. I think it's best to ignore crinkle paint on e-11. sorry for the necro post. believe me people, crinkle paint is not on the e-11.
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