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  1. Hey Guys, maybe you already watched this mv clip, but i just saw it yesterday. i think it's briliant, the one of the best parody i've seen. and have to share this with your!! hope you will like it~ the Star War that I use to know http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GM3RRb61zJA
  2. today, May.27.2012 is Sir Christopher Lee's Birtthday!! "who the hell is he?", see the pic below~~and he turn 90 years old!Happy b-day~
  3. LOL~~can't stop laughing~~
  4. thanks guys, and thank you steve for post this pics~~~~~Steve and me r the two TK, Terry(pandatrooper) is the TD with T-21. got lots of fun in this event!!
  5. welcome aboard~~~~~~hopefully could troop with u very soon~~~~~~~~~Good luck for ur build~
  6. Apr.01, Outer-rim Squar Member TK-4959 (Me) ,TK-8920(Sparrow) and TD-2886(pandatrooper) geared up and invaded the Canucks Autism Network Family Festival at beautiful Vancouver Downtown.
  7. That is the best looking ewok i even seen~~~ I missed the ECCC because we have a local event happened at Sunday, but there is two Outer-rim Squad member went down there to join the party: Yves(TD-9815) and Adam(TB-7558). Looks they have lots of the fun~~~~PS: the mini tb is way too cute~~~
  8. it's a great idea!!!! He deserves this for sure~~
  9. Good Luck~~ Thank you so much for your service~
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