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  1. Same here. I saw one at C8 and I was mesmerized. I bought a CFO kit way way way back in the day but ended up selling it because it definitely isn't for bigger guys.
  2. I process and manage Video On Demand operations and digital media for a content distributor. This includes but is not limited to copious amounts of pornography. We also do major motion pictures, kids content, karaoke, TV stuff. It's mostly sent to Latin America and the Caribbean, but we also have a contract with a very large provider of hotel systems for in room porno. That all topped off with a generous helping of IT work. My next plan is to start a brewery in South Florida. I'm hoping to have that up and running in the next year or two and then I'll be switching over.
  3. This guy again? Jeez, they let anyone be DL I guess... Grats Eric.
  4. There can only be one explaination for this.
  5. I found it in a Cracker Jack box.
  6. Please remove my account from the Imperial Propaganda Department.
  7. I haven't been around these parts in a while, but I have noticed that people are still using this reference for their builds, and I have been getting some PMs. I got busy and never got around to finishing what I was going to on the Ab Plate and Forearm modifications. I don't have any pictures but hopefully a small explaination will suffice. From what I remember, I measured the forearms on her arms and figured out the right place to cut and actually shortened them first. After that I removed quite a bit of material from the inside pieces where the butt joint is formed. I recommend doing this little by little so you dont cuttoff too much. Also, I left a bit extra to recreate the return edge. The return edge was the hardest part and necessary to create a flat spot for where the outside strips would adhere the two. I actually really screwed up most of the return, but as it is being hidden by the strip, it doesnt really matter too much. I used a metal ruler and a heat gun to get the bend. Once that was done, I glued everything into place and it was ready to go. For the ab plate, I basically measured the max amount that I'd be able to cut from the plate without causing any issues or making it look stupid. This turned out to be about 1.5 inches IIRC. Once measured I used a blade to cut the cod plate from the ab plate. I made my measurement along the line where I had cut on the cod and cut the 1.5 inch strip of excess off. Once this was done, I had to reattach the plates. I used a but joint and joined them in the back using plenty of extra plastic and tons of crazy glue. I also used canvas tape and crazy glue to form a sort of ghetto fiberglass. The plastic really does most of the supporting of both pieces. That's pretty much it. I know this is very late, but I'm not really around here anymore and I've gotten into other hobbies besides costuming. Good luck on all your builds if you are reading this as a resource.
  8. Luis Diaz 7164 Letter and Olga Plaza 9061 Letter
  9. These look fantastic! Luis Diaz 7164 Letter also, if you please Olga Plaza 9061 Letter
  10. I keep a couple of fans as an exhaust in the mouth area. This has stopped pretty much all fogging up for me.
  11. AFAIK you can use a spare piece of plastic and attach it to create the illusion of no gap. When I was fatter, I used a piece of plastic and cut holes out so not to disturb the fasteners then attached it with velcro.
  12. I've contacted Skaught about this and will return with a reply once I get one. Until then, I have placed the thread for that shirt on a hold. I understand your enthusiasm, but rules are rules.
  13. Keep it civil, gentlemen. As for the issue at hand, Bill is right. Legion branded merchandise has to go through an approval process through the main legion command, not just the FISD. I think I told you this a couple of times before.
  14. I stopped looking at post counts a long time ago. All told I probably have around 10k posts on internet forums all over the place. Moral of the story: I talk a lot of crap.
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