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  1. Good luck for a speedy Big Brown Box day!
  2. Hey Eric, I know the frustration of a seemingly moving CRL target. The current CRL does have a few items changing, but do keep in mind there's precedent for grand fathering in builds started prior to CRL updates. If you have extra concerns or questions we're always happy to help guide
  3. The real question if you're allowed to talk about it... Did they make you hold your blasters left handed?
  4. Female stormtroopers official canon thanks to 501st?
  5. With the helmet on sale currently at Celebration, I wonder if someone can get some pictures of the end of the trim (or maybe the buyer will be nice enough to show us :D)
  6. Hot damn that's a great looking ESB stormtrooper! Good job and good luck with your submission!
  7. Alay


    Hey Peter! You should check out the local garrison for Albany area, which I believe is Garrison Excelsior. They can give you information on how to get your costume approved once you're done constructing it/receiving it, and help guide you towards events
  8. One idea to help that butt plate flare could be to adjust the angle of your belt. That's how I keep mine in anyways, by putting the belt over that seam. It's body type dependent though so check if it's practical for you before making any cutting adjustments. Alternatively putting a snap elastic between the kidney and the very very end of that butt plate on each side with a tight spacing should pull them together well.
  9. Looks great Alicia! One thing I noticed I didn't see mentioned... on your left thigh, at the very bottom, there's a bit of gap between the plates I had the same problem when I built mine. The fix is super simple though; just glue a piece of white scrap ABS on the inside and you're good You look great for basic approval I think. Best of luck!
  10. I'd be willing to bet... In making/moving the form blocks, someone accidentally stuck their thumb in the clay sculpt picking it up. After saying "Ah crap..." they thought "Screw it... no one will ever see it or care anyways after this movie flops."
  11. I do a lot of business through paypal and sadly they can be real jerks sometimes. I've yet to find an alternative that has the same level of buyer confidence and usage though :/
  12. Those kinds of lists are great to have ready! Thanks for recording them @lucnak
  13. Some cross garrison trooping! He's coming to say hi to us at our Air Museum Expo!
  14. Can't wait to see this build in person in a couple weeks
  15. Hey @heartstopper85 I've been following your approval post since it was posted to the GML thread by your GML. Our CRL is certainly using old information, and that should not tie up your approval. The FOTK CRL updates are definitely on the block for updates this year, and we're going to be having several folks with deep knowledge of the screen used kits helping to contribute references and suggestions. Trust me, we're well aware they need a refresher! If possible, to help your specific case, can you email me (sarah.katherine.bailey@gmail.com) and your GML to open a dialogue between us?
  16. Great job on those boots and the helmet so far!
  17. Great job! Having to modify it smaller from a weight loss is one of the best problems to have I think For the butt plate, tighter elastic should help bring it closer. You might need to trim down your kidney plate if it's too large now. I had the same issue with mine, and it's not too hard to do.
  18. Some folks add cheese cloth with the plastidip too for some texture/weight. Either way make sure you let it fume out a bit for a few days before putting it on... that stuff is smelly at first!
  19. Thanks for popping by Dawn
  20. Thanks for all your contributions, and on passing the torch!
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