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  1. Here's an extremely obscure reason; Nickel allergy is more common than Steel allergy. In the course of leatherwork stuff I've done I've had several customers specifically ask to avoid Nickel for them in snaps because of sensitivites. Truthfully though I've used both, and Tandy is a really good and trustable brand. You'll be fine with either if they're set correctly.
  2. Great progress Emma! I'm surprised the ab and kidney from WTF have that much of a gap between them. Shimming can be a real pain in the neck, just take it slow and make sure to sand with 1000 grit to finish!
  3. Adds and Removes are locked down. @TheGanner I've checked your account on the membership roster and you have access but the syncing didn't pick up your username (probably why you weren't added to the detachment usergroup). Your email is listed twice on the 501st db which may be the reason it didn't sync correctly? We'll look into it. You should be able to vote. I've also changed your usergroup so you should see all forum stuff for a 501st member.
  4. Welcome aboard! Check out the link @MoSc0ut posted it's a great starting point
  5. As mentioned, I do sell these still: You can source all the bits and pieces pretty easily as well through some of the links Joseph provided
  6. @SolidScrafty Hey still looking for update on those thigh photos
  7. Work on full restoration is still on going. We'll put out an announcement when it's fully sorted. Thanks for being patient. In the mean time, if registering a new account and you don't receive the e-mail, please reach out to us via social media or the e-mails listed on the 501st site and we can manually validate accounts.
  8. This trailer was the one that finally got me hyped for it! Hoping for a Kylo redemption arc personally. Neat to see Endor again.
  9. Due to changing time commitments, our former detachment executive officer @justjoseph63 has asked to step down from his position. He has graciously offered to continue helping the Deployment Officer team with the Expert Infantry / Centurion programs. Please accompany me in extending the deepest FISD thanks for all of his amazing efforts throughout the year as executive officer. Without his help many of our programs, updates, and merchandise would not have been able to launch! Joseph, you're an absolute gem to work with and FISD is lucky to have you. You're the embodiment of troopers helping troopers I am pleased to announce that the vacancy position will be filled by our very own Brien, aka @Harbinger. Brien has been doing a knock out job as our Merchandise and Branding Officer and has shown quite the knack for organizational skills. Please join me in giving him a big FISD welcome as our new detachment executive officer
  10. Troopers, The LMO Office has decided this costume is more appropriate for the Spec Ops detachment. As such, the CRL will be moving over there and getting the TX abbreviation shortly. If you're doing any builds please be sure to check out their detachment website, which you can reach here: https://specops501st.com/ This forum will stay up for a month or so for any resources to be gathered over, but it's strongly encouraged to move any build threads over there soon as possible.
  11. That was weird, it's been there for a while too. Removed and should be updated next time the CRLs refresh from the source (I think it happens nightly).
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