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  1. I think if a building novice like myself was able to put together multiple kits, anyone should be able to learn! Check out your local garrison as well for armor build parties and other helps; the hands on help can make a world of difference! Plus there's tons tons tons of guides and walkthrough here in FISD to help Welcome aboard!
  2. Good luck for a speedy Big Brown Box day!
  3. Hey Eric, I know the frustration of a seemingly moving CRL target. The current CRL does have a few items changing, but do keep in mind there's precedent for grand fathering in builds started prior to CRL updates. If you have extra concerns or questions we're always happy to help guide
  4. I'm the odd one then because I was super excited from it, while being bored with TLJ's Thinking force ghost Palpatine, or something more sinister.
  5. The real question if you're allowed to talk about it... Did they make you hold your blasters left handed?
  6. HOW ARE WE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS YET???? Is that the death star? Return to ENDOR?
  7. Welcome to FISD! Glad you avoided the ebay
  8. I have built 3 AP kits so far, they're really easy to modify to a wearer of any height/weight. You'll be fine Welcome to FISD! Looking forward to the build thread!
  9. Another Phasma? AWESOME! Welcome to FISD!
  10. Welcome to FISD! Be sure to also talk with your local garrison in the UK, they're a marvelous bunch when it comes to helping new troopers.
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