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  1. Starting this topic now that we're seeing leaks and other shots! Post here with any cool finds or notes
  2. Moved to the "Request EIB Status" forum. Your kit looks marvelous! Good luck!
  3. Dunno if it's been mentioned, but for us folks with arthritis that have issues working with hands due to pain... I've found the Gold Star snap press to be extremely handy and cheap enough that it's affordable. https://goldstartool.com/heavy-duty-press-for-grommets-snaps-buttons-rivets-die-set.html The Die Set for Ring Snaps 24 Ligne/15mm (5/8") will fit the Tandy Line 24 snaps pretty much perfectly too. I think I've put together about 10 kits worth of snaps on it so far. Just don't leave it out in your car overnight or anything... if it gets cold and heated up, the "precision casted" metal will precision break
  4. Alay

    Mixing Armors

    Can confirm, anovos is an off white creamy color in natural lighting. You could always leave another makers shins in the car until they yellow (only joking).
  5. Yahoo mail also likes to be picky with how they accept e-mails from time to time. A gmail to sign up for items you're expecting a response with is usually a safe bet
  6. Dawww! Thank you for posting up this report that's so cute! You guys rock
  7. Those onset pyrotechnics terrify me. Especially this poor dude at 8m35s that has to go flying. Wouldn't want to take that bump in costume.
  8. An orbital buffer + Novos makes for one heck of a shiny trooper!
  9. They look much nicer after cutting them flush
  10. I've had some success with 5 minute epoxy too, when E6000 is unavailable. I would recommend sticking to the rubber glue though for your first build.
  11. Alay

    What do you have?

    Sup On the topic of bounty hunters... Jodo is almost done
  12. Geez these costumes are awful. Who'd ever want to dress up like that!
  13. I always enjoyed the stormtrooper from ESB when Vader and Lando are talking who has his arm basically falling off.
  14. Make sure you sand it down very smooth after. 1000 grit and elbow grease
  15. The bicep is gonna "push it" out a little, and it should sit against the chestplate. I think where it's at now will probably be fine once you have the bicep under it
  16. That's awesome man! That faceless bucket feeling is great. Helps me stop being such an introvert. If you ever get nervous or have issues (goes for anyone, for any reason) be sure the handlers know what's up, and don't try to "be tough" and ignore it! I've seen too many people go down with heat issues because they wanted to be the tough guy and not drink enough. Handlers jobs is to keep everyone safe, and they need the help by knowing what to look for! Are those stormtrooper ice cleats I see?
  17. The HWT in the game only uses the pistol and the rocket launcher. All the other weapons are CRL shenanigans
  18. Why would you make these available for sale when I don't have any extra money? :'( Been following this project since you first posted about it, your work is absolutely phenomenal and they look amazing. Great great great work!
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