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  1. Dammit! That was a good spot. You know - I know which way around that piece should be. I've studied the ref a gazillion times. I swore it was the correct way round when I read your post on my phone... But it wasn't! For some insane reason, I had indeed glued it totally the wrong way around. Pleased to say I did a great job of fixing it in, making it completely robust. Which meant, that to get it out it snapped into multiple pieces and I had to drill the rest away to get the fixing bolt out. Time to source a new one/scratchbuild a new one from aluminium. Thanks...I think...
  2. Happy to - least I can do to repay you guys for all the help and support. If you can point me to a definitive set of images, I can happily sort it.
  3. Okeedokee - uploaded a bunch of photos and added them to the original post. Fire away with any more questions. Just thinking - if you wanted a more visual set of checklists for the two PDFs for EIB and Centurion (I've taken all the headings for my post from those two docs), if you can point me to a definitive set of photos, I could rework both PDFs for you so that they have thumbnails of the example photos alongside the checklist... I'm an artist/designer/web/print designer - that's my job, so I could happily do you a second more visual version of those docs. I'd just need a set of images from you guys. If there are any specific things you might want to call out on those images, I could easily drop in callouts (e.g. 'make sure Han Snap is visible in this shot', 'make sure belt overlaps button plate', etc.)
  4. Sorry my bad - didn't realise that EIB meant what it was when I accidentally filed Centurion app, so subbed in build thread in that field. On the right/left detail with arms raised - what's the difference between that and zooming in on the full body pic? Just querying so I know what you might be looking for that's not in the full body pic? Thanks!
  5. Yep, my bad - amended in the original post. Username here is 'simorph' - I was using my Mercs id on the UKG site and completely got mixed up. Thanks!
  6. Ooops - been told I have to apply for Expert Infantry before I can apply for Centurion, so here's all the pics and info over here in this thread. Thanks! Name: Simon Phipps Forum name: simorph Legion ID: 30878 Garrison: UK Garrison EIB Application: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/46398-simes-anh-tk-build/ E11 Build: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/46398-simes-anh-tk-build/ Armor = RWA Helmet= RWA Blaster= Doopy-doos + Tino Finishing Kit Height = 5'10" Boots = Roamers Equestrian Boots dyed white Canvas belt = RWA Hand Plates = RS Props gloves with flexible hand guards Electronics= TRamp Neck Seal = RWA Holster = Scratchbuilt Full clearance image album here: https://imgur.com/a/q0bp6uR Additional details image album here that should cover all Centurion app questions: https://imgur.com/a/RWgk4mm FULL BODY Front – Arms at side Left – Arm raised Right – Arm raised Back – Arms at side Right Side Detail - Arm raised Left Side Detail - Arm Raised ARMOR DETAILS Abdomen Details Action Shot Ab/Kidney Attachment – Button Orientation Kidney Plate Notch Butt/Kidney – Fixed: Yes/No Yes - Butt and Kidney are separate Hand Plates Shoulder Bridge Back Shoulder Bridge Front Thigh Pack Attachment Knee Plate Drop Box Back Cod and Butt Plate Attachment (Note - exterior brass rivet is cosmetic - I didn't want to put strain on the armour, so glued a snap plate over it to take the actual strain.) Interior Strapping Back/Chest Connection (Additional snaps around outer corners of the butt/kidney are redundant - that was experimenting with best attachment points for best fitting of butt plate - I plan to remove those) Wrist side of forearms HELMET DETAILS Front Side – Left/Right Back Hovi Mic Tip Detail Lens Color (Backlit if required) S-Trim BLASTER DETAILS Blaster – Right Blaster - Left ACCESSORIES DETAILS Neck Seal Thermal Detonator – Back Holster Attachment
  7. Hey guys thanks to everyone here for all the support, ideas and advice. And to Ross at RWA for a terrific kit (and lots of support), RS Props for the gloves, Doopy's for an ace E11 kit and Tino for the finishing kit that made my E11 more awesomerer. Just been approved by the UK Garrison - time now to get that Centurion application in! Here's the link to the build: Hope everyone's having a great weekend, wherever in the galaxy you're based! Best Simes
  8. Thanks guys! First proper helmet mod - soldered up my own set of helmet fans, powered by a USB power bank (props to Dan's post on helmet interior - solved for me the problem of working out where to stash the power bank - it just wouldn't fit behind my head or above it - so stashing it in the 'pipes' area really worked) I bent a small piece of aluminium and installed a bit red push button behind the hovi tips, having struggled with gloved fingers on my Mando kit that had a fiddly slide button. Just taken a stack of supplemental photos for Centurion application. Here goes...
  9. Thanks Tino, really appreciate that - totally missed it!
  10. TK16566 reporting in! (https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30878) Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys! TK16566 (almost) reporting for duty!
  12. Woohoo! Just got my clearance message from the UKG through so all is moving ahead with processing the rest of my membership. Time to look into fixing that TRamp into my chest plate (any pics of yours, guys, gratefully received!), padding out the helmet for good, installing fans...and prepping that Centurion app! Thanks everyone for all your advice, ecouragement and time!
  13. Finally gotten time to submit clearance pics to UK 501st. Here's a link to the gallery: https://imgur.com/a/q0bp6uR Fingers-crossed!
  14. So, finally finished my blaster. Time to get some app pics together!
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