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  1. Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?
  2. 29) 8-1-20 Topton, Pa., Hospice Visit This weekend members of our Garrison visited Joe, an adult hospice patient and lifelong "Star Wars" fan, whose wish was to have a bit of quality time with his favorite characters. He had no idea this had been set up or that we were coming, so you can imagine his surprise when we marched up outside his window. We couldn't go inside, of course, but we could talk to him via one of the event host's cell phone on speaker. We even got our own Imperial Shuttle to take us from the changing room to Joe's side of the campus.
  3. 28) 7-18-20 Bloomsburg, Pa. Children's Museum. It's been ages, but finally did a (somewhat pandemic-compromised) Troop this weekend! The diminutive Jawa right in front of the Tusken is my Grandson Jed. Checking for identification. (We didn't need to see his identification.) That's my wife, Sally, in the olive officer uniform. A.J.
  4. Very nice! (So is that awesome snap setter.)
  5. Congratulations Eric and Jasper. Wow, it's getting close! The rest of you working hard, keep at it and you'll help push it over the top. A.J.
  6. Totally unofficial -- but necessary -- Troop. Enforcing the Imperial Six-Foot Rule (with an Imperial 6' rule), and keeping the loyal Imperial citizens in my neighborhood safe!
  7. 27) 2-1-20 --- Lafayette Hill, Pa., William Jeanes Memorial Library Star Wars Day
  8. 26) 1-12-20 --- Allentown, Pa., Lehigh Valley Phantoms Star Wars Night (another official LFL event)
  9. 25) 1-5-20 --- Hershey, Pa., Hershey Bears Star Wars Night (official LFL event) Can't believe I've done 25 Troops since approval in March!
  10. 24) 12-22-19 --- Mt. Pocono, Pa., Rise of Skywalker at Casino Theater & Malt Shop (2nd of two Episode IX Troops this weekend...) This indie Mom-and-Pop theater (a dying breed, sadly) also had a small restaurant, so naturally we had to conquer the kitchen, as well...
  11. 23) 12-19-19 --- Millersburg, Pa., Rise of Skywalker Twin Valley Colonnade (1st of two Episode IX Troops this weekend...) The theater treated us like royalty and started us off with our own private screening, after which we suited up to greet attendees for the first public showings.
  12. Another personal Trooping first for me -- Two Troops in one day! 21) 12-7-19, 10:00am-2:00pm -- Lehigh Valley (Pa.) Comic Con 22) 12-7-19, 4:00pm-6:00pm -- Wind Gap, Pa., Toys for Tots Community Toy Drive
  13. 20) 11-17-19 -- Lancaster, Pa., Lancaster Science Factory This was a four-Garrison Troop as Garrison Carida welcomed Garrison Corellia, Old Line Garrison, and First State Garrison to join in the fun. (Plus the Galactic Academy, hence the tiny TIE Reserve Trooper between the officers and TIE Pilots.)
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