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  1. Requesting 501st access TK-23148 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30164
  2. Hi guys!! So amazing news!! I was approved! TK-23148 reporting to the Legion for duty Mountain Garrison - Pikes Peak Squad. I HIGHLY recommend going through the TK Pre-Approvals prior to submitting for approval. It made the process absolutely flawless. I'll still be making comfort improvements to strapping to ensure nothing slips out of place or unsnaps and tightening the loose ends of unpainted rivets. But I am so excited to be heading into Celebration as an official member and being able to look out for local events. Super thanks to everyone's ideas, tips and tricks that helped me along the way. I hope to be able to provide half the guidance to fellow shorties and nervous newcomers.
  3. I completely forgot about the rivets there!! I'll definitely try to implement those changes to tailor the details. I started working on the TK in Orlando before I moved to Colorado Springs, so I went to several Armor Party's with Gary at the TK Sweatshop. It was always really productive and helpful there so even though I may not be a member of Makaze, they'll always feel like my first squad. haha
  4. The belt did a decent job of keeping the butt plate in place, so after a few other minor tweaks and adjustments, I posted to the Pre-Approval thread to see if I'm ready or if there's community census of good-to-go. https://imgur.com/VS0hwNn We'll see how well this goes!!! This is my nervous face.
  5. INFORMATION: 1. Alicia Steele 2. MG501st - Pikes Peak Squad 3. MTK 4. Anovos 5. Trooper Bay 6. Trooper Bay 7. TK Boots 9. NA 10. NA 11. 5'2 12. 125lbs 13. ANH Stunt 14. Honorable mention to Makaze squad https://imgur.com/OYnmGPD 1. Front view (arms down) 4. Right side (arms raised) 2. Back view (arms down) 3. Left side (arms raised) 5. Ab plate close-up 6. Helmet close-up (front, left and right sides)
  6. So basically the only things I have left from my new ultimate list are the butt plate to keep it from flaring out and then the bucket (oh and the arm strapping). Question so has anyone ever primarily used the teeth to see out of? If I use the eyes - it sits on top of my shoulders, but if I use the teeth, it looks like I have a neck... haha. I'll post pics when I can. In the mean time, here's more pics of why it's taken me so long and how much weight I've lost.. might not be as impressive as some, but it's still interesting to me and is literally the cause for a lot of modifications. Thighs, arms, waist pieces.. everything.
  7. I did a test fitting with the body/legs and it looks off to me? Can anyone give me general tips just based off what you're seeing? Fitting https://imgur.com/a/rDQq3Wc Things I've already listed: right ab - kidney needs to be pulled closed belt is too big? raise ab with shorter chest to ab straps so theres more space between thighs
  8. I love this!! I do have snaps fair close to the edge of the butt/kidney and I think they're tight ish? But the straps for those snaps aren't elastic - that can be improved too.
  9. That's true. I was sure if the placement of the butt would matter cutting in relation to the notches. But notches first approach makes sense! I have the side snaps gluing now so the ab/kidney will hold in place. Once that's secure than I'll take another gander and see what can be improved on the butt!
  10. Any tips on how to fix this? http://imgur.com/a/QQROzuy If it's not obvious, the butt overlapping the kidney
  11. Thanks for the feedback!! (so many months later.... ) I'M BAAAACK I actually moved states! So I used to live in FL and now I live in CO, hence the uh... 7.. 8 month hiatus. My stuff was packed away in boxes and trucks and storage for the past 5 months. I finally got to a place where I can work on it again, 'cause gosh darn it, I'm wearing this to CELEBRATION and HOPEFULLY I'll get to submit approval pics by then, even if the approval may not come through or I have more work to do. I've lost more weight as this is technically my second year on the build. So while I'm glad to be getting fit, it's making more work to do. lol XD Just wanted to preface all the resizing/shaping mods on my to-do list. Anyways - after taking it out of storage I've made this list of things to do: Arms: -resize biceps done -resize forearm done -add strapping for secure placement - in progress Chest - reshape maybe trim sides, we'll see kind of done? butt - heat to form potential trim again abs: -increase curvature to fit done -add split rivets back (had to cut them off to cut down on kidney to ab gap -replace strapping (again, cut off due to sizable gap between me and armor) done -created tab slot for side closure done Bucket: -needs padding -repaint inside for second layer -secure visor -secure frown mesh thighs - trim top down to prevent getting under abs belt - redo snaps to ab (not strong enough, may need new snaps) Thermal detonator - needs to be put together shins - nothing kidney - nothing Back - nothing General notes: I'll be switching to mostly a stretchy connections to allow for more fluid movement and a little less likely for things to come unsnapped during wear. There were tugs when I had it on that caused the chest to ab unsnapping. Most other connections were solid (minus the lack there of in the arms). I'm relatively unhappy with my garter belt I made. I'll probably have to remake it, but hopefully I can put that off till the end since, honestly, I'm just not looking forward to it. Any recommendations on a garter system would be appreciated!
  12. Alrighty, so I sanded down the area behind the ab where the snaps would go to get them through and that worked out well. I went on a test run to Megacon this weekend! Pics below. Issues I had at Megacon: Problem:. Bicep kept going underneath shoulder bells Solution: Add inner arm strappings to keep them in place Question: Should I make the bicep/bell smaller? Problem: Kidney kept overlapping (on top of) ab Solution: trim kidney - recreate notch - tighten elastic closures Problem: thighs kept going over/under ab. right thigh kept spinning off to the side. Solution: ??? Problem: right belt snap (to ab) would not stay snapped. Solution: add slack to canvas Question: someone mentioned I was using the wrong snaps? what are the right snaps? o.O Work to be done, so close but so far!! I just got my detonator clips in the mail today. I'm thinking about painting the tube, can I use the same gray that I used on the buttons? Edit: Squeal of joy for first time wearing it in public. XD
  13. Ok so I'm having trouble with what to do in lieu of the male snaps on the abdomen for the belt. http://imgur.com/gallery/vsiJu0R I have reinforced the piece when I cut it in half for size (5'2). So I can't just poke a hole and put the snap in. I tried putting it in a thin piece of abs but that won't lay flat... Any recommendations?
  14. Awesome! I tried the hot water bath. I'm working on the belt now and will be able to refit this weekend. I like the idea of the slot especially since it would take away having to do so many snaps!!
  15. How's the buttons looking? https://imgur.com/hdGjyN0 There's a slight smudge on the bottom blue. Is it noticeable? I tried getting it off by gently sanding with fine sandpaper and resmoothing with watered down acetone on a paint brush and immediately wiping it off so that it wouldn't melt/disfigure anything. if it's not that noticeable, I'll stop messing with it.
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