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  1. Update time! I put on the internal strapping for the chest and back. Later today I'm going to trim the shoulder elastic to length and add the snaps there. That way I can correctly see where I need to remove/hot water bend the kidney and butt plate to fit my tiny an impolite person. I also added in some velcro and another snap pad for the shoulder/forearm connection. Forearm: Bicep: Elastic velcro/snap combo All together: The forearms still need a little work... gluing them was a nightmare so they have a bit of residue around. I also need to probably sand off more of that return edge before it kills my wrist. Finally, once I'm happy with where it sits, I need to install the foam I got for it.
  2. Pictures might not be the greatest... hard to show. I added another bit of glue and they're clamped to see if we can get them to bond fully this time (Not touching them for the full 72 hours I reckon). I could definitely sneak an inside strip there though.
  3. First forearm is glued, but I had to bend it pretty hard to actually get the sides to line up enough. Cover strip is under a lot of stress as a result and I'm not sure the glue will hold... Should I break it off and trim it down more maybe? Or add a strip on the inside for extra support? pictures to come
  4. I'll give that a try! Probably a lot easier than cutting the studs
  5. Cheers! I have done neither... Just checked mine and the PVC itself is 7.5".... but measuring cap end to cap end it's a little over 8". I'll wait for someone more knowledgeable to chime in, but I do believe we'll have to trim ours down. There's a mix of sizes listed in here: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/32042-thermal-detonator-assembly-apte-how-to-assemble/ Which is a bit of a problem as I don't have anything to cut it with haha
  6. Update time! Most important; I was accepted as a recruit to the CT Garrison! Wooooooo Chest and Back strap plates are glued in. Should I cut to fit the shoulder strapping now/attach the shoulder bells? Or wait until I have the abs/kidney/waist all connected and fitted? For the shoulder bells, the biceps should be strapped to them where the red circles are, yes? Should the same strap go to the forearm, or a separate one for comfort? Any thoughts either way? Also bent ABS hook catch for the bicep strap; worth bothering with? They don't seem to move much even without... The SE-14r fits perfectly in the holster !
  7. It was brought up to me that 15mm is usually the "standard" for arms and 20mm is for legs. Should I redo the bicep with a 15mm? Also, anyone else have to trim the posts on their female snaps to get them to work on the elastic? (I'm using Tandy brand) I'm just using tin snips currently but maybe there's a better way
  8. Thanks Razgriz! I'm finally over the initial feeling of being overwhelmed. Feels great to be making forward progress
  9. Welp... that's it! I'm literally out of clamps and magnets. Shoulder Bell strappings and the Bicep is gluing. Chest/Back snap plates are gluing. Thermal Detonator is all glued and drilled too! I might sand that bottom edge down a bit more, later on... Any suggestions for storage/mannequins? My husband wants our dinner table back...
  10. Hammer and Anvil was hell. I found this at Joanne's for like $10 after a coupon. You can buy it amazon too it looks like. For a bit of wrist pressure and a lot less headache for me (and my poor neighbors!) it sets them quite well. Unfortunately, when I was hammering the first set in I realized they're actually both the "female" snap side, while everything I've read says to use the male side for the nylon meshes and the female side for the elastic. Should I redo this one, or is it not a big enough deal to worry about? In better news, bicep is setting Went with a 20mm coverstrip because that seemed about right.
  11. Got a set of nylons from Redforce over in his project sale thread: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/26931-webbing-snap-plates-30-piece-set/ So far I have one set of snaps done... Haven't managed to hit my thumb yet with my hammer so that's a plus!
  12. Snaps are a real pain in the an impolite person to set
  13. Mate you've been a huge help so far! Thanks for the feedback I'll start on the kidney side when I get to trimming there. I think my plan of attack is going to be chest -> shoulders/biceps -> forearms -> abs/kidney/butt -> thighs/shins. The shoulder bells fit me pretty good (might need a tiny piece of padding on the bicep inner for comfort but we'll see), so the forearms with some padding will likely be the way. I now understand that E6000 comes off fairly easily so I'm not as afraid of having to break it down and trim again after gluing
  14. Finally did a layout and full sizing... masking tape is everywhere! God bless my husband for putting up with and helping me with this Chest/Back seem fine, but I'm absolutely going to need to reduce the kidneys and/or abs on the sides. There's a 3-6" gap between me and the kidney The arms though seem to be fine with the undersuit on. The bells will come in closer when it's not falling off with tape from the shoulders. Snapped this one just before the whole chest area fell apart completely... The thighs and shins will almost definitely have to be trimmed smaller in width as they're quite large for my legs, but I'm going to focus on the arms and torso first I reckon
  15. Thanks for the information! Should I take the width down on the forearm at all before adding strips? Or leave it thick and pad the inside?
  16. TD Tube painted with some Testors Euro Gray I had left over from a model Soyuz rocket I made earlier this year... close enough I think for that. If not I'll go over with another matte gray. Glued my drop cases together, one straight on, the other like this: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/35918-hasos-anh-stunt-tk-build-ap-armour/#entry474581 Haso with the fantastic idea!
  17. Dollar difference shouldn't be that huge though! I believe they were by the screws/fasteners/etc in the store. They didn't have a huge selection though! I figured I'd start on the Biceps! But I don't have my black elastic yet (tomorrow) so.... Forearms it is! Also... I do have the correct pair there.. yeah? I heard the left-side inside has some curve to it, the right arm is more straight on Bit of masking tape to hold one edge side by side. I lined up the wrist edge roughly... should I do it from the other side instead? It's also pretty long on my arm, but not awful... should I trim it shorter? If so from what side? There's also a fair bit of gap between my arm/the armor. Obviously I need enough room to slide my wrist in and out. Should I trim it back to about the overlap? Which side should I take the material off (I assume the inside?)
  18. Everything from Home Depot. They were on sale too... 2/$4 so I figured why not! So many clamps though!
  19. Consider it heeded, warm to hot water seems much safer. Would a hair dryer on low work as a light duty method too or too hot? Got some more tools for the job from home depot. These videos have been great: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeDunMes3e0wQn8_ns-ma4g
  20. Already done! I swear I'm on cloud nine today! I'm definitely going to have to resize a fair bit of the kit though, so off to buy a heat gun! The kidney plate looks enormous on me haha Any suggestions? What sort of heat does ABS melt at versus get bendy?
  21. GUYSSS! It's hereee!!! :D I got the helmet pre-built because I didn't want to screw up the center piece. Well worth it. The trimmed kit is fantastic! Now the question is where to start... This weekend is going to be fun
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