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  1. Boba looks great. You’ll have no issues with the TK. The resources here are incredible and the response to questions is typically quick and meaningful.
  2. Check out the link below. This should give you a good start. There are threads about buying kits and general building tips. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/38-getting-started-read-this-first/
  3. For the belt, I changed up the measurements a bit - and it seemed to work well with the AP kit. Take a look at the below post. Good luck.
  4. Welcome to the FISD. Wow, my hands are getting sore and cramped just looking at the pictures (I hate sanding). lol. Nice work!
  5. Welcome to the FISD, John. You are absolutely in the right place. Take some time to read through the resources and familiarize yourself with the forum. The link provided above is a great start. And, of course, feel free to ask questions. Good luck with your build!
  6. Welcome to the FISD! Sounds like you are off to a good start. Good luck.
  7. Welcome to the FISD. The buckets look great!
  8. Welcome to the FISD. Ah, the Death Star play set - Santa must have delivered a bunch of those back in the day...
  9. Welcome back! Three printers - I guess you went all in on the printing. lol. I printed a Mandalorian kit for my son. Getting the beskar look was a learning curve, but there seems to be a lot of info out there nowadays for it. Have fun with it!
  10. The new Anovos. When all else fails... rebrand. lol. Hopefully this goes better.
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