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  1. Ok, you can blame @Frank75139 for this... one more entry. This one includes a patch version too. and the patch...
  2. Welcome to the FISD! Good luck with your ROTK build!
  3. You could print some Rogue One TK armour, paint it up, and be the model for the live action version CRL. Honestly, I have no idea where things are at with the live action CRL - all I know is that it looked awesome in the Mandalorian. EDIT: I actually read the rest of the posts - I see you are getting armour from Jim. Nice! Disregard the printing part then.
  4. Awesome work! And double congrats on centurion and #500. I also dig that it is with an AP kit.
  5. I was hoping it would be more obvious.
  6. ABS is far more common... so I assume it’s for a reason. check this out: myself, I prefer the ANH stunt. The original TK.
  7. Thanks. I took some of your ideas and came up with this multi-plated metal design. I’m also playing around with a 3D design for the front... sort of. And yes, thank you @starsaber25, let’s see some other designs.
  8. Hi there and congrats on your gift - awesome gift indeed. Couple things I noticed that might help: It looks like you could pull your chest piece down (tighter strapping to the ab piece may be needed). This will pull your back, kidney and butt piece up a bit. It will also help with the placement of your shoulder bells. Shortening the straps that go from your chest to back may help this too. The thighs are probably a bit small - that is why they are hard to pull up. If so, the first thing I would do is trim away the return edge at the top of the thighs with lexan scissor
  9. Thanks. That's a very nice coin. I was avoiding the 3D finish as I assumed it would bump up costs, but it is very nice. The buckets are negotiable - I have options I can switch out - with the concept trooper I was just going for something not commonly seen but yet visually distinct. Yes, I'm an OTTK as well, but the difference between a ANH stunt and Hero / ROTJ / ROTK or even HWT would be lost at that scale in the final production - so it would be a repeat of the front, more or less. I wouldn't mix the two tone metal (bringing in gold) with the coloured paints (unless
  10. Ok, I guess I'll go first. Something I had laying around... Black - raised black metal Dark grey - recessed black or matte black Light grey - recessed metal or metal paint EIB blue Centurion Red
  11. I'm not sure what version you were thinking of, but MEPD has a bunch of info for the sandtrooper version. You will probably need to sign up at the forum, but here is an example of some of the info: http://forum.mepd.net/index.php?/topic/14506-t-21-technical-drawings/ To be honest, I haven't looked through the resources here at FISD, so I apologize if this is a repeat of info. Looks like it might be.
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