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  1. Regarding the thickness of the ABS… AP is reporting in inches, which equates to 2mm. AP is thicker plastic which can be stronger but the details will be a bit softer than the 1.5mm kits.
  2. I’m just seeing this now. I was busy trooping today in a costume that was built with considerable help from Dan via whitearmor. His love of this hobby and limitless enthusiasm made him an invaluable member of this community… and a great person in general. My deepest condolences to his family. Buckets off to the tube stripe police officer.
  3. Looks good. Like Glen mentioned, you should be good for basic approval depending on your GML. The belt height might be an issue… again, depending on your GML. Good luck!
  4. Thomas! Good to see you on FISD. Yes, the first cut is terrifying. Lol. Let me know when you’re ready to start… I can go over my AP suit with you. It’s easier to do this in person.
  5. Congratulations, Bart! Great job. Now we need to find you an event to troop. Time to start harassing Giles. Lol.
  6. Very nice! The forehead bump and chin chip really show well.
  7. Is that a HDPE (or PP) pull? The details came out nicely. I have a couple HDPE buckets from the predecessor… very nice bucket.
  8. Welcome to the FISD. Keep in mind that the TK has a few different bits than the TD - if you are planning on a TD, I would build straight to a TD (but whatever floats your boat). That said, this forum is great for basic TK/TD building advice. TD specific questions can be asked over at MEPD.net as well - they are the dirt experts. lol. Congrats on your AP armour. It's a great kit.
  9. Errrr.... I know I'm old, but I haven't fully retired yet. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=27237
  10. Trimming that ab bit will improve the look. I would concentrate on getting the strapping from the chest to ab and back to kidney sorted. And then tightening the cod to butt strapping (this might include trimming the cod a bit). That and the arm strapping (tightening up the biceps and shoulder pieces) as mentioned above. The armour will be large, but it should sit a lot better. The gap in the legs does look excessive, but depending on how that pic was taken you might get away with just padding.
  11. Yeah, your assessment is right. It is a bit large. For the arms and legs I would suggest trying foam padding. The strapping from the chest to ab is surprisingly loose - tightening these straps is easy. The mid section is big. It’s hard to tell from pictures, but I almost wonder if trimming and redoing the strapping/clam shell might be worth it.
  12. Congrats on your kit! Post pics… we like pics. You’ll be happy with your AP kit.
  13. Hi Joe. congrats on the kit. I think the required fixes are doable. I've had to resize a trooper's AP kit before. Mark uses e6000 (or at last he did on the kit I worked on), which means the parts will pull apart with some careful encouragement. The trouble will be getting some wider cover strips for the thigh to make it bigger (you could ask Mark for those). Also, be sure to remove the return edge on the thighs with lexan scissors or something similar - this will buy you some more room (sorry, I don't have access to a program that will allow me to mark-up your images right now). You can absolutely put velcro on the shins. What did Mark use? There is usualy something there to keep them closed. Get the adhesive, industrial strength stuff in white. Rough side facing out - I see Glenn just posted as I was writing this - see his post. And yes, the straps from the Ab to the chest will need to be shortened. I had to adjust the placement of the shoulder bridges on the kit I worked on - that allowed the chest piece to sit a bit lower. These are all manageable fixes that we can talk you through - but it would help if you could reach out to your Garrison and see if someone can help in person (that would be the quickest way). They may even have the few tools you need to make the adjustments.
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