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  1. Neat! This makes me want to go back to my t-21 and add these details. The feeding mechanism or magazine guide or what ever those things are were missing from my 3D print. It only has the cylinder that sticks out. As usual, you make it look so easy.
  2. wook1138

    New YouTube Channel

    Most troopers can't afford to stack gold and silver. We just stack ABS and fiberglass.
  3. wook1138

    New YouTube Channel

    Great stuff, Matt!
  4. Congrats! Well deserved!
  5. wook1138

    Linz AM ANH build thread WIP

    Congrats on your kit! Centurion is very attainable... with a little help. Post any progress and all questions here and you will get feedback and help. Good luck!
  6. wook1138

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    LePage has a similar product which can be found at most hardware stores. CrappyTire has it.
  7. wook1138

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    yeah, I meant that AP comes with white on the inside already - no need to paint.
  8. wook1138

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    You shouldn't have to. Some add a little paint to the outer edges to simulate weathering of the part.
  9. wook1138

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    Yep, Andrew summed it up. That sniper knee plate looks great. I don't know what Brad told you, but it was solid advice! Nice work!
  10. wook1138

    Digz Graavz First Build - ANH Stunt from AP

    When you say skinny - do you mean you didn't leave enough return edge? The reference pics show the suit after a lot of use and the screws are moved forward out of necessity due to wear and tear. Ideally, you don't want the screws on the front of the chest piece (but I really don't know how this would affect approval at any level). Can you glue in a piece of ABS on the back side to build up the return edge just enough to get the screws in?
  11. Ha, yeah, post holidays trooping is a challenge sometimes Just kidding, sizing is not that precise. The original armor was made for actors about 5'10" and 160lbs. Of course, there is quite a bit of room for adjustments to account for a few inches in height and, lets say, 25 or so lbs (more depending where the weight is). If you are well over 6' then you might want to check out some of the makers that offer oversized kits. Some makers have increased some the pieces to allow for more typical body shapes (larger arms or more room in the belly area). The black undersuit you wear beneath is typically a stretchy material - so it should grow with you - within reason. Conversely, people as short as 5'4" (that I know of) have build threads on this forum to show how they have reduced the size of their armour. Minor weight loss or gain can usually be dealt with by adding padding or loosening up some strapping. Personally, I purposely made some parts a little large (eg thigh) to account for possible weight gain down the road. But this is mostly a factor of how you build your kit - regardless of what kit you decide to get.
  12. Welcome to the FISD, Victoria! You are in good hands with Teresa. Her Phasma is brilliant (figuratively and literally)
  13. wook1138

    Greetings from South Korea!

    Welcome to the FISD!