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    Aside from star wars? Photography, Medieval stuff, Rocks, spending time with my kids.


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  1. I’ve used lepage’s stuff from Canadian Tire. Works just as well. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. By the way - awesome progress so far! Looks great!
  3. I used loctite plastic bonding system. Worked like a charm. Other companies make the same product - I've used a couple different ones.
  4. wook1138

    Hello from Southern California

    Welcome to the FISD, Brett. If you have not done so already, I recommend starting a build thread and posting pics of your progress. It is a great way to get helpful feedback. Good luck on your build!
  5. wook1138

    hey there from SA Texas

    Welcome to the FISD!
  6. Nice work! Good luck on your approval!
  7. wook1138


    Happy BBB day! That's a great kit. Good luck on your build!
  8. wook1138

    MFJ ANH Stunt build AP Kit

    Welcome back! "Slight" medical condition? Definitely a trooper! Good luck with the rest of your build.
  9. Welcome to the FISD, James! As mentioned above, research is your best friend. When you are ready to start building - start a build tread. Ask any and all questions - we are here to help. I also suggest going for the highest level of accuracy possible. Check out this section for some great examples of how to do it right. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/72-request-centurion-status/ Getting things finished by April should not be a problem. Take your time - enjoy the build. Good luck!
  10. wook1138

    Geordietrooper ANH build

    Good luck on your build, Gordon. Read a few builds and check out the applications for EIB and Centurion. Building to the higher levels right from the get-go is not that much extra work and definitely worth it. We are also here to help... and not only to judge.
  11. Congrats!! Nice work trooper!
  12. wook1138


    Welcome to the FISD, Peter! For armor, sticking to the vetted vendors list is a smart move - then it is a question of body shape and budget. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. Good luck!
  13. wook1138

    Black ABS Question

    Oh, no worries, Daniel! And you are right, unacceptable for a build. I'm not even sure I can make ABS paste from this stuff - I guess I should try that tonight (I'm gonna need it on this build for some of the mods I want to do). I've sent a message to the vendor - I'll see how they decide to proceed.
  14. wook1138

    Black ABS Question

    I'm wondering the same thing. I'll contact the vendor and see what they have to say for themselves.