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    Aside from star wars? Photography, Medieval stuff, Rocks, spending time with my kids.


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  1. wook1138

    TK 51238 Reporting For Duty

    Congrats trooper! Enjoy your troop!
  2. wook1138

    Hello from Tennessee

    Welcome to the FISD. Good luck with your build!
  3. wook1138

    Suspend's AP ANH Stunt Build

    Belt looks good! As does the armour in general. Nice work!
  4. wook1138

    Return Edge Thighs

    If you are referring to the top return edge, then yes.
  5. Yep. No hard number for stripes. You can even have a different number of stripes on each side. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Hey Giles. It’s awesome to see your application here! Looking good! You might want to lower your forearms a touch - perhaps just a dressing issue?
  7. wook1138


    Hi Jeff. Good luck on your approval!
  8. Trimming the top of the thighs is a good place to trim. You really don't want any return edge up there anyways - trust me. You are right about the shins - trooping is the best test. And it is easier to take away plastic than to add it. Again, armour looks great.
  9. Great job! You might want to bring your belt up a touch (about 5mm or so) so that it is overlapping the bottom of the button panel. Other nick-picky things are: the tube stripes on the left side seem to extend pretty far forward. I'm not sure if this will affect approval. Your back plate is over-riding your kidney plate a bit in some pictures - this is not a requirement for EIB (or even Centurion, necessarily) but just an area that might need a strapping adjustment. Trimming a little off the return edge at the bottom of your shoulder bells might bring them in a little - makes for less black space between the shoulders and chest. Nice work and good luck with approval!
  10. wook1138

    bleedn21's Anovos ANH stunt Build Thread

    Hey Ryan, I just noticed this build thread. Great job on sizing down that armour! Since you are already referencing Cricket's build, I can't really add anything truly helpful here. I'll repeat something that has already been said - you will probably want to trim away some of the return edge at the top of the forearm for comfort - speaking from experience. Keep up the good work. I like your solution for hot bathing larger items.
  11. Looks very good! Nice work. As mentioned above, moving the torso up a touch will help out with the thighs. I found that I had to pull my AP armour up nice and snug to get a good fit (I'm 5'10", so that may or may not work for you too). You might have to add straps to your chest to ab connection to pull up the ab if you are shorter. The shoulder bells and drop boxes were mentioned already. Can you pull your shins down any more? Might help with mobility. I'm really struggling to find things to point out. You look great for L1 and even L2 from what I can see. A couple of L3 / screen accuracy things might include adding a little white paint to your hovi mics to simulate weathering. I would lose the back tube stripe that gets partly covered by the ear. You did a great job with the sniper knee and the back to kidney seam. These were things that gave me grief on my build. I think we will be seeing you at Centurion soon.
  12. wook1138

    New Trooper from East Dallas

    Welcome to the FISD, Tim!
  13. wook1138

    Wook's Totally Dirty (TD) Build - AP

    Thank you, sir!