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  1. Hi Eric. Congrats on the armour! Read through the provided links above - take your time - you've got this. It will all make sense... eventually.
  2. Hi Bryan. I'm on a few different detachment forums, and I always find myself coming back here for general build info - specially if you are working with plastic armour of any kind. Good luck on your build! Shoretrooper is a very good... second... choice.
  3. Hey Kevin, you'll need to use imgur or tapatalk to upload pictures to the forum. Good luck.
  4. ha ha! Yeah, I have the same approval committee I need to pass any new builds through as well. Good luck and welcome to the FISD!
  5. That's the stuff I used. No issues at all. I did add a little E6000 to the back to reinforce the adhesive. Be sure to get the white stuff for your shins.
  6. Congrats on your purchase. Don’t worry, many of us have been exactly where you are. Just take your time and do all the reading you can. Most of all, post lots of images of your progress and ask questions. Good luck!
  7. Welcome to the FISD! Yep, everybody loves a stormtrooper... well, maybe not those filthy rebels.
  8. Welcome Jason! Be sure to read through the "getting started" section. You may also want to go through a few builds in the build section to see what is involved in putting together the various types of stormtroopers. That said, nothing beats ANH stunt TK - but I might be bias. Good luck on your build!
  9. Great to hear! Yes, post photos and ask questions... we are here to help. Good luck on your build!
  10. Hi Jayson. Congrats on getting this far . I would recommend getting an tapatalk or imgur account (they are free) for posting pictures. They will be much larger and better quality. I'm finding it hard to see details in the images as posted above. Good luck with approval, trooper!
  11. Great start!! You probably know this already, but the screws on the TD need to be painted black. And your brow looks a bit hero-like (low). For your painting - if you get runs and imperfections in the paint once the tape comes off, just use a toothpick to scrape away the extra. The paint comes off pretty easy - you can add a little paint thinner or mineral spirits to the toothpick if the paint is being stubborn. Good luck with your build. Looking awesome!
  12. Welcome to the FISD! Those are awesome prop builds! Nice job!
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