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  1. I didn't realize a picture in costume with a Giant Squid was one of my life dreams, but now it's on the list! SO COOL!
  2. Hey Mike, working through the CRL chanegs/draft and trimming down the pics! Do you have a reference photo showing the thigh on that side? I looked in the video and couldn't see a clear enough shot to see if the cover strip is visible at all and if so where it ends. I'd rather we not blindly mimic the ANH one here. Any chance you have a reference shot that can determine if it needs to be shortened down?
  3. I love the idea that Stormtroopers will be pushing guests out that overstay! haha
  4. You'll need to submit your costume for EIB. Once you've been approved at EIB, you'll have to submit again as Centurion. The reason for the second submission is because some fixes may be required/requested for your approval at each level
  5. Hey Dave, try uploading it to a site like imgur.com then posting a link here! If possible, starting up a build thread with specific questions, your progress, etc will go a long way to keeping focused and hands on discussion Something in this section here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/80-anh-build-threads/ The SDS armor has some drawbacks to it in terms of accuracy, and some stuff (such as the mentioned ear bumps for a hero variant) may need to be adjusted for Centurion level stuff, but you should have no problems getting it to a 501st approvable level if built correctly. I'd also suggest you reach out to your local garrison as a recruit and let them know you're working on a Stormtrooper. Often there are build parties where you can get hands on help and ask questions; you may even have a local attache to give Stormtrooper specific knowledge in depth
  6. Also keep in mind that there's often texture compression in the game. What might be visible on an XBox vs a PC at "maximum" graphics could be very different.
  7. On the flip side, you could also sand the ends of your shins a little if they're cutting into the boots. I was getting a nasty scuff mark in one of mine before I did that.
  8. What brand snaps are you using? Those cheapo ones at Walmart never held nicely for me. The Tandy ones I've yet to have one come undone when I didn't want it to... in fact sometimes I have to work to actually get them apart.
  9. I use canvas to strap thighs to my garter belt. I like to pull them really tight personally and the nylon doesn't wear out as bad as the elastic would. You could try cutting an extra piece of ABS to "sandwich" the nylon with E6000 if bonding is an issue. Also lightly sanding the area it'll be glued to rough it up might help it bond better. Like @gmrhodes13 said, think long term if you can... I've had to completely restrap mine once already in 3 years, and probably coming up on a second one soon.
  10. PM your old or (to be) new Garrison Commanding Officer. Let them know you moved and what territory you'll be in, and ask they transfer. The rest is up to them!
  11. Absolutely heartbreaking. Peter was a truly marvelous guy and has touched the lives of so many who have met him. I found his own words on Carrie Fisher's passing particularly meaningful
  12. Don't forget your 501st unit transfer Priorities man!
  13. Love it! They did a 501st plate holder run a few years back with customized TK-IDs, hoping a new run pops up eventually because mine broke finally
  14. Alay

    What do you have?

    Almost done with this thing
  15. Amazing work! I love the last panel of this one especially.
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