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  1. Very cool! Thanks for sharing
  2. dye stains are a monster to get out. Almost worth re-staining it with white dye to combat. High grit sandpaper and patience of a saint unfortunately is how I got the one off my shoulders.
  3. Looks marvelous! My only feedback note is the eyes look symmetrical on the model. If you're going for an original trilogy look the left eye should have a slight bump to it cant wait to see the molds become a reality!
  4. https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_TFU Most images cut and added. The transcribed text had a lot of movie costume specifics cut since it's irrelevant to a game character. I need a picture of the things with adjusted cover strip, and the a few bullet points for the weathering page, and we should be ready to greenlight. LMO office is looking it over too. Please take a look for any glaring issues.
  5. Happy birthday FISD even if this section doesn't get used, this thread is a good reminder of all the hard work and dedication by so many folks through the years.
  6. Both are pretty awesome. The RS has some extra details and is very crisp, so if you're a perfectionist in accuracy it may be worth the extra $300. I've seen both up close and either will serve you well.
  7. dremmel sanding bit on the back side of them has always been my method
  8. Alay

    Just for kicks

    Good luck getting up!
  9. Chris is on the money It's always existed, as long as I'm aware. It exists to sell patches, coins, and other 501st-only merchandise that the club does for members. The prop stuff sticks to the normal subforum that everyone has access to for the most part
  10. I keep the chest/back clamshell connected. Stuff the forearms in the knees, the knees in the thighs, then the thighs inside the clamshell. Biceps in the shoulders to save space, then gloves/boots/etc sits in the extra room you can use a smaller case if you keep helmet separate and take it all apart. But I'm much too lazy for that!
  11. TK and Dengar. I keep the helmet separate in a bag these days but it'd fit in there too with a little planning.
  12. That's the tote I use for my TK and Dengar. Fits nicely in the SUV and is easy to get around with. Got it at Target on sale for like $9 can't go wrong!
  13. For removing the snaps to replace, just stick a drill bit in the center and go to town. It'll take it out with a little elbow grease Great job so far Adi!
  14. ANH: Glued to the front ROTJ: Riveted to the front
  15. Okay nvm I think I fixed it with an IF gate. @Frank75139 yours is still showing and I see you have it set to "true", were you indeed one of the quick-donors to get in last year? If so I think we're set!
  16. I think I see why it's doing that... there was never any logic around the field to show/hide it if it's set to "no". I'll see if I can find some time this evening to fix it.
  17. Going to make a few suggestions as these are transcribed. I think we should follow the MEPD style for weathering: at the top of each item. Then in the future link to a specific weathering page with details. We can reuse that style with the TKC and the HWT in the future, since all use similar weathering styles. I also am going to make a specific call out on the helmet to match references with the helmet weathering. Further... Secondly a lot of the ANH-specific or movie-specific details are going away. It's a video game and doesn't have U or S profile trim on the helmet... I know we replicate this currently for things like the HWT and the TKC, but we should omit these kinds of details as they're not sourced (just copied). Okay last and most important question... Is the lightsaber staying? It's a player skin that's unlocked when used with a lightsaber
  18. WIP CRL page is here, thank you Eric for helping to get that set up! https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TK_TFU I'll be slowly adding the text over/making necessary adjustments as we move towards the go-live with it I've renamed this section to Force Unleashed Stormtrooper as well.
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