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  1. Issues persisting into today. Legion Web Team is looking into it
  2. Looks like the 501st servers may be experiencing issues. Don't panic!
  3. In recognition of all the troopers who have hit field exercise milestones:
  4. Ever wanted a way to show off your troops in white armor? Well here's your chance! We're rolling out a new award system to encourage and reward our members who take the time to post up their field training exercises and keep a troop log. As you attend events and post logs, you'll earn these shiny profile badges: Simply start (or update!) your troop log, keep the running total in the title, and post (at least!) a date and name for the official 501st event where you wore your TK! For example: Troop log title examples: Once you've hit a milestone count, go over to the "Field Exercise Awards -- Post your milestones here" thread, post a link to your troop log and request your profile be updated! Simple, right? Example of milestone post: Milestone and Troop Log Title: [100] TK12345 My troop log Date and Event: 8/23/2019 -- Death Star Cooking Class FAQ: Do my past troops count? Yes! You can update your troop log thread with all your past events for credit Is there any costume requirement? You have to have attended the event in a costume that falls under the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment for credit. We love pictures from any events with white armor though, so even if you attended an event in another costume with stormtroopers present don't hesitate to show off! Do I have to include pictures? Pictures are not required, but are highly encouraged! Your picture may end up in the Stormtrooper Hall of Fame Big thanks to @Sly11 for volunteering to manage the program
  5. it would be kind of a paradox situation; We created the suits to emulate screen characters. We become screen characters. We emulate those screen characters. Woah man! Simple solution: We use the official costumes only for CRL development, which from what I'm hearing are the Rogue One/Solo trooper costumes anyways. I can't help but feel like re-introducing the FX costume as the accuracy standard because some costumes appeared in a shot worn by fan extras would be a gigantic step back in accuracy.
  6. Mirrored Boba makes a return Those Star Destroyers in formation are so cool!
  7. I've had 100% the opposite experience with Krylons Maybe my local stores got bad batches? Hand painting is also an option
  8. I'd just nail it with Rustoleum and then put a few clear coats on it to be honest.
  9. Preface: Both makers are amazing. I've owned 3 different AP sets, and I've helped build 2 others. I've helped build 2 RS builds, as well as knowing 3 people who actively troop in one. Either choice is gonna be perfect. Everything below is my personal experience. That said; I think the AP ABS is thicker. Honestly AP might be one of the thickest ABS pulls out there. This leads to softer pull details in some spots, but it does make it super resilient to trooping damage. I've only developed 2 cracks in my crotch tab, and that's because I sit down in armor because I'm a lazy person. I've been actively trooping in my main trooper costume for 3 years now. I know of one trooper in my unit who has several chestplate cracks on her stormtrooper from RS. She uses a bracket system though, and that will put extra stress on areas. I think most cracking with any costume will be mostly based on how your treat it and how well you distribute stress. There's a slight difference between the RS and the AP ABS. I find the RS ABS to be a slight off white. I've not compared to a PVC kit. I've not seen yellowing issues with either. My AP ABS is still stark white after years of trooping. I have zero experience with PVC, but have heard drawbacks to it and that it is more prone to cracking. Don't take my word for it though. You're gonna be fine with either kit at your size and weight Two things to note about the AP/RS. The RS helmet is slightly bumpy like the original screen used helmets, and is probably the most faithful to the original for that reason. The AP helmet is a smoothed and cleaned up version of that, so if you don't like the bumps that's probably better for you. However if you're super about those movie accurate bumpies, then RS will suit better. The thighs between the two also look a little different to me, so preference there.
  10. RS does a PVC kit. It's very very very bright white from my recollection. I am not sure I've ever seen it outside of photos though.
  11. Mario and Joseph already chimed in with some great sources! One thing to remember; AVOID EBAY! if it feels like a deal or a steal, it's probably a ripoff in disguise! Etsy can also be very hit or miss! Also, buying completed kits from other members can be problematic; to be approved it will need to fit *you* properly, and adjusting a built costume can sometimes be very tough! Just buyer beware
  12. Looks great so far! It's hard to tell the fit from "selfie pose" in the mirror though; when you have your undersuit and all together, I'd suggest trying to get someone else to snap some pics, or setting up a tripod Awesome to see another commander!
  13. The original helmets had gaps you could drive a truck through, you're probably fine with those as is
  14. Great work so far! Just take it slow, be precise, and don't sweat it too much Once you get over the nerves of the first dozen cuts or so it starts being like a second nature! That E-11 print looks really cool; where'd you get the model?
  15. Congratulations on approval! You'll do the Emperor proud See you at EIB?
  16. Peter, you're going great so far! The advice that Jay posted are all the major things that jump out to me. That chest overlap on the ab plate and the ab plate buttons being so large stand out to me. Keep up the good work, you're almost there and will be trooping in no time!
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