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  1. Finally I got my second costume approved on 17th March Special thanks to @ukswrath , @Alay, @justjoseph63 @swibowojfor all the advices and guides I still aim to EIB and Centurion I do have "S' rubber for the helmet , and elastic handguard but havent installed yet I need advice and suggestion for make my armors reach EIB and Centurion Thank you #TroopersHelpingTroopers Regards Bas TK-32294
  2. Guess I screw trimming the teeth, its very messy.... I plan to reach centurion with this build, is this still approvable as centurion later? if not I'm getting a new helmet
  3. Again, @ukswrath build thread really helpful for me For a minute I didnt believe I really nailed it... Going for to install the drop boxes tomorrow
  4. Thank you Lorelei , I'm not much a handcrafter LOL Thanks Tony, I think I'm going to buy from Darman hehe
  5. Anyone know where to buy the holster ?
  6. Thanks ! I'll adjust it later noted ! Yea I'm finally back in the game
  7. Finally I attached the ammo belt to the abdomen, really scary but I'm pretty happy with the result ,
  8. Hello again everyone, I paused my build like 3 weeks because I lost my mood ( I broke up with my GF ) Now that I'm already have my soul back, I resume my build ! I attached back-kidney-bottom part and pretty satisfied with it And of course I attached the chest and abdoment part And the stressful one , the kidney-abdomen strap I'm planning on reach the centurion level, Do I need to make the gap more closer ? @ukswrath Thank you ! I'm planning to complete in the end of January/February
  9. Thank you ! I'll try this first thing in the morning
  10. IT WORKS ! thank you very much @swibowoj
  11. https://imgur.com/a/AfViln9 chest
  12. Sorry the image just won't show up == Thats the imgur.com link to my picture
  13. I pretty confused with the shoulder strap I just read @ukswrath build on section Shoulder Cover "A good question that is always asked is how many cover strip ribs are to be on the chest plate? Looking at the pics above 4-6 in addition to the largest rib that faces forward is the average. If you have large shoulders you may have to go down to 3. Assembly. Add glue to cover strips and clamp. Note: Some peeps add strips of plastic in the valleys (in between the ribs) however, in my opinion the chest section is flat enough that doesn't need to be done." But ATA and Anovos shoulder strip have a different size at the front and the back cover strip ribs Any idea how many cover strip ribs should be on ATA kit Thank you TK-32294
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