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  1. Zap a gap + kicker sorta works. Cut it up with a razor on the bottom for extra texture to grip. Or get ones with embedded cheese cloth or canvas
  2. For snaps: Tandy Line 24 snaps I'd strongly recommend https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/line-24-snaps For cap rivets (belt) I'd use these: https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/steel-double-cap-rivets For chicago screws (holster): https://www.tandyleather.com/en/product/chicago-screws (seeing a theme here? ) For split rivets (ab/kidney/cod/knee) you can nab them from joseph or for slightly less cheap from me https://www.etsy.com/listing/600962011/stormtrooper-516-8mm-movie-accurate Or if you're in Connecticut give me a shout and I'll hook you up with everything but the snaps for free
  3. Yesterday afternoon the Connecticut Garrison hosted our second armor party of the 2018 year. This is my sixth armor party I've "lead". The Location The Portal in Manchester. The Portal is a local gaming store. Normally not quite the ideal scene for this sort of event, a member of the CTG (Jonathan Roath) is the general manager / partial owner of the place. He loves the 501st, and though he rarely has the time to actively participating in troops he goes out of his way to make sure these sort of outreach events have a place to happen. Just his way of giving back how he can. The cool thing about using this public venue is we get people that are just wandering in for tabletop gaming or whatever see us, come talk, and sometimes it leads to new recruits/events!! The Troopers Quentin - ID Pending Quentin is a new recruit of the CTG. He's working on a Del Mekko TIE Pilot uniform. Pretty slick, and he had tons of questions about approval, requirements, etc. He came with a printed CRL and a big smile and we were able to help point him in the right direction on a lot of stuff--and save him from a few ebay purchases! Michelle - TK 24124 Michelle is the newest CTG member. Recently approved as an ANH Stormtrooper, she brought along her helmet to ask some questions. Her main concern was replacing the eye pieces from acetate film to an actual harder material. I pointed her in the direction of green tinted face shield and let her snag some pictures of the buckets I'd set those in for ideas. She seemed to have a great time, and is excited for her first troop this Saturday!!! Nick - TX 686 Nick is our resident Death Trooper. He's also at just about every armor party to help, socialize, and put smiles on faces all around. His currently project is an all metal E-11D for his death trooper. Partially aluminum, he's machining several bits himself. Since I had a torched Sterling L2A3 I brought it for him to take for reference (since I'm still a long way from finishing my pipe to weld it to). It was really cool seeing the aluminum parts he'd gathered. He also hooked me up with a spare Hengstler Counter, so that was awesome!!! Brian - ID Pending Brian is a recruit of the CTG that was brought in by stumbling upon our armor parties! He purchases an Anovos TK kit a while back and has been assembling it over the past couple of months. He brought his kit to work on and ask some questions. He had us look over some parts, notably the leg and arm pieces, for a sanity check. Not that it was needed! Brian is doing an amazing job assembling it! I'm hoping to see him in our approval inbox very soon Christopher - TK 66402 Christopher is one of the CTG event coordinators. He brought along his stormtrooper kit to shine up like he does for most events, as well as talk and help out new members/builders. He's pretty fun to be around, that's why I married him. Arthur - ID Pending Arthur has been a recruit of the CTG for a while now. He's most of the way through a stormtrooper Rogue One style kit. He had a few personal complications along the way, but the end of those seem to be in sight and he should be in our approval inbox soon! He came by to meet the other recruits, say hi, and get a set of my Patented (patent pending) Floppy Silicone TK Hand Guards™ (trademark pending) Joan - ID 31461 Joan is the second event coordinator for the CTG. She lives wayyyyyy on the other side of the state, so it was a real treat to have her out and meet up with us Joan has been convinced to start building an ANH Stormtrooper, and came by to ask us where to cut some parts, and what parts are left/right for legs. She also came to nab a set of my Patented (patent pending) Floppy Silicone TK Hand Guards™ (trademark pending), since I'd asked her to testrun the first pull of them Now that she's over her fear of cutting into ABS I expect her to be up and running in no time. Oh yeah, I was there too. Group Shot:
  4. Another year goes by, and I learn more things. I broke out the HWT for a troop again recently. The thighs and shins got *even smaller* to fit me better. I've ditched rubber gloves forever and now have nomex gloves with a self-made rubber backing. I'm putting magnets under the back of my shoulder bridges and under my backplate so they stay down nice and tight. I've repadded my helmet twice... my face is a tight squeeze in there. I'm redoing the backpack strapping because it KILLS my back currently. Going to go with a harness-like solution, ala Boba Fett.
  5. Congratulations on re-election :)

  6. I have one as well. It's quite nice. Solid resin though so don't drop it!
  7. You look great, only two things I noticed: Your forearms could stand to be a little lower on your arms to even out the gap on your wrist. I think your squishy handplates will have to be glued directly to the gloves for EIB; but definitely for centurion. Great job!
  8. I'd strongly suggest against anovos; their shipping times are long at best, indefinite at worst. There's plenty of other great vendors (some even more accurate with kits) that deliver for similar prices.
  9. Hey all, Just received basic approval on my ESB variant TK. I'd love some feedback in how I could improve it before I submit my EIB. One thing I noticed when wearing it was the gloves (rubber with clamshell) "tilted" forward if I made a fist or the glove slid forward. I might try and solve it with some velcro on the backside on the gloves, but does anyone have a better suggestion on correcting that? I may just stitch some for trooping.
  10. Only differences are the belt, the gloves, and the helmet details. My ANH stunt is from AP. I bought a spare belt face from him, another belt to mount it to, a looped holster from a friend, some glove clamshells from TrooperMaster, and a second helmet from AP to paint black/user trooperbay decals on, then hotswap between them as desired Take a look at the vetted armor vendors thread in Getting Started section. Anyone that makes ANH armor should work fine
  11. it doesn't need to be painted, just needs to be white ABS. It can be painted though, and would need to be if it was HIPS or HDPE.
  12. I use my SE-14r with everything. Such a neat looking blaster!
  13. Is Anovos armor truly that thin? I've never seen anything other than the helmet in person. I'm downright mean with some of my armor pieces and other than the occasional scuff I've never had a crack or break.
  14. Thanks for taking the time to review Uks! I appreciate it! Your backpack build guide was a life saver Okay off to fix this belt once and for all First CTG HWT Centurion, woooo!
  15. Sorry for the delay, here are the requested pictures: Left of Helmet Back of Helmet Inside of the thigh ammo belt rivets Cod area rivet inside/outside Butt plate snaps inside and outside Attachment of both together Shoulder bridges front/back SE-14r Left and Right side Sorry for not including them in the original! Please let me know if I missed anything else
  16. I have no idea why the same link didn't work before... but it seems to work now. Let me know Will do, thanks Uks!
  17. ESB has a repainted/decalled helmet, clam gloves, and a holster on the opposite side of the belt (looped instead of riveted). They also didn't bother with the counters/power cells on the E-11. ROTJ is completely different, new mold, some of the faces are smushed too from a mold breaking during production.
  18. RS is a great armor maker, the helmet will do you well. That being said, I don't know if any helmet will be comfortable... vision in these is awful!
  19. Looks great!!! Can't beat the hand painted look on the ANH helmet
  20. Trooper Info Name: Sarah Bailey Forum name: Alay Garrison: Connecticut Garrison Legion Number: 20466 501st Legion Member Page: http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22318 Height: 5' 8" Weight: 125lb Costume Information Armor: AP Authentic Props Helmet: AP Authentic Props Blaster: SE-14r by Shawn Morgan Boots: ImperialBoots Canvas belt: TKittell Hand Plates: AP Kit Neck Seal: Veedox Pouches: Anthony Bailey EIB Application Thread: Front Left Left (Arm Raised) Left (Detail) Right Right (Arm Raised) Right (Detail) Back Helmet Detail Green Eyes S-Trim Ab details (Belt lowered as per EIB suggestion... I was actually wearing it upside down last time so the snaps were in the wrong spot... heh) Backpack details (redid weathering as per EIB suggestion. Dry brushed with silver many of the screws/raised elements. Shadowed up the earlier silver splatches to either remove or fade. Added more charcoal weathering) Gloves Shins Thigh (adjusted as per EIB) Belt connections Neckseal Rivet Alignment Forearms Removed return edge Interior strapping SE-14R Backwards scope (as per promotional reference shot, no wonder stormtroopers always miss) Pauldron weathering My ugly mug Requisite action shots Thanks for taking the time to review! I appreciate any and all feedback ~Sarah
  21. There's a few of us here. Just kinda flys under the radar I suppose since focus is elsewhere.
  22. Agreed on the generation count and quoting this bit for emphasis. "Generation 1" Heavy Weapon Trooper needs a weapon tighten up to go along with the pauldron/weathering/backpack tightening up when we get some free time.
  23. Removed the ears and pulled the brow up a bit. Looks much nicer now. Unfortunately, the trim I bought seems to have caused a yellow "burn" on the abs... it seems to rub off with a cloth/novos/elbow grease, but I'm a tad worried about using the trim again now... Does rubber normally react with ABS like that? o.O
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