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  1. Yep, I too screwed the AP clips on the TD just as they are, and added the little bend like Wook suggested. They’ll do just fine! Keep it up!! Glad your forearms are feeling more comfortable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Congratulations, you look AWESOME!! Small nitpick - looks like your undersuit may be bunching out a little between your shoulder bells and chest plate. Not a biggie, but a tighter shirt would resolve this Rock on, trooper!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Troop #4: April 27th, 2019—CK Expo, John D Bradley Centre, Chatham, Ontario My second convention. Met new faces and had a fantastic time! It has been great getting to know my squadmates. I also got to do two shifts of Blast-A-Trooper, which is probably my new favourite thing in the world. I'm the one on the right. My first time seeing a Royal Guard, which was kickass. Still on the right. Also present is R2-BOO from the R2 Builders' Club. A Chewie that came to visit—not a Rebel Legion member, but impressive work nonetheless! And TALL. A photo with a representative from Big Brothers Big Sisters, the charity we were raising money for at this event. I'm on the far left this time. Great bunch of people right there!
  4. Hi Jared, welcome to FISD! You're off to a great start. The research ahead of time is invaluable and keeping an up-to-date build thread will let all these fine folks guide you and your kit to screen-accurate greatness. Post lots of pictures!! Your lid looks real good. Rat is correct—as an ANH TK you'll want to remove the paint from the edges around the frown and leave only the teeth painted. Additionally, the black paint trim around your ear squares could probably be a little thicker, and I for higher levels of approval you'll want to paint one of the ear bumps black (either the first or last one). Here's mine for reference: Have a great time with your build!!
  5. Exciting stuff!! Post lots of pictures. We’ll be here! Have fun! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Helmet tweaks look fantastic! Nice nice work. :-D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Hi Rob, welcome to FISD! Yeah the frown looks like it could use some more paint. Not a biggie! Enjoy the build!! We'll be here.
  8. Hi Chris, welcome to FISD!! You're totally right about all the support and encouragement to be found here. I recently finished my first build and it was all thanks to these fine folks. You're in good hands! Some great points already made about L3 qualifications. The only one I have to add is that the blue tube stripes may be a bit too far away from the "cheek" line. Ideally, the should be a pencil's width away. I know this because I painted mine exactly how yours look now! :-) Don't go spending time to change this yet, though! Last I heard, this is not currently an L3 requirement, but may soon be added to the CRL. Nothing needs to be changed now, but you (and I) might need to redo those tube stripes down the road on our way to L3. Just something to keep in mind! Have a great time with your build. Looking forward to following along!
  9. Hi James! Congrats on an awesome start!! Your bucket and paint job look great. I had quite the struggle with trimming my ears into shape. It took me three tries! Definitely worth it in the end, though—they look much better when they aren't sticking out quite so far. Also, I note that you're using Ukswrath's Hovi-Mic speakers - which are awesome. Did your kit also come with regular Hovi-Mic tips? If so, you'll want to hang on to those since you're planning on building for L3. I'm working on my L3 application and I've been counselled that Ukswrath's Hovi-Mics aren't L3-approvable (because of the white plastic behind the mesh). Simple fix if you still have the originals—just swap them out for the application photos and then re-install afterwards them for trooping. Again, that is only to do with L3 approval. The Ukswrath mic tips are perfectly fine for basic and even for L2. Keep up the great work!
  10. Thanks, Aaron!! I'm having a blast. :-D
  11. Congrats!! Well-deserved! :-)
  12. Looking AWESOME! Test fits are so exciting. :-D Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Looking good! And lots of great advice Only other thing I'd add is that a small amount of e6000 behind the thigh ammo pack will keep it secure against the thigh and stop it from rotating out of position. Keep it up!!
  14. Weighing the drop boxes down by inserting something inside is brilliant. Thanks for the tip! :-D Keep it up, Linz! That sniper knee is a pain in the rear. *Please* don't just take my word on this, since I don't have an AM, but to me it does look like your knee has a return edge that was trimmed off in those AM Centurion photos.
  15. Troop #3: March 15th and 16th, 2019—Toronto Comicon, MTCC My first big con as a 501st member! What a blast. So cool to meet folks from the Canadian Garrison to whom I had previously only spoken over the Internet. Lots of people, lots of photos, lots of happy kids—and LOTS of cool Star Wars costumes!! I'm the one right behind Old Ben. I'm the one on the far left. My girlfriend Jess, who tolerates all of my nerdy endeavours. Also a future TIE pilot!
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