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  1. I was recently approved how do I set up my profile etc
  2. I'm not able to click on new member approval title. How do I put my TK ID on my profile
  3. Kevin Weir Starkiller Garrison WTF Steph's Imperial Outfitters Imperial Boots Praetorian Blasters 5' 10" 190 ANH Stunt
  4. Is there a list of what order I should put on my armor on?
  5. Could someone please point me in the right direction of where I might find information on painting the inside of my Helmet.
  6. Thinking of building my own fans but I do not know where to start and dislike doing research , so I turn to my TK family. I also do not have any electrical/wiring experience. Where can I purchase all I need to build my system. Looking for sugestions on fans, wiring, tools etc..
  7. I've been looking at your fans. What is a good size Battery pack to use? is there a list or page on here with all you do? I have never used forums
  8. I'm having a hard time making a decision on a Fan vendor to use in my TK helmet. So I turn to you all. Who are you using in your helmet? What battery pack are you using? Any and all help would be great.
  9. Hello everyone my name is Kevin and so excited to be a part of this group. I have never used a forum before so please bear with me. I'm currently a cadet with the newly approved Starkiller Garrison from PGH and the surrounding area. I'm working on ANH stunt TK build from Walt's Trooper Factory (WTF). Not too much left to do on the build. All my soft goods are here along with my husky tote ready to go. I would however be interested in getting fans and a microphone/amp system with static burst when i save up a little more. I'm guessing I'll find it here somewhere. I do have a question not sure this is the right area to post this but anyway. What do you recommend that I keep in my tote as far as emergency stuff like Velcro, white duct tape etc. Whats in your tote? Thanks for all your help and look forward to hopefully meeting some of you one day. Who know we maybe we will be or are in the same Garrison.
  10. Was thinking of putting something on the metal clips of thermal detonator to keep them from scratching up my armor. What do you recommend?
  11. Looking for information on how to attach my holster to my canvas/ ABS belt, things like spacing, height, drill holes for chicago screws Also information on my blasters like manufacture, do any have lights and sound etc. Also fans and microphones/amps that can change you voice and static like the movie
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