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  1. Using straps with snaps ensures you're always wearing your armour the same and should allow for a more consistent look as with velcro, you're always placing it just slightly differently. Just my opinion as to the pros. Velcro will wear out as well and I find snaps are stronger than velcro. Obviously what you mentioned will still work, but ultimately I think snaps are the best way to go. Your list looks good from what I can tell! The only thing I'm unclear on is needing four rivets for the drop boxes? I just looped the elastic over the canvas belt and riveted both the the back of the box.
  2. Dave, just a quick note to mention that every armour maker's white is a little bit different. Probably won't be very noticeable for the thigh ammo pack, but the ears may be as it's a focal point of the costume.
  3. Hi Dave, I can at least provide some clarifications for the sniper plate - you should glue it with E6000 after removing the screws. Once the plate is glued one, you would only use ABS paste to fill the holes. Sand, polish, and that should be it. Regarding the thigh ammo pack, I would have to do some digging around here to see what others have done with SDS. I unfortunately don't have the time at the moment, but I'll try and find you some info shortly. Thanks!
  4. Hi Dave! XO for the CCG here. Have you joined our forums at capitalcity501st.ca? Would love to you post an introduction on our recruitment desk! Beyond that, did Andy assist you in the build? He actually makes holster so he can probably help you with modding the holster to be approvable. He makes the canvas belts as well. If you need some help with anything, let me know! Be glad to have you over or I can come to you sometime to help out. You’re close to being all ready to go from what I can see!
  5. Agreed with the others that you look good!
  6. Though it probably won't be a hold up for basic, the read cover strips on the shins should stop at the ridge while yours are going all the way to the edge at the top. Your new photos look good to me otherwise.
  7. Is the canvas belt made out of canvas? It looks like it may be ABS as well? Agreed with Glen's feedback, though not sure if the chest does need to come up? Looks like it's close to your neck there.
  8. Hope you get your BBB sooner than later! As Brendan mentioned, now is a great time to start collecting your build supplies and your soft parts!
  9. Hello and welcome to the FISD, Allan!
  10. I'll do you one better: WHY is justjoseph63?! Sorry I couldn't help myself.
  11. Both COs should speak and agree to the transfer and then there is some database magic that happens that GMLs are responsible for. *MAGIC!*
  12. Suggest you post here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/209-episode-xix-stormtrooper/
  13. Yes I'm very aware. It's a direction from the LPRO for units/detachments not to share on their social media (distinction here from members' personal social media). I don't think that LFL believes this will make it magically go away, but it just avoids anyone pointing to any 501st units/detachments and saying "Oh they shared it, it must be real."
  14. My understanding is just not to share it on FB/Twitter/Instagram and whatever. Discussing on forums shouldn't be an issue. We thrive on this kind of stuff! Hah.
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