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  1. Ah right, right. Yeah, I hear those aren't the best.
  2. Not sure what the S snaps look like - I've only used the ones used in Joseph's tutorial. Some have used Velcro for the belt (I believe that's what Anovos's instructions say to do) but it's probably not the best long-term solution.
  3. Think you're an easy pass for basic! Fingers crossed for you!
  4. Looking good, Dave! Think you should be fine for basic approval!
  5. What Glen said! Tapes and magnets galore! I have ATA as well and quite like compared to others that I've worked on. You're well on your way and you'll get there in no time!
  6. Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  7. Hello and welcome to the FISD Allen! You're in good hands with the Atlantic Garrison!
  8. I would suggest that your cod should be worn as high as is comfortable as you'll need the space to accommodate the thighs when you're wearing them. Seems like more ab showing than most right now. Don't forget to take care of that logo on your undersuit top and also trim off that excess flashing on the sides of the shoulder bridges.
  9. RE: forearm cover strip - it's pretty much personal preference. I like to trim with the shape of the pieces. Some keep them pretty square.
  10. Hi Dave, yes, you'll need to remove all return edge including in the bump area of the forearm. Take a look at some approved Centurion applications to see some better photos. You shouldn't feel any rolling from return edge when you pass your fingers over the edge, so I'd say you need to shave off a little more.
  11. Using straps with snaps ensures you're always wearing your armour the same and should allow for a more consistent look as with velcro, you're always placing it just slightly differently. Just my opinion as to the pros. Velcro will wear out as well and I find snaps are stronger than velcro. Obviously what you mentioned will still work, but ultimately I think snaps are the best way to go. Your list looks good from what I can tell! The only thing I'm unclear on is needing four rivets for the drop boxes? I just looped the elastic over the canvas belt and riveted both the the back of the box.
  12. Dave, just a quick note to mention that every armour maker's white is a little bit different. Probably won't be very noticeable for the thigh ammo pack, but the ears may be as it's a focal point of the costume.
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