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  1. Suggest you post here: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/forum/209-episode-xix-stormtrooper/
  2. Yes I'm very aware. It's a direction from the LPRO for units/detachments not to share on their social media (distinction here from members' personal social media). I don't think that LFL believes this will make it magically go away, but it just avoids anyone pointing to any 501st units/detachments and saying "Oh they shared it, it must be real."
  3. My understanding is just not to share it on FB/Twitter/Instagram and whatever. Discussing on forums shouldn't be an issue. We thrive on this kind of stuff! Hah.
  4. I'll take two glitter-farting unicorn patches please!
  5. TFA Phasma has different shins. Both have different cod plate (flametrooper cod). Blaster is different as well (not just paint).
  6. Hello and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your BBB. First cut is always the scariest but there’s tons of info here to guide you through it all!
  7. Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  8. Hello and welcome, Derek! Mes condoléances. Glad to hear you're on your way to becoming one of us! Every smile you put on a kid's face can remind you that Ward will live on through you!
  9. Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  10. Hello and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your BBB. Definitely keep an eye out for the differences for ESB. The overwhelming majority of TKs are ANH Stunts and though most of the build is the same, keep the differences in mind. Here's a good thread for that:
  11. Hello and welcome to the FISD! Research is the key and my fellow attachés have pointed you in the right direction!
  12. Hello and welcome to the FISD! As everyone has said, we will do everything we can to get you to approval! I also think AM is probably the best option for you too, though RT-Mod is also made for larger troopers.
  13. Some notes for whenever the INC review happens: Only left dropbox is present on model but this appears to be for the lightsaber when attached to belt. I would argue that unless one is wearing a lightsaber on the belt, both drop boxes should be present. ABS belt should not cover the ab buttons I am not sure how specific we typically get around colour, but I believe that describing the unit markings as dark red is better. Pauldron looks to be more red to orange-red. Ammo pouch on chest plate should be worn vertically, not angled. Almost all of the recent TKC changes are applicable here, which is great as that means that the language has been settled.
  14. Cool! Been reading about this one so asking myself "why does this seem so familiar?" And it finally clicked! Think the only other thing I saw outside of TKC-like updates is the biceps armour paint at the top and some clarification on pauldron as well.
  15. Hi all, given that the TKC CRL was updated recently and that both are from the same game and likely share a large number of similarities, I am wondering if an equivalent update might be required for the INC?
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