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  1. I think your ears could use a little bit more taken off in terms of their overall thickness. The reference photos posted by Mario can be used to compare. It's possible some of it is phone camera distortion, but I am thinking you could remove a few mms of thickness under the main ear section.
  2. If I understand your question correctly, yes, just line up the butt plate so that it's centered with the kidney. Same with the cod (that's what the shorties do when they have to make this part smaller). Once those are connected, you'll be able to see how long the cod to butt plate strap needs to be.
  3. @TK 71627 it’s an RT-Mod/Panda kit! Hey Christian, Derek told me his an and cod were indeed joined so the split is a new mod that Terry has made. D’s helmet was also a three-piece and yours is a two piece so again a mod. Fortunately your helmet’s near done so no worries there. Just thought I’d share that info!
  4. Hey Christian, took me a minute to find your posts since your username is different here! Will keep an eye on your thread but for sure text me if you have any questions! We can help you find supplies over on the CCG forums.
  5. Joseph, thank you for everything that you do!
  6. Not sure how I feel about this TK variant. I kind of like it in some of the figures and kind of don't. I think it's a question of the white and black areas balancing out well. It will be interesting to see what it looks like on screen!
  7. Cardinal has not been approved in the Legion, supposedly due to a lack of reference for the boots. Pyre is an animated-style FOTK. Haven't seen anyone making the kit, though I recall someone modding their regular FOTK to animated style, but haven't seen the results, personally.
  8. Welcome! I'd suggest taking a look in the TFA and TLJ TK sections for strapping ideas. Teresa at Geeky Pink can also supply you with neck seal and a harness (should you choose to use one) and is super helpful with any questions you have as she's a Phasma as well! Chroming appears to be the biggest challenge for most for this costume. I had read some stories that look like nightmares so I would suggest just researching this thoroughly! Are you getting the fingers from KB as well? Wasn't sure if they make those. You may also want to look into getting yourself a blaster. Looking forward to your progress!
  9. Hi Murray and welcome to the FISD! You’re in good hands in Badlands territory!
  10. Ah right, right. Yeah, I hear those aren't the best.
  11. Not sure what the S snaps look like - I've only used the ones used in Joseph's tutorial. Some have used Velcro for the belt (I believe that's what Anovos's instructions say to do) but it's probably not the best long-term solution.
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