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  1. lucnak

    Simes' ANH TK Build

    Just checked mine and it's 1.5" deep.
  2. lucnak

    TK-72117 Checking In

    Hi Colin and welcome to the FISD! Good luck with your first troop tomorrow!
  3. lucnak

    What is my next step?

    Hi Alex, Just wanted to mention a few things: Start your build thread in the appropriate sub-forum, depending on which costume you are building. I would register for access to the MWG forums http://www.midwestgarrison.com/ You may find armour parties or folks in your area who can help you. Gather your build materials and any other items you may be missing as mentioned by others Start bookmarking threads and reading! Though you can build your armour to Centurion right away, note that the process goes: basic approval with your garrison, then application for EIB here on the FISD, then application for Centurion here on the FISD. Your GML will not be involved with L2 and L3 approval.
  4. lucnak

    Hello from Seattle

    Hello and welcome to the FISD! Feel free to start a build thread and ask questions along the way!
  5. lucnak

    Husky68 ANH TK (trimmed AP)

    I built an AP kit last year and definitely had to heat gun the forearms a bit to get them to a shape where the owner could fit his hands through! Inside cover strips are a good idea here for strength. As mentioned, be careful with the heat gun; err on the side of caution!
  6. lucnak

    Linz AM ANH build thread WIP

    Order of building is up to you! I personally assembled the arms first, then the legs, then the ab details, and then finally I strapped them all together. Finished with the belt
  7. Congrats! Maybe we'll see each other at a convention!
  8. lucnak

    Hello from First Order Concepts

    Hello and welcome to the FISD! Think Joseph's got you covered for the sales part.
  9. lucnak

    Greetings from Kiel Germany TK90874

    Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  10. The shin closure cover strips should stop at the ridge. Hard to say if it's an angle issue, but it appears that they are partially overlapping the ridge, so a small item to address. However, I don't think anything will hold you back for basic! You'll have a TKID in no time (once the DB unlocks)!
  11. lucnak

    Greetings from VanCity!!!

    Hello and welcome to the FISD! Was going to ask if you have received your kit already, but I see now that you've started a build thread! See you over there.
  12. lucnak

    Hello from another New Member

    Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  13. lucnak

    Could *my height* be a distraction???

    Hi and welcome! Yes, do it!
  14. lucnak

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

    Hello and welcome to the FISD!
  15. lucnak

    TK31310 saying g'day!

    Hello and welcome to the FISD!