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  1. Name: Douglas Mullen 501st TK ID: 19767 FISD Name: Trooper1138 Garrison: UK Garrison Armour maker: RWA Helmet maker: RWA Blaster: DoopyDoos E-11 kit Height: 5ft11 (180cm approx) Weight: 13st Boots: Shoezone - painted Canvas Belt: RWA Hand plates/gloves: Imperial Warfighters, Latex Electronics: Aker speaker system, Troopacoola fan system, TecPlus Expedition Soft Touch Power Bank 6700 mAh Neck Seal: Extreme Racing Deluxe Holster: Burkbench Designs
  2. I use these: https://www.extremeracing.co.uk/motorcycle-two-piece-base-layer.html Great stuff! D
  3. Just completed my RWA kit from Ross. Service & communication is impeccable. RWA has a great Facebook community page where you can ask questions, show builds and get feedback from other RWA builders. I was on a limited budget, so I was able to buy my kit in sections over 3 months which helped a great deal, and Ross was understanding and a pleasure to deal with. The kit itself is amazing. Great shape, lovely proportions and fits like a glove. Unlike some other armours, the RWA kit works together wonderfully and attention to detail is brilliant. I opted for a robust 2mm HIPS kit to match my existing lid. Extremely happy customer, and now shooting for Centurion - which should be straightforward with the RWA kit and if you follow Ross' YouTube channel which is a fantastic no-nonsense build guide. I cannot recommend the RWA kit enough. No need to look anywhere else! In a final note, I'd like to thank Ross for his time and feedback. A great guy to deal with - always friendly and helpful. Can't ask for more than that. Recommend 100%. Douglas
  4. Hi, I already posted this in the UKG site, even although its complete. Thankfully, I spent months researching & taking my time to get everything as good as I could get it considering the ill fitting FX. After today's photoshoot, I might trim the arms a little as they've cut my forearms to ribbons. I've requested a few new TK's once I get approved. Yeah, I presumed 1138 was gone. I'll alter my handle etc when I get the official nod. Cheers!
  5. Hi Troops, Here are some pics of my recently completed Stunt ANH armour. Been building this since October at night & weekends (like most people here). I also managed to build a E11 to complete the look. I had a very limited budget, so I purchased a 2nd generation FX armour with SDS stunt helmet. I have heavily modified the armour to fit, and all parts were fitted with a butt join rather than the default overlap method for reasonable accuracy. The legs needed some extensive cutting to properly fit my frame, as I didn't want anything loose or moving around, and I want to troop rather than an exhibition piece. The helmet was hand painted rather than decals (apart from the tube stripes which were rubbed down vinyls), and I painted the inside matt black with extensive padding and flat green acetate lenses. I also installed mesh for the frown, and have the Aker 12w amp with microphone connected to my iPhone with the TrooperTalk voice changer app. This has taken almost 3 months of work, but I have loved every minute. The E11, holster, belt & neck seal were all made at home thanks to the great tutorials on here, and some fab YouTube vids. I hope to get basic approval - maybe higher, but I'm doing this for the love rather than trying to get 100% screen accuracy. Can't wait to troop with my kids!!! Hope you guys like my rig! Cheers, Trooper1138
  6. Hi Chris, Think I've figured it out: "The specified username is currently inactive as your account is yet to be approved by a board administrator. If you have problems activating your account, please contact a board administrator." Maybe I'm just impatient - I signed up last Sunday - still not heard anything back yet...
  7. Seems there is an issue with: http://www.ukgarrison.co.uk/forum/ Saying my email has been blocked, then when I click the link to try to resolve it - there is an error!
  8. Just discovered I'm getting an FX Stormtrooper kit with a SDS helmet - I've also ordered the Black Series Stormtrooper helmet from Hasbro - which helmet do you guys think would look better?
  9. Thanks guys! I've sent an email request to my local Garrison - awaiting reply. Cheers for the welcome!
  10. Hi everyone, Just joined this evening - 100% newbie, but have been quietly gathering my research for the last few months. Hoping to get my armour soon (big 40 in a few weeks) as my wife is going "surprise" me I have two daughters who love Star Wars, so getting into Trooping is a bit of a family thing - they love the idea their dad will be a Stormtrooper, and fulfils one of my childhood dreams. I'm not too bothered about 501st approval or absolute screen accuracy (I will try my best however), but its just for the love of doing it for me and the kids. The wife couldn't care less really... I love building and making things, so this was a great home project to get into. I have already built a custom (not screen accurate) blaster (awaiting the scope from eBay) and just waiting to paint & weather. I have a E11 blaster and conversion kit coming, so I'm hoping to do a more accurate version with the new blaster. Hope to chat with you guys soon - cheers from Scotland! - Trooper1138
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