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  1. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Vonreg is supposed to be an unused concept from episode 9 prob saying too much on a thread about a set armor from a movie on 2015 that won't be ready by 2019 Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  2. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Gotcha I might be a buyer if someone gets one in and needs to get rid of it. Hearing rumors about a new red trooper for 9 so that might steal my interest away
  3. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    What does that mean? I was on the run and backed out are they going to be contacting me? Still think it will be better to buy 2nd hand
  4. heartstopper85

    TLJ Executioner Build

    yes deff take some pics first. Have you tried it on with the gaskets as well? Fitting can be a bit of a pain
  5. heartstopper85

    First Order Stormtrooper - Scratch built

    Respond to your PMs on TheRPF Ugh forget this loser was here
  6. heartstopper85

    Undersuit with gaskets?

    Do you have pics of that upper body setup?
  7. heartstopper85

    Undersuit with gaskets?

    Good morning, a friend of mine was talking about getting a shirt with gaskets already on it. Was wondering if anyone has done this or found a few pieces to mod. Right now I have geeky pink gaskets and a one piece undersuit with the shinny shorts. They are fitted to form and while they work it's a process to get everything on. Now that I'm approved would like to start making mods to get kitted up easier
  8. heartstopper85

    Heartstopper FOTK Build (MIMIC Armor)

    Well I went ahead and ordered a kit from Wayne (jim kit) got it done and approved. No idea if this MIMIC build will ever get done. MIMIC just can't be counted on. I thought when I got armor in April I'd have the rest by the end of summer. Being told by Christmas but who knows. Mimic is a garbage vendor and I would stay away at all costs
  9. Good morning; Just got my TK approved: http://501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=22983&costumeID=406 Please add detachment access, Thank you
  10. heartstopper85

    TK 85751

    Just got approved in my TLJ Kit from Jim. So just saying high, see my build post for pics. Just in time to get a racing shirt and before Halloween
  11. heartstopper85

    85751 Jimmie build executioner

    So I forgot to make a build post on this. Bought from diversity props and had to resize for my height and update a few things. Will try to update this post later maybe Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Diversity props made my vest and I'm happy with it. There are loads of better suppliers outside of aNOvos
  13. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    Get a troop in your original TK don't lose your active status just because of a-NO- vos Still waiting on my MIMIC 2nd half, but luckily I just got a Jim kit from Wayne I'm fixing up to use for now. One way or another I'm trooping in a new FOTK before Episode 9
  14. heartstopper85

    Anovos armor