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  1. heartstopper85

    Hello from First Order Concepts

  2. heartstopper85

    SW Resistance TK build(SLOW)

    Did you see KB was offering the bucket; moded an old tfa mold. Saw on Vonreg build; let the person making Pyre know as well. Ya'll should hit each other up if you haven't. Will be joining yall in my vonreg soon
  3. heartstopper85

    Commander Pyre Build

    Did you see KB is offering the bucket. Saw it on the Vonreg build group on FB and remembered I had saw someone doing a pyre Not a big fan of toon style mostly because I have a stubborn belief that if Lucasfilm put Pyre on screen in a live action movie how would he look. But oh well I'm pressing on with my Vonreg build and looking forward to seeing this build as well! Gold Chrome is awesome!
  4. heartstopper85

    Jimmi FOTK build + Anovos bucket

    Good luck trooper! Just remember success in your base coat starts with solid prep work. I would strongly advise sanding your primer all the way to 3000 the Phasma's do it and I actually learned this trick from local Phasma. If your primer looks great in theory everything else should look good as well.
  5. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    The KB if you make it flush enough and trim it right you almost done notice the seam. I'm prob gonna touch up the one I'm working on now with abs paste. The KB kit is shockingly very similar to what I'm seeing from Anovos they must have been both thinking the same things
  6. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    if anyone receives and wants to sell pm me. I got off the run to go with a worse maker that still has yet to ship fully Wishing the best for everyone on this run looked like they had a lot pulled from pictures floating around
  7. I love both of these the variants with cogs seems like a bit much but who am I kidding ill glady get both
  8. heartstopper85

    New member

    Welcome trooper
  9. heartstopper85

    Where, What and Whom To Avoid When Buying

    Avoid. Refuses to refund people. Has yet to send out a full kit. Trying to get more people on run to supposedly pay refunds Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  10. heartstopper85

    Where, What and Whom To Avoid When Buying

    Add MIMIC to this list for FOTK
  11. heartstopper85

    Anovos FOTK Armor Delivery Possibility

    That sucks remember when I pre order at last celebration glad I got off. No way I'd have it for this celebration Sent from my SM-G950U using Tapatalk
  12. heartstopper85

    TLJ Executioner Build

    Yep you can just use the JB weld. Id add some shims behind for structure. Should be easy enough to blend in with paint. This kit is all about filling seams. Keep pressing you got this
  13. heartstopper85

    silverBoyd's FO Executioner Build

    Late to party any updates?
  14. heartstopper85

    TLJ FOTK Build Thread - Mountain Garrison

    Well this should be done soon. Thanks to Calvin and myself... troopers helping troopers. Was fun to take on another build at times, though I could have done without the PMs at Midnight or 3am about progress and random questions If anyone is interested in Montana brand paints do yourself a favor and start with Montana Primer. Rustoleum continues to be a source of all my issue because it just doesn't cure well. The montana brand paints cost more but they cure better. You do have to use a Clear gloss laquer from Montana to get the shine but it works and looks pretty well. Will try to update with pics, if you have been on the First Order Facebook page you have been following the build. Was glad to work as a team, Calvin did all the assembly and I did all the paint work and Sebastian paid us in beer and pizza.