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  1. very nice job; how much was those cans compared to reg rusto
  2. There some lego mini figs floating around of the Rocket trooper; looks like a hoover tank trooper from r1 in some ways. D23 approaching I bet we get over our heads in new costumes. I'm slowly starting to get things to get for the first order mountain trooper which I don't think will ever end up on screen but might be in the park
  3. Is that forum even needed? I thought It was decided the red trooper is going spec ops. The white troopers should just be TLJ troopers
  4. I'm kinda debating selling kit as well. Got it in great deal but also have mountain trooper from that same set to work on so idk kinda torn especially with odd leg issue My best guess would be the art mocked up for animator reference is more correct but who knows Was hoping they would have more different characters in park by now Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  5. Good afternoon; I just bought a Jim Kit from a member that was allergic to fiberglass and needed cash for an ABS kit I'm going to build it as a Commander Pyre as it would be seen on screen I'm guessing I'm gonna have a lot of push back to get this approved since only the figure and cartoon exist as of now. I would think we have enough info though to determine how this kit should look in real life. Just a TFA Stormtrooper with a funky gold and matte black paint job. The parts are all exactly the same so I plan to write the CRL and plead my case.
  6. good news hoping more start getting what they ordered
  7. sith trooper is gonna look horrible on an abs pull, hoping Jim takes this on he gets some detail in fiberglass. 3d printing is way to go but seems like its gonna be a prep nightmare
  8. Awesome to see a new Spec Ops trooper
  9. thought about that where do the wires route? Did you make a hole through the pouch than run up shirt to hands?
  10. Working on pimping my kit (pimp my ride reference) and I got a finger activated voice system from Bruno and an amp. Running into a few issues, the amp seems almost too big to put on the chest without effecting the look of the costume or causing extended pain. Was wondering where a good back up spot would be more mounting. 2nd, the USB powerbank I'm using seems to have a power save option and if there isn't a constant demand it shuts off until a button is pressed on the charger. Is there an option where I can use AA batts and hook that up via USB instead? Lastly, was wondering if anyone knew of a good open source program to clean up sound files
  11. Lol positive reviews Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  12. that's a pretty good idea for the belt, will be interested to see how it performs in the field. Have debated adding a similar mod to jim kit because I don't like the way my belt sits
  13. sorry to hear about your luck on this armor. Shame wayne turned into the person he turned into
  14. And you can mock it up with painters tape, as a rule of thumb in future try to go to 1/2in than work from there
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