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  1. Troopers!!! I need your advice urgently! How are you addressing this issue with your buckets? Could your solution be adapted to work with a full face snorkel or scuba mask? (please share this with anyone and any group or detachment you think could help) If you have a solid Solution or are interested in helping directly by joining the teams slack channel, please PM me through Facebook.com/jeneyrecosplay or because I’m so busy coordinating so many different aspects of this I might miss a reply to this post. I attached a picture of the problem we’re trying to solve. I’ve been volunteering with this project that has gathered many of the most brilliant minds in engineering, medicine , and tech to craft a solution to protect our medical personnel using full face scuba masks and extremely high-end specialized 3-D printers. They have a plan. They’ve conducted rigorous quality tests. They’ve even started delivering masks to grateful doctors. But one of the challenges is communication while wearing the masks. And that’s where I’m hoping you troopers can help. “We adapt full-face snorkel masks to fit breathing filters that are already being used in hospitals. With your help, we will mass-produce mask adaptors via 3D printers and distribute to hospitals and clinics across the country. To achieve the highest possible quality in the shortest possible time, our clinicians engineers and manufacturers have conducted rigorous quality tests such as: saccharine tests on air-sealing, post-sanitation virology swabs, and OSHA N95 fit tests. Dozens of clinicians in seven hospitals have been involved in field-testing our prototypes in the first week alone.” (And if you don’t have a solution, but are willing to find or share the go fund me, that also helps. And if you are in the greater Boston area and want to help with assembly, check the public post on my wall) Read more https://www.gofundme.com/f/3dcorps?utm_source=customer&utm_medium=copy_link-tip&utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet
  2. Jennifer Catania TK-50721 Centurion letter Daniel http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/50721-centurion.png
  3. Jennifer Catania TK-50721 EIB letter size Dan http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/50721-eib.png
  4. Here are those two additional pictures! Handguards Forearms
  5. TK-50721 Requesting ANH Stunt Centurion Status [WTF] Name: Jennifer Catania 501st TK ID: TK-50721 FISD forum name: JenEyre Garrison: New England Garrison Mandatory Information Armor = Walt’s Trooper Factory Helmet= Walt’s Trooper Factory Blaster= Hyperfirm B Grade Expert Infantry Request Thread: Link to album of all images: https://jeneyrecosplay.smugmug.com/Star-Wars/Stormtrooper/TK-50721-Centurion-Submission/ Optional Height = 5’7” Weight = 140 pounds Boots = ImperialBoots.com Canvas belt = Made myself Hand Plates = JustJoseph Electronics= TrooperTalk Neck Seal = Made myself Holster = Made myself Armor Photos Full Body Front Full Body Back Full Right Full Left Right Side Detail Left SIde Detail Armor Details Gloves Shoulder Bridge Thigh Pack Attachment Sniper Knee Attachment Drop Box Back Crotch/Butt Detail Helmet Detail Photos Front Side Back Hovi tip detail Lens color (Backlit if necessary) Accessory Photos Holster attachment Neckseal Blaster left side Blaster right side D-ring Thermal detonator back Mentioned on the Checklist Butt/Kidney – Fixed: No Back/Chest Connection Wrist side of forearms Action Shot Optional Interior Strapping Abdomen Detail Other Kidney notch Scuffed boots And a HUGE thank you to everyone for all the help, guidance, and encouragement!
  6. Just saw this and I don't think I answered it! Lots of clamps and e6000!
  7. Just installed the new mesh! Thanks to Ukswrath for sending them out so quickly!
  8. Just ordered a set from ukswrath [emoji16] Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thanks Dan! Here are those pics! Lens colour (with light inside helmet if required) Close up of thermal detonator screws Front, left and right photos of sniper knee plate Thigh ammo pack fixings (inside and out)
  10. Name : Jennifer Catania 501st TK ID : 50721 FISD forum name: JenEyre Garrison: New England Garrison Build Thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42210-jeneyres-wtf-anh-tk-build/ Thank you to TK-26329 for helping with these pictures! Mandatory Information Armor = Walt’s Trooper Factory Helmet= Walt’s Trooper Factory Blaster= Hyperfirm B Grade Optional Height = 5’7” Weight = 140 pounds Boots = ImperialBoots.com Canvas belt = Made myself Hand Plates = JustJoseph Electronics= Voice Electronics Maker Neck Seal = Made myself Holster = Made myself Full Body -Front – Arms at side -Back – Arms at side -Left – Arm raised -Right – Arm raised -Right Side Detail – Arm raised -Left Side Detail – Arm raised Armor Details -Abdomen Details -Action Shot (edit- accidentally made the original linked action photo black and white, so here's a copy of the original) -Cod and Butt Plate Attachment -Interior Strapping Helmet Details -Front (with flashlight inside to show lens color) -Side -Back -Hovi Tip Detail -Trim Blaster Details -Blaster – Left -Blaster – Right Accessory Details -Neck Seal -Thermal Detonator – Back -Holster Attachment
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