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Greetings from Ukraine !

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(My English is not very good, but I want to write something)

Hello from Ukraine! My name is Alexander, I am 23 years old.

As a child, I watched Star Wars and immediately liked the stormtroopers, I set myself the goal of making exactly the same suit, and after many years I did it! The guys from the Ukrainian outpost helped me, without their help I would hardly have made such armor. Thanks to them for that!



TK-55535 ready for duty!





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2 minutes ago, CallMeMrTibbles said:


Ласкаво просимо до 501-го

(Сподіваюсь, Google Translate спрацював нормально emoji1.png)

Sent from my SM-A715F using Tapatalk


Thanks a lot, worked fine:D:jc_doublethumbup:

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Hi Alexander, welcome to legion and welcome to FISD :salute:

Glad that you were able to make your childhood dream come true.

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12 hours ago, Moredhel said:

Здравствуйте! I know a little Russian, so I recognize some Ukrainian words too. Looks like that one's the same :)


Привет! This is not surprising, because Russian and Ukrainian languages of the Slavic group of languages are somewhat similar.

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