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  1. FEBRUARY 26th 2022- Ripon Almond Blossom Parade
  2. I use combination of those air soft helmet pads and bicycle helmet pads as well. the bicycle pad has a perfect shaped one for your nose area. But i have also ussed the foam that comes with 3d printer as well in other buckets.
  3. What's up trooper. Can't wait to see the ESB TK.
  4. FEBRUARY 12th 2022- Stockton Heat Star Wars night
  5. JANUARY 29th 2022- Pig Bowl guns and hoses
  6. JANUARY 16th 2022- Stockton winter Con
  7. Got to help a fellow future TK  from my garrison. It went well and got all his biceps forearms and thighs pretty much ready for him to cover strip. And I might add he had a DDD kit and that armor is amazing. 





  8. Welcome brotha. Fellow shadow here as well. I found that Ukswrath build thread on the spec ops forums was very helpful in my build process. Good luck on the build.
  9. Thats good to know. I was interested in a DLT19 from him then he disappeared.
  10. DECEMBER 12th 2021- IN-N-OUT Children's Xmas party
  11. DECEMBER 11th 2021- Old Sacramento Theatre of Lights
  12. DECEMBER 11th 2021- Sacramento Santa parade
  13. DECEMBER 2nd 2021- Roseville tree lighting
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