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  1. magni

    Greetings from Midway City CA. TK-52690

  2. magni

    EVA foam RO TK build

    Look at you go Nerf Trooper!
  3. Congratulations Lars! Welcome to the Ranks!
  4. magni

    Greetings, From Portage, Indiana

    Welcome to the FISD David! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  5. magni

    Greetings from Pensacola FL

    Welcome to the FISD Tyler! Everyone gave you some great info and you're doing your research already so I'll just add. You're gonna love it!
  6. Congratulations Aaron! Hope to see your Centurion application soon.
  7. Congratulations Jen! Onward to Centurion!
  8. magni

    Heavier Trooper here needs help

    You're on the right track with strip. However you do it make sure it's fused across the whole seam. Not just a couple of spots. I'd skip the abs paste idea. Just butt edges up tight and that should be fine. The belt should cover seam anyway. I lucked out for mine. WTF comes fused together.
  9. magni

    Heavier Trooper here needs help

    Lovin the progress! Don't forget that kidney and buttplate get fused together. Looks like you removed all return edge in preparation for white U channel rubber. Good! Helmet is looking good. I like that shade of blue. Keep at it Future Commander!
  10. magni

    voice amp system

    I believe John still has some RomFX for sale. I switched to his set up last yr. Works great and it has some built in adjustable settings. It comes with everything but batteries. The speaker is smaller then an aker and just as loud. Whatever you choose a talking TK is always better then a nodding one. Good Luck
  11. magni

    Hello from Seattle

    Welcome to the FISD Jean-Paul! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  12. magni

    Greetings from Kiel Germany TK90874

    Welcome Trooper!
  13. magni

    New member

  14. magni

    New TK reporting in!

  15. I have a connection for my microphone that I have to connect when I put my helmet on. I ran a cable up under my neckseal and end hangs out next to my cheek. I have a wrangler plug it in after I put helmet on. Unplugging is easy with just taking helmet off.
  16. magni

    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

    Welcome to the FISD Alex! Glad to have you with us!
  17. magni

    Greetings from South Korea!

    Welcome to the FISD!
  18. Congratulations! Great job on your armor! A few easy fixes and we'll see you at Centurion! Well done Trooper!
  19. magni

    TK31310 saying g'day!

    Welcome to the FISD Captain!
  20. magni

    Thermal Detonator

    I recommend to all our recruits to add soft Velcro to clips. Definitely helps in scratch reduction and can't be seen anyway.
  21. Congratulations Sven! Welcome to the Ranks!
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