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  1. Looking good, just remember to line up the thighs and shins and don’t forget the TD!
  2. Well done, lord Vader is proud of you keep up the good effort.
  3. Trooper, the emperor is proud of your efforts no need to double them!
  4. Welcome, FO kits are not that bad you just have to take your time and have patience however be prepared for maintenance after most troops.
  5. Nothing wrong with the B grade kit congrats on the purchase, follow the CRL and ask plenty of questions and take lots of photos. It is also a good idea to look up other KB kit builds it might give you some ideas and tips along the way.
  6. Welcome aboard, nice looking kit, take your time and if you are going to paint it yourself I used acrylic auto paint in cans after reading Glens comments on his build thread, you just have to use a primmer before painting (I used an auto primer/ filler). The acrylic paint was very forgiving and easy to use especially for touch ups. Only thing I would suggest is to make sure that you follow the CRL and build your kit to that, it will make approval easier and take lots of photos along the way.
  7. Sometimes it helps to step cut the top of the ear as the face-cap/back overlap hinders the ear placement. If you do get new ears leave more meat on the front and take little off the back then little off the front that way you don’t take too much off. I didn’t drill or mount my ears until I got them in the right spot but it took 2 sets to get it right. If you were in Sydney or close to Sydney we could have had this settled ages ago, don’t give up you are almost there.
  8. Good looking kit, now go and serve the empire!
  9. Welcome Fred, keep an eye out on the sales threads and the 501st sale threads too, you might find an ATA helmet there.
  10. Well done so far your almost there, if you are thinking of going for centurion shim both sides of the ab it will end up worth it, just remember you can cut some off the shim if the expansion shrinks, I added more to the shim and then cut 10mm off when I lost weight. Look up how to make abs paste it’s very easy and use E6000 for the shims so you can peel them off if you ever no longer need them. Well done and keep up the effort the emperor is proud of you.
  11. Good looking kit well done! and look after it.
  12. All good advice as above, but a simple suggestion that might help too, don’t holster the blaster leave it out of the shots, it only drags your belt down, do the action shot with it but that’s it.
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