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  1. Almost there, keep up the good work and you’ll be a centurion soon, however, take your time with those mods and remember what comes off can’t go back on easily. Look up crickets or frag rocks builds they had some back plate modifications that may help.
  2. Hi James, welcome and thanks for joining, it can be an expensive hobby but at times some of the vendors listed have sales, also you might try reaching out to your local garrison that can be found in the where to start section as they may have members that want to sell kits so they can get another type. In any case look up the build threads here on the forums and see how they are built. This may aid in your decision to build or have it built for you. There’s lots we can say but the best place to start is here and attend local comic festivals where the 501st are attending and talk to the guys there, we are all willing to talk and help if we can. Best of luck. Wormy
  3. Small fixes as already pointed out but it looks like a good fitting kit. Good luck with approval and I’m sure you will be serving the empire shortly.
  4. Great to hear, this small group of people have great hearts and are truly special. Well done and serve the empire with pride!
  5. Awesome, eternal greatness is for you, glory to the empire. Well done
  6. Hey ditch brother, welcome and great to see another TK in the neighbourhood.
  7. Hi there, from my own experience look up builds specific to WTF so that you can get an idea of what to expect from the kit. The build pages under ANH will be the instruction manual for you. But don’t forget you have all the knowledge of the group so take photos and ask lots of questions and remember it is vitally important to measure twice and cut once. Best wishes and I look forward to seeing your build. Glory to the empire!
  8. The emperor welcomes you back to the fold!
  9. Welcome trooper, serve the empire with pride!
  10. Nice kit, see if there is a garrison member experienced with storm trooper armour and can assist with you suiting up. Looks like some dressing issues which could be resolved easily.
  11. Welcome ditch brother, great kit to start with. There are lots of build threads so measure twice cut once and start a build thread. Also remember ask lots of questions on here and with outpost 42.
  12. Hey, great effort with the kit, look after it and it will last years of trooping, with the ear try mixing some ABS paste with your scraps and acetone, you won’t need much ABS as it’s a small hole, take the ear off glue a small piece of abs behind then fill from the front, once it’s dry drill the new hole. Try it on a scrap piece first. Keep up the good job you are almost there.
  13. The emperor is proud of you and looks forward to seeing you in the ranks of the glorious empire!
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