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  1. Looks good for basic, as glen said you might need to square up the ab plate buttons
  2. Welcome to the dark side, go and serve the empire with pride trooper.
  3. Hey Darren, where is the hearing room located ?
  4. Hi all, It is a very sorry state of affairs for sure and I am sure there were originally only good intentions by DP at the start. I don’t usually post comments like this but I don’t have anyone else to vent to but other like minded stormtroopers. I originally paid in full for a painted TLJ Executioner helmet early in 2018 after being stung once in late 2017 for a similar helmet. I was promised a 4 to 6 week turn around and all the feedback and communication from DP was awesome including referrals by my garrison members who had good feedback too. After weeks of considering if I should go all in for the armour and a laser axe I paid in full and was expecting the “brown box” to arrive late 2018. There have been many promises, communication saying that my helmet and axe are going to be sent but it’s 14 months later and nothing. At this point in time I have ridden off what I have paid for a helmet, lazer axe and armour plus the first helmet in 2017 by another seller. What stings me the most is that things must have been going down hill long time before we all found out but orders were still being taken for products that were not even pre moulded but the impression I was given was that it was all ready to go. I love Star Wars and have found a second family within the legion and my garrison but it is sad that within such a dedicated community that people are still coming across these issues. One thing is for sure, it hasn’t stopped me from trooping my TK and from getting another kit from RS props but it serves as a reminder to stick to the vetted sellers no matter the cost. I hope that Wayne finds his way back to good health and gets back into a normal life but nothing hurts more than being mislead by a Star Wars fan that abuses the trust of our community.
  5. Good stuff, say hi if you are coming to supernova in sydney
  6. Hey, you can’t beat Sly’s TK helmet fans, I have 2 sets and use them even on short troops. The guys that dont have them here in Sydney fog up and sweat a bucket, I still sweat but there’s always a cool air flow. I also use an Icomm kit in my helmet with the speaker and icomm attached to the inside of my chest armour. With regards to the blaster you could get a rubies blaster from costume.com.au in Queensland they are $30 (leave the tip orange) just paint it black/gun metal or look up TK Props (Tom) in Victoria and get a 3D printed one that you have to build. If you haven’t been on the SCG forum look it up and introduce yourself, there are lots of experienced builders there that will be happy to help locally too.
  7. Hi Nada, welcome to the FISD, I’m from Sydney and look forward to seeing your build. Matt
  8. Well done and serve the empire with pride!
  9. As Q said either for the brow trim is acceptable, I based my one off the second helmets in on the last photo as I didn’t like the straight edge ones, with the tube strips I was told to use a HB pencil width for the gap from the tube ridge to the top of the stripe, either way as I said pick a screen helmet from the photo library and go with that you can’t go wrong.
  10. Don’t butcher the elastic push the over as much as possible and then just add a dab of E6000 behind the elastic and clamp it in place to align the boxes up with the end of the belt.
  11. Hi Jennifer, good choice on the RS kit they are a good looking kit once finished. What I would do is restart your build thread on the ANH build thread section, if you haven’t done so already look up Crickets build thread or franks or reach out to them for help as there is a Facebook group for you are too short for a stormtrooper. Also stay away from the heat gun, use boiling hot water method it’s safer for your armour and it heats the ABS evenly.
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