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  1. Great looking RS kit good luck with approval
  2. Hi James, it’s good to hear about your experience I too have had a similar past and have found being behind the mask has helped me with crowd issues and being in busy public places.
  3. Mworm1974

    RS Vlog Build-A-Long ANH Stunt

    Sorry if I posted this to late, just make sure you and flex your bicep before the final fit, I did all my fitting with a straight arm and they ended up too tight when I flexed so I had to do what Paul said previously. However you are doing a good job.
  4. Mworm1974

    WodiQuix Requesting Pre-Approval (RS)

    RS kits always look awesome, any updates on approval?
  5. Good luck with approval it’s good to see a good fitting kit
  6. Mworm1974

    Scout's ANH TK (Different armor makers)

    Well done trooper
  7. It was good too see your build well done, go and serve the empire with pride!
  8. Good to see another Star Wars baby go and make the empire proud!
  9. Mworm1974

    New member

    Go and make the first order proud!
  10. Mworm1974

    TK31310 saying g'day!

    Hi Sez, welcome to white armour or silver in your case. you should post up some full size photos of your awesome kit for everyone to see. wormy
  11. Well done trooper go and make the empire proud!
  12. I finally got to troop with my son who has spinal muscular atrophy at the Sydney Power House Museums Star Wars Identities exhibition last week. It took a while to get him a costume that would be comfortable in his wheelchair but also look the part. I signed him up to the galactic academy and he is known as CDZ4250. There were approximatley 200 people during the first session and most people were delighted with the exhibition and our troopers. I am am sure this was the first of many for come for the little Jawa. http://(null) by -matthewwormleaton-
  13. Mworm1974

    TK-91593 Stong museum Troop (1st official)

    Well done Trooper your kit looks awesome, keep up the good work and make the empire proud.
  14. Mworm1974

    Jeff's ANH Stunt (RS) Build

    Hi Jeff, I have been following your FB thread and finally found you here. Any updates on the thigh? Try some wet and dry sand paper or 400 to 600 grit to smooth it out a bit.
  15. Mworm1974

    TK 29462 Bluegrass Garrison

    Well done Trooper, serve the empire with pride!