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  1. status report .Started putting these together.
  2. Here is my abs paste job .Do I just sand it down some? and its not cleaned up yet .Just about burned my fingers off using my fingernail to get rid of excess glue haha.
  3. man shoulder will be sore for a good month or 2 .Guess I should not have played tackle football this year for our annual unity bowl we throw .Hope all goes will with yours brother.
  4. finally got this other thigh ready and matching with my other one .I had to make sure one was not fatter then the other or would just look silly to me .Now waiting game for it to dry.(after a few magnet pinches) also dislocated my shoulder for 3rd time this year on the 21st so sore shoulder also.
  5. whoaaaaaaaa.i like to constantly vacuum and put stuff away because i have bumped into pieces knocked them off the table.and you said a week!!!! most the tools needed to build the kit i didnt have so i had tons of trips to home depot, hobby lobby, lowes and ebay deliveries i had to wait on.still waiting for more stuff via mail.a week though sheesh.your a build beast.
  6. starting this other thigh.positive vibes to all troopers on this friday.
  7. so my son wants me to build him some armor.hes 6yrs old.have a bunch of cardboard lying around so thought id give it a shot.haha.


    1. gmrhodes13


      I'm sure he'll feel just like his Dad ;) 

  8. want to get this started tomorrow morning.little more sanding and trimming needed in my opinion.and i also got my 1st sticker for my tk box.shout out imperial issue.
  9. just having an abs paste party over here.


    1. gmrhodes13


      Nice work, don't forget to add these updates to your build thread ;) 

  10. i looked at it as easy to take apart and store.i can un screw the chicago screws for the holster and pop belt plate off and roll up the belt.
  11. oh yea make sure you have button snapped on when you glue other side so your sure itll snap.
  12. heres the paint thinner i used only about 4 bucks at lowes and grabbed this belt im going to modify to hold up the thighs.plus close up of snaps i put into belt plate.
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