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  1. Wow just learned something new that could relate to all troopers. On my shadow trooper kit I noticed this weird like dust kind of a stain. Turned out it was mold from being stored for a long time in garage probably. I was shown a link how to fix this issue and I used half water half alcohol and cleared it all away nicely. Looks brand new again. I pulled out ever part of the kit and also wiped every thing down again because I was told spores could be present and just start it up again. So if anyone sees this on there holster don't worry and just use that cleaning solution works great. 

    before cfjR9vs.jpg

    after IOG4H8l.jpg

  2. I personally would come in a tad more on the bottom of chest also.
  3. Looks pretty good. Id be careful of the neck line because don't want to take too much off the front.
  4. Where you find a wireless mic? and is that one of good quality?
  5. Looking good though. I like the moment you realize you cant see to well either looking for the blaster haha.
  6. Whoa definitely coming together. I see you. Have you started a strapping system yet to hold it all together nice and tight? Good job on attention to detail on those little pieces on ab and back plate by the way.
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