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    TK 18938 Reporting for Duty

    Hi Rich and congrats on your approval! Welcome to the FISD!
  2. starsaber25

    How much is a Tie Pilot?

    So how old is your son? Are we talking a 7 year old? 10 year old? A grown teenager? If we’re talking a smaller child then Yeah I would say Walt would be your only and best bet. If we are talking a grown son then Walt or Radu Plucinski makes nice looking armor. TBH you might as well not even go to the JRS forum. It’s pretty much a ghost town. They do most of their business on Facebook.
  3. starsaber25

    My Brown Box Came!

    Congrats and welcome to the FISD!
  4. starsaber25

    Greetings from Spain (Galicia)

    Congrats and welcome to th FISD!
  5. Yes awesome news! Thanks Cari!
  6. Congrats! Welcome to the Legion!
  7. Hello and welcome to the FISD! I very much recommend following Dan's advice. If you are looking to join the 501st legion then you will need to make some modifications to your SDS armor. In the long run it may be cheaper to just go with the options that Dan has recommended like DA Props and RWA. Remember, purchasing a set of armor is THE MOST important part of this process. It is important to take your time and if that means saving up money for a while then please do so. It is a marathon not a sprint. Good luck!
  8. Congratulations! Welcome to the ranks!
  9. Ok so listen the big bad COG is stepping in now. This thread has be derailed a few times and has gone around and around to it being almost impossible to follow. Here is what I’m going to ask. Can everyone take a break for a minute from commenting. Dan @CableGuy can you please make a summary post if everything discussed so we can make some sense of everything? Thanks.
  10. Well there is someone we can call in if everyone wants me to? Paul?? FISD to @troopermaster
  11. This right here is what I’m fearing from some of the conversation here. I would hate for this detachment to start going down this very slippery slope.
  12. starsaber25


    Hi Kevin. All of your posts have been merged into this one welcome thread. I really do hope that you can see that you have posted the same intro post numerous times now. I politely ask that you only use this thread and do not start anymore new ones. Thank you.
  13. I'm sorry but this helmet does not meet any of the CRL standards...
  14. No wonder we are on the same team. He tend to see things in the same light.
  15. I like you Matt
  16. Sorry guys I don't agree with the low vs. high brow debate. This would be getting way to close to prop replication and that is not what we are about. And plus I have a low brow: Now for those of you that are not GML's or have not been a GML, please bear in mind that a vast amount of legion members are not concerned with higher levels of accuracy. There are certainly many members in all detachments that are very in tune with their costume of choice and strive for screen accuracy. But many members just want to have an approved costume and troop for charity. As a GML and a Command Staff member of the FISD it can sometimes be difficult to tone down my passion for TKs when I am going over an application. Not everyone is going to have the perfect TK costume out there and we need to sometimes remember to keep things "basic."
  17. Yeah this looks to be just another storefront for Jedi Robe. Everyone should stay as far away as possible from this.
  18. starsaber25

    Newbie from England

    While I’m not sure on the cost of a Kylo Ren, I can tell you that my Vader has cost me approx $4200 at this point. Vader is the second most expensive costume behind Boba Fett. While over at the SLD I want to say I’ve seen members say Kylo will set you back approx $2000 depending on your purchases. As far as TKs go, you are looking anywhere from $1000-$1500.
  19. Greetings troopers. During the month of December there was a run of challenge coins offered by Endor Finders in our Detachment Merch section. Many troopers are starting to receive their coins. As you may notice there are imperfections on the edge of the coins. While there are no imperfections reported on the faces of the coins, these imperfections on the edges have been reported to us. We have been in contact with John at Endor Finders and he is offering to replace any coins that you feel are unsatisfactory. This will be up to the individual customer to contact John if they choose to have replacements made. If you are happy with the coins then you do not need to do anything. You may contact John at endorfinders@gmail.com and he is asking you to title the email as "Replacement." In the body of the email please provide your order number, your address and any other pertinent details about your coins (eg. EIB coin number). John is asking that the customer pay for the return postage and the postage to send out the replacements as he volunteered to do this run. If you have any questions regarding the replacements then you may contact John at the above email address. With Unquestioned Loyalty, Steve Sheades DCOG TK-10466
  20. starsaber25

    Newbie from England

    Hi Thomas and welcome to the FISD! You have been given some awesome advice so far. You could certainly do a TK. You could make it work. But you would be an awesome Vader or Death Trooper!
  21. starsaber25

    What to do?

    Hi Jonathan. Yes this is Makerofthings (MOT). He is a known recaster and he is on our who to avoid list. His kit is made out of styrene and is thin. Check out the getting started threads.
  22. starsaber25

    Darth Aloha in the news - interview

    Awesome Eric! Cool article!
  23. starsaber25

    Seems too good to be real!!

    Wait I'm confused here. Are we talking about the ROTJ armor from Makerofthings in the ebay link above? Or are we talking about another set of armor? If we aren't talking about this set of armor anymore then please excuse my following response to yours. Here is some "opinions" as you want to call them from "supposed" experts: You aren't the only person who commented above who has personally owned a MOT set of armor. I know that 100% for a fact. So there is some first hand knowledge above and not just opinions. Next lets break down this kit if we are actually talking about the ROTJ set of armor in the link. The photos that are in the ebay link show that the ab buttons are certainly molded into the kit. But I'm educated enough to know that the ab buttons were in fact molded onto the ROTJ suits and should not be separate. But you indicated that they are separate in your post above. So if that is the case then that is not correct. You indicated that the cover strips are separate pieces. Well again if we are talking about the ROTJ set of armor in the link then cover strips are in fact supposed to molded onto the armor itself and are not supposed to be separate pieces. Yes MOT is a known recaster. Therefore, we do offer our opinions to stay away from him because he has stolen someone else's hard work just for personal gain. And before you go into the whole yeah it was no ones property to steal to begin with because it was Lucas' and now Disney's and blah blah blah, these original garage shop sculptors and vacuum formers are some of the big reasons why we are where we are today as a legion and they should be shown a little respect and to not have their wares completely copied. Anyway, those are the facts. Not opinions. But here is an opinion: You mentioned in your post above my post here before you changed it to "noted" that maybe the only option for this person above was this kit because they couldn't justify a higher price tag? Do you know the original poster "Chris"? Or was that just your opinion? Ultimately if you like your MOT kit then that is great. Everyone has the right to like and enjoy the set of armor they have chosen. If "Emtramone" or Chris ended up buying the MOT kit then he still would have been welcomed with open arms here. But he was asking for some expert advice and/or opinions on the kit. He got the info he was asking for. Unfortunately MOT will never be openly recommended because of what he stands for. Not recommending him does not mean we are elitist. Maybe it just means that we want to recommend sellers who are not unscrupulous like MOT. But you are certainly entitled to "your opinion" to buy an in demand kit at a reasonable price as you put it.
  24. starsaber25

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas Glen! Merry Christmas everyone!