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  1. Welcome aboard Colin...enjoy the journey.
  2. "Epoxy Glue For larger and heavier parts, a two-part epoxy can be used to provide a very strong bond."
  3. Congratulations Catfood. “This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi and will soon see the end of the rebellion.”
  4. I have enlarged the image using a special program. cheers
  5. Just used this method again (superglue and tshirt) to fix an old Tk helmet. The area behind the mic tip had worn thin and brittle. Two minute repair and good as new (1976-1977 style) wish i had videoed it though. cheers
  6. Hi all I haven't posted in ages as i've been busy with other projects. Sorry about that. My passion for stormtrooper armour never went away though. New projects i'm working on alongside my Youtube channel:- Mannequin conversion (possible arms) Rs props Anh tk build possibly centurion standard. Just finished a boots conversion video with links to the Ukg and the F.I.S.D on the description .... Hopefully to help others following this route. cheers
  7. looks brilliant.. I'm going to use this as reference for my chewbacca build cheers
  8. Welcome jay There's loads of info here....http://forum.whitearmor.net/index.php?showforum=38 good luck cheers
  9. Gday and welcome, Finding this place is one of the best things and you will never stop learning. good luck on your stormtrooper journey cheers
  10. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=12192 sl 4581 requesting access cheers
  11. Theres also .... http://thepropden.aokforums.com/ (The pro den) http://www.sithtrainingtemple.net/ (Sith training temple) and http://www.therpf.com/ (The replica prop forum) Hope that helps you on your journey cheers
  12. If your using the t shirt material and super glue , never use poundshop or cheaper superglue... It won't work and is a false economy. Mask the outside well especially around eye sockets as overspray with interior black will cause problems. If you can can get green welders lens material then you will find that it works better than the lighting gel. If you cannot source that product then double up on the gel either by folding it in half or use use two sheets. Hope that helps, and i look forward to seeing the results of your work Cheers
  13. Welcome aboard fella You will lOve it here Cheers
  14. Hi Adam and a big welcome to you Cheers
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