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  1. With regards to how much return edge to leave... Aesthetically it's pretty much a personal choice how much return edge you leave on, but there are some practical considerations. There are some areas of your armour which are more prone to cracks through use. Common areas are the chest near the arm pits, and the angles cut into the butt plate (although cracks can form anywhere). You find small cracks very easily by shining a torch from behind the armour. Smaller return edges allow the armour to flex more before cracking, and this is one of the main reasons that I have very minimal return edge everywhere possible on all my torso sections. The only areas I have left a fair amount of return edge on the torso is: Bottom of back (where it meets the kidney), top and bottom of kidney, top of butt, top of ab (even though its hidden), and bottom of chest (where it overlaps the ab). On the limbs it's best to get the return edges to a place you're happy with before gluing, as the amount of return edge affects the fit. Best of luck, and keep up the questions and pictures
  2. Everyone will tell you that (as you now know) the sniper knee is a real pain in the derriere!
  3. Just wanted to add a foot note to the London ComiCon I did last weekend. This is something that comes up occasionally and I think it's an important point, especially for new costumers. I was approached at one point by a family, one of which was in costume and wanted a photo with me; of course I obliged. After the pic I was told that a couple years ago his brother was ill and in a wheelchair and he had a lot of pictures taken with UKG at an event and had a lot of fun with us. This guy subsequently died. The meeting with us was a massive highlight at an otherwise very dark time, and it is a bright memory for the family. When I met them at the weekend they really wanted to express their thanks and talked about him and showed photos. I can't tell you how touching it was, and it really shows how we're so much more than just a bunch of plastic spacemen. 'Bad guys doing good' is exactly right, and I think we should never underestimate the effect we can have on others even if we don't realise it at the time. Keep up the good work all
  4. [16, 17 and 18] MCM ComiCon London 22nd, 23rd, 24th October 2021 My first big ComiCon, and certainly didn't disappoint. Due to covid ticket sales were more limited than previous years, and new owners/management who haven't used 501st before didn't allow us to bring along as many people. But, it was still very busy, and our lower numbers (around 60 costume and 20 crew) meant were we all very busy during long days. Of course it was worth it though. Lots of visitors to our stall which had a death star wall and full size speeder bike (not functioning unfortunately), and photo requests that must've numbered in the hundreds. 3 weeks then we do the same event again in Birmingham. Can't wait! And this was the quiet part of the Con!
  5. Hi Jeremy, Welcome to FISD and the Legion. So much has been said above that there's not much I can add. I'm 'this' close to completing my own HWT (we seem to be a growing part of the legion!), so it will be great to see you go down that route, but whatever you decide remember to enjoy the journey as much as the end result. Ask lots of questions, and post lots of pictures (it helps a lot, especially if you're having an issue). Using something like Imgur or tapatalk helps a lots for pictures. If you post direct to the forum you run out of space real quick. Looking forward to seeing your progress and the pics from your first troop. Rich
  6. Congratulations on your clearance It takes hard work and commitment, so well done! Hope to see your applications for the advanced levels and meeting you on a troop
  7. Hi Sean, Welcome to FISD. Looking forward to seeing your build progress. All the best [emoji106]
  8. Congratulations Sam!!! Awesome work and awesome armour Looking forward to you Centurion submission
  9. The files that I use (non star wars, generic police radio chatter) are too big to email, but if you pm me your address I'll post you a memory stick [emoji106]
  10. Would seriously be up for wearing a patch to celebrate your achievements mate. Might even donate a few extra dollars for your beer fund!
  11. Someone had a good Christmas Congratulations to you and mom. And welcome to the ranks cadet
  12. Also, compliments on going the extra mile with the makeup for the lids off pic. Very realistic Good luck mate
  13. Congratulations! So, that's that blue EIB star now then We're going to need to think of what comes after a blue star (maybe ?)
  14. Oh, the LOTR one!!!!! Pmsl
  15. That looks perfect! Thanks for this.
  16. That all figures. Will have to give some thought as to if/how to apply any weathering then. Thanks [emoji106]
  17. Almost a zombie thread... Came here looking for ref pics for weathering my se-14r, and strikes me that except for the glue marks from the missing extra scope it's always shown as a really clean blaster. Any opinions on this? 'Should' it be left clean for accuracy(?)
  18. I have a rubber e11 for my esb tk which I bought from Sheartech in the UK, and I love it. Being rubber I am not nervous at all with passing it to kids (of all ages); I wouldn't say indestructible, but it's pretty close. https://www.facebook.com/sheartech/ Re e6000 plus, I'm not a fan. In the UK it's very difficult to get hold of the original e6000 that is so popular, so I can't give a direct comparison, but I've e6000 plus at the start of my tk build and very quickly switched to alternative. E6000 plus is (to me) not much more than a clear silicon sealant, and not an effective glue (OK for things that don't need strength, such as ab buttons). I used Gorilla Glue clear contact adhesive on my tk. It's very easy to find in the UK, cheap, strong, and still easy (with care) to remove/disassemble parts when needed. Hope that's helpful
  19. Hi Eric, Very few things more exciting than big brown box day!! Working slowly with pics and questions is the perfect way to go. Really looking forward to seeing your progress, helping where I can, and seeing the pics of the first troop in your new armour
  20. Congratulations to all the award winners! ...and thank you to the staff for my promotion to IPM. I'm not sure what I've let myself in for yet, but I'll do my best to support the team and the detachment
  21. Given that its not going to be seen anyway, maybe either a larger rivet, or put a wide steel washer under the rivet(?)
  22. The man, the myth, the one man costume factory... Love it Glen. Especially the strand of hair! (Is that regulation length soldier?!) Thank god I won't be near your house this halloween!
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