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  1. Thanks Glen, I was studying yours closely before weathering mine. Will have another crack this weekend and darker it up some more [emoji106]
  2. It actually looks a bit more weathered in the flesh than in the pics, but also while I've seen both extremes I didn't want to go 'too' far. (Would prefer it on the heavier side though )
  3. Hi again all, Been a while since I've been able to work on this. I've redone the blue tube stripes, given it a clear coat of semi gloss lacquer to try and make it closer to my armour, and given it a light-ish dusting of charcoal powder. All feedback gratefully received
  4. I know that RWA sell seperate parts and not only full kits, but, as Glen said, contact the suppliers and see what they say. All the best with your build
  5. Feedback 'shouldn't' be an issue as the mic is unlikely to hear what's coming out of the buds. Loving the idea.
  6. Thanks Joseph I knee I was going to mess up those tube stripes! Easy enough to strip and redo. I'll check the screw alignment with the traps when I get home. Hopefully enough wiggle room if I loosen the screws to get them lined up.
  7. Could you guys please take a look at these pics to make sure you're happy with the painting all the way up to level 3. I know it needs weathering, but I can do that over the clear coat. The abs is not as shiny (RWA had supply issues) so I'm going to spray with clear semi-gloss, but once done these details will be sealed. Thanks, Rich
  8. You never learn if everything goes right first time. It'll be amazing when it's finished [emoji106]
  9. Here's the link where Tony first mentions 'noisy power' from usb power banks. It then goes on to talk about filter circuits, and I believe Tony ended up fitting a version of the filter to his product. You may be able to reproduce the filter from info in the linked thread, or contact Tony for help. Although it's nice to have everything powered from the same battery I'm happy having a power bank for my fans and a 9v battery powering my velleman (via a small dc voltage convertor)
  10. Tony (ukswrath) has said with his kits (which are very similar) that usb power banks are going to cause problems like this. I think he said it was because of internally circuitry (I'll try and find the link to his post)
  11. [29] Family Concert: Villains, Thieves and Gangsters. Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, UK 29th Jan 2022 A really great start to the year. The Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra performed a really wide variety of music based on the title theme: from Don Giovanni to Wicked (the musical), with of course the Imperial March (wait, are they calling us villains!!!). We had a large turnout for an event of this type, with a tie pilot as a substitute Vader (according to at least one conversation I overheard). Really good to see each other after the Xmas break. The night was made extra special for me as it was the first time my parents have been to a 501st attended event, and to say my mom was excited is an understatement [emoji4] Smiles all round.
  12. Should hope so too [emoji16] Looking forward to seeing your progress mate, and hopefully meeting up sometime soon!!
  13. I find the easiest way to post pics here is using tapatalk (if you're posting from your phone). Install the app, then add pics to your post one at a time to upload at highest res possible. If you upload two or more at once it reduces the resolution.
  14. Hi (again) [emoji112] You'll get great help and advice over here. Best advice is to ask lots of questions and post lots of pics as you go. Looking forward to meeting up on a troop on the other end of your build [emoji106] Rich
  15. [28] The music of Zimmer vs Williams, Symphony Hall, Birmingham, UK 30th Dec 2021 Another Raymond Gubbay concert, with the same set list, orchestra and conductor as the Barbican event earlier in the week, only this time there was no waiting around. We (2 TKs, a sandie and a biker scout) greeted the public as they arrived, during the interval and after the show, as well appearing above the stage during the SW:ANH main theme at the first encore. As you can imagine, given that the crowd were there for music from the movies, they were very keen to get photos and chat to us (we had to dissappear early at the start as we were holding up the queue). Another great night.
  16. [27] Funeral for UKG member, Ashbourne, Derbyshire 30th December 2021 (This event isn't listed as an official UKG event, but I attended as a UKG/501st trooper, with consent from staff) Pedge was very well known for his apperances as C3PO in the UK SW costuming community, not only with UKG, but also with various other garrisons. I never had chance to meet him, but I've heard many stories about his fantastic costume and characterisations (praised by Anthony Daniels himself) and his willingness to help others. Sadly he developed motor neurone disease which progressed very quickly and he lost his battle shortly before Christmas at the far too young age of 55. Pedge knew the end was coming, and tasked a friend Jim Davies to organise a SW parade at his funeral, inviting members from the various clubs he was involved with. There were nearly 30 SW costumes there yesterday, plus others not in costume for various reasons. UKG had 4 people attending. Although I didn't know Pedge I felt it was important to represent UKG and also those who knew him but weren't able to attend, and I'm very glad I did. It was first time trooping alongside other groups from the UK, and where sometimes politics can get in the way it was clear that we were all there for the same reason and there was a real feeling of camaraderie and community. It was a somber day, but I hope we did Pedge proud
  17. [26] The music and John Williams and Hans Zimmer, The Barbican, London, UK 27th Dec 2021 The Raymond Gubbay events are a regular fixture for UKG. A traditional orchestra performs pieces from well known movies (including SW of course). They take place all over the UK through the year, and they are always very popular with costumers and public alike. The London show was at the Barbican, an iconic music venue (the interior is extremely reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange; well, I think so anyway). Although we arrived before the public started to arrive, a change of plans meant that we weren't to appear until the first encore (SW:ANH main theme), so were twiddling our thumbs for 3.5 hours! Not wasted time though, as we were given pizza, had chance to catch up, and I had a great long chat about 501st with the Barbican house manager (arrest photo below). When we finally went out we (Lord Vader, 5 TKs and a Sandie) were greeted with a roar of appreciation, which sent a shiver down my spine. We ended the night with photos with the public after the event. A really great night.
  18. Congratulations Dwight. An awesome build and well deserved recognition for your efforts
  19. Requesting update please https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/51270-25-tk-46116-troop-log/
  20. [25] Dark Santa, Colchester, Essex 18th December 2021 Who needs Santa's Grotto, when you can visit Emperor Palpatine and Lord Vader! A really great day helping senior imperial management at our seasonal grotto in Colchester today, raising funds for a local hospice. Kids (of all ages) booked slots to speak to Santa... I mean the Emperor, and occasionly turn over rebel spies disguised as their parents [emoji1].
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