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  1. Embrace the sound. You're Movie Accurate
  2. This story again Dad? It was the pre battle before the Rose Parade battle. And you're in the picture. Right there All in good fun Oh Great Leader
  3. Some photo's would help get you some advice I'm sure. Let's see the problem.
  4. With Velcro there's no assurance that it will be in same place each time its used. With elastic and snaps everything goes together precisely each time you suit up. Also a benefit of the elastic is when you need to stretch down to the lower high fives. I too use double snaps where it's needed. I like to use 2" nylon squares to hold snap bases. The nylon can conform nicely to uneven armor pcs. And the webbing is a good tooth for the E-6000 to grab. No clamping is needed. Just check pads after an hour and make sure everything hasn't shifted and corners are not curling. After that let it fully harden. I've never had one give.
  5. Welcome to the FISD Rob! I'll echo what Glen said. Follow some ATA build threads. Check out some Members Centurion approved ATA suits for visual inspiration. And our Gallery has a great post from Locitus of one of the original suits. The photo's have great info on construction and sizes of everything taken with calipers. They helped me and will help you! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  6. Looking good so far. I believe you have the outside bicep pcs. wrong. The outer marked left is the right one. With Walt's kit the right bicep is pretty much round but the left is more oval then round. A water bath later will help round it out. Keep up the great work Future Trooper!
  7. Congratulations! Welcome to the 501st! Have fun out there!
  8. Welcome to the FISD! Teresa makes great neckseals. You won't be disappointed. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  9. Welcome to the FISD Justin!
  10. Yah! Peer Pressure!
  11. Put that charcoal powder on that armor now and get out there in EIB with all the others! Don't make me pull this ship over to the side of the road Mister! All seriously now You can wipe it off later. I swear. March to 1000? Come on big guy!! Enough peer pressure yet? Do it!
  12. Congratulations Shawn! Welcome to the 501st!
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