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  1. Welcome to the FISD Yannick! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  2. Welcome to the FISD Tim Good Luck Future Trooper!
  3. Welcome to the FISD James! Great choice going with the HWT! It's really a ANH stunt with accessories. So you can switch between the two for trooping. This is kinda an expensive hobby but the investment pays off in smiles and great memories for fans of all ages. I would guess I have between $1500.00-1700.00 into mine. Sounds like a lot but broken down in chunks it isn't bad. The biggest chunk is the armor. Have a look at the Vetted sellers list and go from there. Good luck Future Trooper!
  4. Welcome to the FISD! Research is the key to a good set of armor. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  5. Congratulations! Chatty Cathy JK. You are an asset to FISD! A big asset
  6. Those look so close I wouldn't worry about it. I'd recommend wiping that pencil off and go have fun chasing Rebels and EIB certification
  7. I've come to the conclusion a long, long time ago. Glen is a MACHINE! A real "Trooper helping Troopers" to the Max!
  8. Looking great! Good Luck with your application! Great to see more Commanders climbing the Ranks!
  9. Also the Starkiller version for TKC Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
  10. Welcome to the FISD Garrett! There's surprisingly a lot of information about TK's you never knew. Take your time and so some looking. Research is the key. Picking the right suit that fits you and your budget is the goal. Honestly it's not a cheap hobby. But the smile payback is huge. Any questions just ask. We're All here to help. Good Luck Future Trooper!
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