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  1. Welcome to the FISD! Have fun looking around. Just don't miss your flight.
  2. Congratulations Andrea! Looking Sharp! Have fun out there!
  3. Welcome to the FISD! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  4. Plenty of TK's in Massachusetts. Just no body's in them. Cough, Cough
  5. Those look fine to me. Color isn't that bad. Go have fun.
  6. Looking foward to seeing your build thread. Here and on the NEG forum. Lot's of help here from everyone. And locally feel free to hit me with any questions. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  7. Wow! That is some research! Bummer about the pan lead for you. Shows how times and parts change quickly nowadays. It's been 5 yrs. So..... For my radio knobs I used 1 gallon plastic jug caps. Free with beverage. Perfect size and ridges around the edge. IIRC I thought it was shown that the arched paneled box is angled. As for the pack you highlighted, yeah. Um things were loose and got loose back then. But we tight now. For the record. The no video monitors add is because of me. It's in my radio. Check my EIB application. Can't even tell it's a screen when off. Good Luck!
  8. Congratulations! Looking sharp! Have fun out there!
  9. You should do great with RS. You've done your research. And it's your choice to make not ours. With your size any kit can work. In regards to your ESB add on in the future. A thing to consider is plastic will age and you wouldn't want to have a bright white helmet and some aged armor below it. Also I'm your local Attache for FISD. So I look foward to your build here and on the NEG forums. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  10. Welcome to the FISD Jacob! Definitely sign up with your local Garrison. They will give you some good hands on help. I also recommend helping wrangle some events with them. Especially if FOTK's will be there. You can get some advice ask questions and see what goes into putting those smiles on them faces. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  11. Welcome to the FISD! Great to see another Force Unleashed Trooper coming up! You have 3 makers to choose from CFO, TM and WTF all make a kit you can use. I used WTF for my commander. His back plate is already connected and he even had a 5 button ab plate pc. so I didn't have to make one. CFO and TM make outstanding kits. I just went with WTF for the fact I can pick up in person. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  12. Great plan of attack Soldier Good to see another in the making. Don't give up on that oil pan you want. Bummer Bavarian closed. I have that pan from them. To help you search look up BMW oil drain pan. That's what my old receipt says its for. Also go for the angled box front. I did it. And the actual game one is angled. It got me to Centurion #5. Good Luck Future Heavy!
  13. Congratulations! Great shot Kid! Don't get cocky! Have fun out there!
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