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  1. Your new revisions look great. The clips for tube are definitely different. But look cool. Just paint the screw heads before going into battle Only thing I noticed is your tube strap model has 7 ridges. The game model and I believe CRL has 5. Looking foward to seeing you finish this up. More HWT's the better
  2. Just one washer on the inside. Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
  3. You're doing a great job so far. For the rivets go the other direction and let the nub sit on the inside. I'd also recommend a rivet washer for the backside. More coverage for holding the better. Keep up the good work and we'll keep following along. You're getting there!
  4. TrooperBay is MTK! This isn't new news. Except for Joseph Just kidding Buddy Spoiler alert: He's also the only vetted dealer who actually sells on Ebay
  5. Welcome to the FISD Dan! Great story. Everyone starts small It gets addictive. But a great kind of addictive. Especially the helping out parts. Enjoy your journey! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  6. Welcome to the FISD Andrei! Research is the key. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  7. Nothing like BBB day! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  8. Welcome to the FISD Derek! Sounds like your getting there. Gladly ask any questions. Plenty of help here to get you there. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  9. Welcome to the FISD Carter! You're looking pretty good there. From the few pictures you have I see you could pull your bells in some at the top would tighten up the gap. It looks like you have the rivets on the kidney on the right. The two rows go on the left side of kidney and ab. The other photo I'm not sure if that's the Han snap sneaking out under chestplate. If that is indeed the snap that goes on the right side of ab near corner. Your thigh ammo pack could use a little lift in front to make it look much better. Overall you did a great job. We look forward to you joining in a couple of years. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  10. Nothing like BBB day! Good Luck Future Trooper!
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