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  1. magni

    Shimbo’s WTF ANH stunt WIP

    Congratulations! Welcome to the 501st! Sent from my LGMS631 using Tapatalk
  2. magni

    Stuartm343 - Requesting Pre-Approval

    Nice clean build. I see an approval in your Future, Trooper
  3. Welcome to the FISD! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  4. magni

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Looking at your thigh photo it appears to be cut for butt joint. The ridge needed for overlap has been trimmed down to much already.
  5. magni

    New Trooper

    Welcome to the FISD! Great research so far! Good Luck Future Trooper!
  6. Great job so far! Helmets coming along nicely! When I started I did the painted Chelsea boots. Movie accurate and a complete pain in the bantha. After a couple troops they looked dingy and already showed wear. New boots were needed. I bought my first pair from IB and I never would look anywhere else. They wrap around your ankle snug. Which helps big time for shin creep!. TK's looked great but like Chelsea have a larger ankle opening. You won't be disappointed with IB. Like Joseph said, order in wave and shipping is quick. Ordering one size larger is a must. Your 10.5 is a tough call for you. 11's would fit but how much room and 12"s might be to loose. Decisions, Decisions Good advice is grab your boots and undersuit now. They're essential in the sizing /fitting aspect of it. Keep up the good work!
  7. Great job on your build! Easy approval Trooper!
  8. I'm wearing the game version in top photo. As well as white drop boxes to counter grey one's in photo next to belt description. If that helps any. Great job all the way around tightening up the TKC CRL.
  9. Congratulations on your first troop! First of many I'm sure! I'll save you a chair at next TA meeting Have Fun out there!
  10. magni

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia

    Welcome to the FISD Esther! AP is a nice set of armor. For some good reference you could check out build threads and Centurion submissions with (AP) in the title. You can see how it will look completed. Once you get your set be sure to start a build thread. There you can show all your hard work and post any questions that come up. Good Luck Future Trooper!
  11. That came out killer! You should totally apply! Weathering came out sweet. With those skills join and slide a sandy under that backpack. The MEPD could always use more Backup! Either way congrats on a nice set of armor!
  12. magni

    AM 2.0 HWT & ANH Stunt build

    Glad to hear and see your progress! Keep it up Future Trooper!
  13. magni

    Zippiesdrainage requesting pre-approval

    I agree. Overall you're mostly there. The shoulders need some attention to get them to line up properly and most of all reliably. We raise and lower our arms a lot and if your bell keeps shifting around you're quickly gonna become an unhappy trooper. Get that belt up and secured where it belongs should solve that bit. You need to get that butt-ab strap in there to fix your back screen door Once you sort that stuff out post some new photo's from head to toe. Maybe against a neutral wall. You're almost ready to miss your target Trooper!
  14. magni

    NoZoupForYou’s Stunt TK Build (Anovos)

    You have your kidney upside down The notch goes on the bottom. Carry on
  15. magni

    Terry TK2135 - 2018 TKC Build Thread

    Getting there!