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  1. Welcome ditch brother, great kit to start with. There are lots of build threads so measure twice cut once and start a build thread. Also remember ask lots of questions on here and with outpost 42.
  2. Hey, great effort with the kit, look after it and it will last years of trooping, with the ear try mixing some ABS paste with your scraps and acetone, you won’t need much ABS as it’s a small hole, take the ear off glue a small piece of abs behind then fill from the front, once it’s dry drill the new hole. Try it on a scrap piece first. Keep up the good job you are almost there.
  3. The emperor is proud of you and looks forward to seeing you in the ranks of the glorious empire!
  4. Welcome, doesn’t really matter what country in relation to shipping both the US and UK are almost the same at the moment. Depending on on what maker you go with will depend on budget plus what material you want to use being ABS or fibreglass, size of the kit as some makers do make larger kits. I would look at the newly approved members section that gives you an idea of the kits out there being used.
  5. New members always welcome, check out the Costume reference library (CRL) for ANH and ESB stormtroopers it might help too. Some makers only supply certain kits and some supply both. Do all the research I.e. material used, size of kit, what you will need to complete the kit, soft goods and most of all price. if you have any questions please post them up.
  6. You have a good looking kit there, very good comments above, follow them up and you will be good to go, with the RS abs some troopers find it best to use a small piece of abs to reinforce the strength around the screws, there’s no requirement for it but it helps protect your investment long term. Basically cut a small piece the length and width of the bracket then drill the holes and remount the attachment. Good luck and hope to see troop photos soon.
  7. Well done trooper, the empire looks forward to your service.
  8. Hi there, welcome to the FISD, take your time make sure your research other builds and remember once you cut it off it cannot be put back so trim carefully.
  9. (2) Supanova 2021 Sydney 19/20 June, my helper put my knees on upside, they were fixed after the photo. http://
  10. Good looking kit Adam, if you find that you are getting armour pinch in the rear end between the thigh and butt plate when you walk just add a piece of 3mm Eva foam down your skins/tights before putting the armour on to help stop the pinch.
  11. Thanks lads, was a difficult troop and I will sort this dressing issues out.
  12. Congratulations and well done on awesome looking kit, you will do the empire and detachment proud!
  13. Welcome to the finest detachment in the legion!
  14. Just to make one comment and it’s just what I get the guys here to do is remove the printing on the thermal detonator, make sure you have someone with experience help with kitting up a few times and especially for photos.
  15. Kit looks fantastic especially since you changed the butt plate gap well done and best wishes for approval. I can’t remember if glen made comment but make sure you have someone help with positioning the armour when taking photos. after we start moving around everything changes and shifts but for approval photos we have a chance of getting great photos.
  16. Welcome to the best detachment in the legion, the emperor is proud of your efforts.
  17. (1) Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick May the 4th Celebrations 2021 http://
  18. Hey Welcome fellow Aussie, the empire can always do with more presence down under.
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