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  1. Hello and Welcome to FISD. I only knew Roswell from movie, tv series,
  2. Hello and Welcome to FISD. Hope you can start your build thread, one of candidate in my garrison want to build R1 TK too, maybe he can learn from your buld.
  3. Ok, get it. Thank you guys for the explaination.
  4. Yep. For long hours event, sometimes I wear my other costumes too. (fortunetly I'm not multi club member) For that reason, this is my standard form for my personal trooper log. #000 ---> troop number Date : __________ Event :___________ Day # ---> for multi days event Location : __________ Charity Partner : ___________ (if any) Costumes: - TK (ANH), Trooping Duration : _________ - Other costumes (if any), Trooping Duration : _________ Minder/helper: Duration : _________ Notes : __________ ---> kudos or something importatnt to remember
  5. What happens to your Centurion status when you sell your costume or leave the legion (retired)? I can find policy for EIB, but cannot find for Centurion. If anyone can help me, cause one of my garrison member just retired and his costume already sold off. (he is EIB and Centurion)
  6. I love this, more motivation for trooping with our TKs costume. Also good for our personal data records. Here in my Garrison kind of different, we count troop per event. So if one day we troop more than 1 event will count as more than 1 troop. Also counts each day of a multi-day event as a separate troop. Can We backlog our troop log? If not allowed., when is the starting date for our troop log? thank you.
  7. aww I missed this thread. Hello and Welcome to FISD Aria. Selamat bergabung. Thats local made bucket from Indonesia. I know its easier to get for the local, but if you want to apply submission for join 501st Legion many things that must be adjusted and fix if you purchase that helmet. IMHO better you purchase assembly or kit that already meet standard 501st Legion 's CRL. Lets talk and I will assist you.
  8. Hello and Welcome to FISD. I think RS Props kit its great for you to build. Good to hear you did the research, you will keep continue doing the research for the higher lever then.
  9. Hello and Welcome to FISD. Cautionary note for those who use PLA to 3D print their blasters. One of my garrison member's blaster was displayed on a wall with no direct sunlight. It crumbled like soft biscuits after about two years. He suspect humidity caused this breakdown of material. I think PLA material only best for mae the base mould.
  10. Hello and Welcome to FISD. Good luck with your build. Just keep remember, make sure with your measurement before you cut the ABS.
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