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  1. Hello and Welcome to FISD. I think RS Props kit its great for you to build. Good to hear you did the research, you will keep continue doing the research for the higher lever then.
  2. Hello and Welcome to FISD. Cautionary note for those who use PLA to 3D print their blasters. One of my garrison member's blaster was displayed on a wall with no direct sunlight. It crumbled like soft biscuits after about two years. He suspect humidity caused this breakdown of material. I think PLA material only best for mae the base mould.
  3. Hello and Welcome to FISD. Good luck with your build. Just keep remember, make sure with your measurement before you cut the ABS.
  4. Hello Liam, Welcome to FISD. Looking forward your TK Build.
  5. Hello and Welcome to FISD. Also make sure his armor version before you buy new TK bucket (ANH Stunt/Hero or ESB or ROTJ)
  6. Hello and Welcome to FISD Marcel. We are here to help. Let us know your plan.
  7. Congratulations, welcome to the ranks. Happy trooping (soon I hope)
  8. Hello and Welcome Back to FISD
  9. Hello and Welcome to FISD. My kit also from ATA. Years gone by, yellowing now.
  10. Hello and welcome to FISD
  11. Hello and Welcome to FISD. Good choice with RS Propmasters, if you commission for assembly costume, remember to try and fitting first, sometimes need more adjustment to fit in you.
  12. Welcome back Emma, Looking forward your build, good luck
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