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  1. Thanks Glen, I was studying yours closely before weathering mine. Will have another crack this weekend and darker it up some more [emoji106]
  2. It actually looks a bit more weathered in the flesh than in the pics, but also while I've seen both extremes I didn't want to go 'too' far. (Would prefer it on the heavier side though )
  3. Hi again all, Been a while since I've been able to work on this. I've redone the blue tube stripes, given it a clear coat of semi gloss lacquer to try and make it closer to my armour, and given it a light-ish dusting of charcoal powder. All feedback gratefully received
  4. I know that RWA sell seperate parts and not only full kits, but, as Glen said, contact the suppliers and see what they say. All the best with your build
  5. Feedback 'shouldn't' be an issue as the mic is unlikely to hear what's coming out of the buds. Loving the idea.
  6. Thanks Joseph I knee I was going to mess up those tube stripes! Easy enough to strip and redo. I'll check the screw alignment with the traps when I get home. Hopefully enough wiggle room if I loosen the screws to get them lined up.
  7. Could you guys please take a look at these pics to make sure you're happy with the painting all the way up to level 3. I know it needs weathering, but I can do that over the clear coat. The abs is not as shiny (RWA had supply issues) so I'm going to spray with clear semi-gloss, but once done these details will be sealed. Thanks, Rich
  8. You never learn if everything goes right first time. It'll be amazing when it's finished [emoji106]
  9. Here's the link where Tony first mentions 'noisy power' from usb power banks. It then goes on to talk about filter circuits, and I believe Tony ended up fitting a version of the filter to his product. You may be able to reproduce the filter from info in the linked thread, or contact Tony for help. Although it's nice to have everything powered from the same battery I'm happy having a power bank for my fans and a 9v battery powering my velleman (via a small dc voltage convertor)
  10. Tony (ukswrath) has said with his kits (which are very similar) that usb power banks are going to cause problems like this. I think he said it was because of internally circuitry (I'll try and find the link to his post)
  11. [29] Family Concert: Villains, Thieves and Gangsters. Nottingham Royal Concert Hall, UK 29th Jan 2022 A really great start to the year. The Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra performed a really wide variety of music based on the title theme: from Don Giovanni to Wicked (the musical), with of course the Imperial March (wait, are they calling us villains!!!). We had a large turnout for an event of this type, with a tie pilot as a substitute Vader (according to at least one conversation I overheard). Really good to see each other after the Xmas break. The night was made extra special for me as it was the first time my parents have been to a 501st attended event, and to say my mom was excited is an understatement [emoji4] Smiles all round.
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