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  1. Hi CJ and welcome to the FISD! Good luck with your build. Enjoy it!
  2. Amazing newsletter! What a great moment for the FISD!
  3. As Mark has said Nick, Jedi Robe should be a no go. They are recasters and their sets are very inaccurate which would require a ton of work to gain 501st approval. You would be spending a lot of money and time on a Jedi Robe. Out of the suits you have mentioned RS Props would be the best option. Or check out the vetted armor list and contact a few of the vendors. Some of them offer built suits as well. They just don't have the websites that you are looking at so far.
  4. I am loving the back of this coin. Did he hear me say in staff area that I think we should put tube stripes somewhere on the coin? Pretty much looks like there are on the sides lol. Very nice job.
  5. Greg thank you for jumping in on the competition right away and showing us your amazing ideas. There are some other great ideas that have been suggested so far. However, instead of attempting to change Greg's design how about taking some of the ideas mentioned and submitting new designs? I'm sure Greg could play around with his designs if he so chooses based upon recommendations but for the purposes of a competition it would be nice to see other submitted designs as well.
  6. Hi Rob and welcome to the FISD! Where in NY are you located? What are your plans?
  7. Hi Alejandro and welcome to the FISD!
  8. Well it just so happens that I guess I would be his "armorer" LOL. There is certainly no better place then here! And yes unfortunately we haven't had any in person armor parties in a few years.
  9. Hi Cory welcome to the FISD. So I am Steve and I just commented on your post over on the Empire City Garrison forum. I'm glad you found it here. Everyone here will be extremely helpful with your build.
  10. Hi DJ and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your purchase. As you said I have numerous 501st approved costumes currently and my TK is my go to and what I feel most comfortable in. You will love it! Also, don't forget to request 501st status here: Good Luck!
  11. Hi Mike and we are glad you made it back. Good luck with your approval!
  12. I certainly cannot wait to see everyone in the trading post! These are all new and exciting areas of our forum! Make sure everyone comes and checks them out!
  13. The FISD Membership has Spoken! Please join me in congratulating Andrew Franke as the FISDs Detachment Leader for another term! Congrats Andrew!!
  14. Long story short, MTK is based off of CAP and there is a long story about who had the rights to cast their kit off of CAP. The info is that MTK did not have those rights so that is why it won’t be added to the list. I fought for it years ago but was not able to get it added. However, the kit is very nice and well worth the price. So if you are interested in it then don’t hesitate to buy it.
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