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  1. Long story short, MTK is based off of CAP and there is a long story about who had the rights to cast their kit off of CAP. The info is that MTK did not have those rights so that is why it won’t be added to the list. I fought for it years ago but was not able to get it added. However, the kit is very nice and well worth the price. So if you are interested in it then don’t hesitate to buy it.
  2. Ok settle down fellas. Chris is offering a very specific product. It is a replica of an E-11 that is very detailed made out of metal parts. Hence the cost. Whoever is in the market needs to first figure out what they are after. Do you want a highly detailed replica of an E-11 which in turn comes with a high cost? Or do you want an E-11 that you can be more rough with and have it lighter to be more comfortable to troop with at a lower price point? This hobby has all types of extremes and everyone would need to figure out what their end goal is. When I first started I bought
  3. Hi Victor and welcome to the FISD! As Glen has mentioned the TX is almost identical to a TK so you can find all of the info you are looking for here as well. You and your brother should start a build thread so members can follow along and offer assistance if needed. Good luck with your build.
  4. You got it Daniel! @SyntaxerrorRichard - please be aware that your build thread is now in the ANH Build section.
  5. Hey there and welcome to the FISD! Enjoy your time here and have fun!
  6. Thanks for your service Daniel. Take care of yourself and I’m sure we will see you around the forums.
  7. Unbelievable Glen! Thank you for everything you do and for everything you HAVE done for our membership. You have been a staple of this detachment since my first day here. You were amazing back then and are still amazing. I admire your stamina. You don’t ever slow down. Cheers Glen!
  8. Congratulations Dennis! Welcome to the FISD!
  9. Well in my opinion a big factor is money. If you have the money to buy another set then i would seriously consider it. But I have no doubt that you would be able to make your current set work if you needed to. Maybe test the waters and try and sell first.
  10. Hi Quinn and welcome to the FISD! I hope everything went well with your surgeries and you are happy and healthy. Good luck with your build!
  11. Lets go troopers! We are all here for you and we can easily meet this goal!
  12. Hi Marc and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your armor purchase and I hope it is everything you have ever dreamed of. Yes this can be a very expensive hobby. Just wait. Most people start off with one costume and then start adding many more into their closet! It can be addicting. Have fun!
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