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  1. Congrats Andres. You made nice fixes to your armor and you look great. We always love having more TKs in the ECG. I can't wait to see your Tie costume get finished as well.
  2. I am interested in FISD patches for trade if u still have any thanks

  3. Well hello Mark. I just saw your post on the ECG forums and here you are on the FISD. As you can see the folks here have started you on the right path. Like my buddy Dan has mentioned, the best thing to do now while you are waiting is research. I know Dan probably won’t mention it but there are a lot of great videos on YouTube from this guy named CableGuy. Check it out. Also some other informative videos can be located on trooperbay.com. Research is key at this point. Time to study up.
  4. Hi Josiah and welcome to the FISD! So yeah RS is one of the best sets of armor you can buy. What you will need to make sure of is that since you are getting it commissioned is that it fits you correctly. The ECG GML is a real stickler (me). Is the undersuit, neck seal and boots included in the kit? If not then you will need to purchase them. I did receive your email I just haven’t had a chance to respond yet. I apologize for that. Also, head over to our ecg forums to introduce yourself as well. www.forum.501ecg.com. Let us know if you have any other questions.
  5. Spoke to his CO directly. Confirmed he is active with a TK costume. Moved him to detachment member.
  6. Hi Sean and welcome to the FISD! So you can’t go wrong with a RS suit. It is certainly top notch. You have done a nice job with your armor. There is one thing that is standing out to me that could be an issue for approval. That is the two rivets/screws at the top of your ab plate. Generally those should be added on to the return edge of the armor so they are not as visible. I’m not sure how your GML will view it but if I was reviewing your app for my garrison I would unfortunately not pass it. If your GML doesn’t then you will need to remove those and fill the holes in with ABS paste and then sand it smooth. There are a couple of tutorials here on the forum on how to do it. I would also recommend that you add a couple more pieces of elastic connecting your chest plate and ab plate. That will help with the gap you are getting there and keep it closed better. Otherwise I think everything else would be fine for basic approval
  7. Hi Bart and welcome to the FISD! I am so deeply sorry to hear about your wife. I couldn't imagine how hard this was for you over the years. But thank you for joining up here and for your interest in the FISD and the 501st legion. Please take a look around the getting started threads. There is a ton of information to get you off the ground running. Essentially the first thing you need to do is figure out what set of armor you are interested in. Original Trilogy stormtrooper (OTTK)? A First Order stormtrooper (FOTK)? Then any of the offshoots like an Incinerator trooper, heavy weapons trooper, etc. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask here on the forums. There are a ton of knowledgeable troopers here.
  8. Hey Cory. So it sucks that happened with your colors. Unfortunately putting on my ECG GML hat here I would have to say I would not approve that much of a color difference. I have never heard of the tea trick. Give it a shot. What’s the worse that can happen? Other try another vendor like MTK or AP? I used To have a MTK kit and I had a troopermaster helmet. The colors were very similar. You could always try TM too. Ask who has more of a cream white color as opposed to bright white.
  9. The 501st Nomination period has ended. Please join me in congratulating Andrew Franke @Sly11 as the FISDs Detachment Leader for another term! Congrats Andrew!!
  10. Dave is a great guy with great service. He offers AM kits which are generally geared toward the trooper with more girth. However it can be sized down to a more slender trooper. You can’t go wrong if this is what your looking for.
  11. Damn. Just how sad. Terrible terrible news.
  12. This is an extremely sad time for the FISD family. My thoughts and prayers to those of you who Terrell had an amazing impact on in your lives. His contribution to this hobby and the legion will go down in history. He was way too young. Buckets off to his family during this difficult time.
  13. Hello there Nicolas. So you are saying that you have been approved with armor from Jedi Robe with only those two modifications?
  14. Hi Mike and welcome to the FISD! I was just visiting Bar Harbor and Ogunquit this past week. Beautiful up there along the coast. There are many helpful members around here with a bunch of knowledge on Phasma. Enjoy the build!
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