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  1. starsaber25

    TK-12820 reporting for duty!

    Hi Ian and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your approval! Now the real fun begins when you get to go out there and troop. It is a lot of fun and a very rewarding experience. Head over to this thread so you can request 501st/Detachment access. Have fun! https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/16-501st-trooper-status-requests-include-link-to-your-501st-profile-in-your-request/
  2. starsaber25

    Is the following armor accepted

  3. starsaber25


    Congrats on your BBB day! AM is a nice set of armor. FYI your pictures are hard to see. If you are planning on doing a build thread then I recommend checking out this thread: https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/42381-howto-post-images-in-threads-using-imgur-easy/ It will certainly make it easier for us to assist you in your build. Congrats again
  4. starsaber25

    Need Sandtrooper Help

    Kevin we have split your discussion off into your own thread. This is now your thread. Well Kevin unfortunately this is a very expensive hobby. Most of us spend well over $1000 on our stormtrooper armor from start to finish. Building this armor can sometimes be not an easy task but you most certainly need the right tools to do the job. I would try your best to play nice with the UKG because it will be extremely difficult for someone from another garrison to help you when they could be thousands of miles away from you. My suggestion is, is to post some pictures of where you are at with your build so we can inspect it.
  5. Kevin- I sent you a PM earlier with some helpful information on how to get the assistance you are looking for. You have to get in touch with the UK Garrison if you are looking for hands on help. Please refrain from posting in this thread and create your own in the build area. Thank you
  6. Kevin I sent you a PM. I will be hiding this last post because we do not want to have your address out there. That can be a dangerous thing.
  7. Hi Kevin. I'm not sure if you are aware or not but this thread was a New Member thread by Bryce introducing himself to the FISD. He was asking for help from Rochester NY. If you are are looking for assistance it appears that you are in the UK. I would reach out to the UK Garrison to see if there is anyone around you that can give you a hand. I'm not sure if you will get the answers you are looking for by posting in a New Member area. Maybe you could also start your own thread in the Hard Armor section of the forum.
  8. Yeah Rodney! Congrats and welcome to EIB!
  9. starsaber25

    Hey! from the Carolina Garrison!

    Hi Taylor and welcome to the FISD!
  10. starsaber25

    Inferno Squad

    Yeah Tim not surprised about JRS. Their forum has little action. Have you tried Spec Ops? I’m not sure which inferno squad costume you are building but I know Del Meeko is covered over there. Anyway, you certainly have some high ambitions. What are your reasons for 3d printing this as opposed to buying a kit? Are you interested in doing the work and making it start to finish?
  11. Hi Nolan and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your approval!
  12. starsaber25

    Reporting for Duty

    Hi Ron and welcome to the FISD! Congrats on your approval!
  13. starsaber25

    Is the following armor accepted

    Good luck Frank! Hope it’s legit. That would be awesome.
  14. Congrats Chris and welcome to EIB!
  15. starsaber25


    Hello and welcome to the FISD!