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  1. Yes, definitely come over to the clone trooper detachment, and check out the animated clone section [emoji1687]
  2. On the 501st.com website, click Contact us, it will open a new page & then click on the New Member Application Form.
  3. You will need to resubmit approval photos of you wearing the costume. Send the required photos to your local Garrisons GML. Also on the 501st.com website, submit your membership request.
  4. Welcome to the forums. Your boys may be interested in joining the Galactic Academy. www.galactic-academy.net
  5. Can’t wait for the trailer to drop
  6. We are 9° with a Southerly blowing [emoji3063] Playing rugby in a few hours, not looking forward to it [emoji23]
  7. Is that a Rogue One TK? As the boots are FOTK boots...
  8. Hi Kevin, Where abouts in Aotearoa do you hail? I’m in Wellington. Which TK variant are you looking to start with? Cheers, Phil
  9. I would trim an arch on the front of each shin, so that the shin sits closer to your boot.
  10. Make sure you are wearing your boots when sizing the shins.
  11. You could possibly remove the additional pieces, and replace them with longer side pieces that under lap both the kidney plate & the abdomen plate. Make the side pieces long enough, so that the abdomen plate overlaps the side pieces by 2-3” both sides. Glue the longer additional pieces to the kidney plate. Bend a curve in the longer side pieces so that they wrap around you torso. Then the abdomen plate sits over the side pieces.
  12. Tarragon

    Sandy bucket

    Do you use Tapatalk? You can chose the file size you want to upload [emoji1417]
  13. Thanks Glen for sharing this footage with us. Chur bro
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