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  1. Welcome & congratulations on your TK approval
  2. Yeah, I see there are members on here still waiting for their kit orders 🥲
  3. Hi Aiden, Which Garrison are you involved with? I’ve been building clone troopers since 2008 & recommend contacting your local garrisons Clone Trooper Detachment members. As the FOTK kit is assembled similar to the internal cover strips & butt joins we use on the AOTC & ROTS realistic version clone troopers. I’m sure my clone brothers would be more than happy to assist you with your build [emoji1687] Im based in New Zealand if you need any remote support [emoji1417] Cheers, Phil aka KiwiCaptainRex
  4. I have a couple of the original Anovos FOTzk buckets & they came with a foam padded doughnut, that has Velcro swatches that hold the doughnut in place. I’m not sure how well the doughnut would work on the lighter (weight) injection moulded bucket. I can take photos possibly tomorrow if you want.
  5. Hi guys, I was one of the 75 legion members that signed up for the alpha set of FOTK run for Celebration Anaheim 2015. Unfortunately I didn’t receive the kit in time for Celebration Anaheim, and there was a delay in receiving the kit. In the interim, another member who did receive the kit, opted to sell his partially assembled kit. I was lucky enough to be in a position to buy that kit. I finally got around to assembling & completing the kit in December 2019 & submitted approval photos. I was knocked back on a couple of minor issues, and it took another 12 months until I wore the costume again with the alterations completed. In my haste to change into another costume, I forgot to get new approval photos taken. At Wellington Armageddon Expo 2021, I wore the costume & remembered to get the required approval photos, and submitted them to my GML. After 6 years, I can say this alpha kit is completed [emoji23] TK-6407 Ps, I did receive the original kit I ordered. It’s still sitting in the multiple boxes it arrived in [emoji3061]
  6. TK-6407 requesting 501st & Detachment access, Outpost 42 New Zealand Garrison https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=10275
  7. Congrats & best wishes for EIB & Centurian approval [emoji1687]
  8. I’d raise your butt plate & kidney plate, as the belt looks to be half way up your kidney plate. Lower your back plate to close the gap between it & your kidney plate. Right thigh looks like it needs to be raised to match your left thigh. This will increase the gap between thigh & shin at the knee.
  9. Yes, definitely come over to the clone trooper detachment, and check out the animated clone section [emoji1687]
  10. On the 501st.com website, click Contact us, it will open a new page & then click on the New Member Application Form.
  11. You will need to resubmit approval photos of you wearing the costume. Send the required photos to your local Garrisons GML. Also on the 501st.com website, submit your membership request.
  12. Welcome to the forums. Your boys may be interested in joining the Galactic Academy. www.galactic-academy.net
  13. Can’t wait for the trailer to drop
  14. We are 9° with a Southerly blowing [emoji3063] Playing rugby in a few hours, not looking forward to it [emoji23]
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