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TK-51337 requesting First Order Stormtrooper (The Last Jedi) EIB Status (ANOVOS) (1000)


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Armor: ANOVOS TFA beta kit

  • Chestplate seam mod (wings cutted and reassembled)
  • Chestplate chestslot mod (cutted and reworked)
  • Biceps detail mod (3 step stairs)
  • Shoulder bracket mod (àla Ukswrath)
  • accurate fabric behind detail holes
  • replaced front Belt Boxes with resin Belt Boxes (made by R2Dan)
  • replaced Handguards with resin Handguards (made by R2Dan)
  • reworked Forearm detail holes

Helmet: ANOVOS TLJ Standard Line
Gaskets: ANOVOS
Belt: Belts of The First Order

Belt Pouches: custom made (by TK-72216)

Holster: working metal holster (made by R2Dan)

Undersuit: shiny pants and black top from Amazon

Neckseal: custom made (by TK-72216)
Boots: Imperial Boots

Gloves: Endor Finders
F-11D Blaster: 3D Printed (files by The5thHorseman)

Name: Sebastian Schlump
Height: 187cm (6‘2“) 
Weight: 81kg (179 lbs)
TKID: 51337

Garrison: German Garrison


Basic Approval: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymember.php?userID=20276&costumeID=408


Basic Shots (Guideline Points 1-5):



Chest (Guideline Points 6-10):



Detonator (Guideline Points 11-13):



Shoulders (Guideline Points 14):



Biceps (Guideline Points 15):



Forearms (Guideline Points 16-18):



Abdomen (Guideline Points 19-21):



Cod (Guideline Points 22):



Posterior (Guideline Points 23):



Thighs (Guideline Points 24):



Shins (Guideline Points 25):



Ankle Spats (Guideline Points 26):



Helmet Details (Guideline Points 27-30):



Neckseal (Guideline Points 31):



Undergarments (Guideline Points 32):



Shoulder Gaskets (Guideline Points 33):



Knee Gaskets (Guideline Points 34):



Gloves (Guideline Points 35-36):



Belt (Guideline Points 37-38):



Boots (Guideline Points 39):



Blaster Details (Guideline Points 40-45):



To prevent confusion:

We (Sebastian TK-51337, Daniela TK-72216 and Richard TK-40193) built our stormtroopers together last year - the local Rise of Skywalker premiere was our first troop as FOTKs. In January we submitted our armors for basic approval and passed it.


We then decided to update the few parts that we hadn't initially built to the Level 2 and Level 3 standards and are now appliying for the next levels of approvement. Since we built the armors together almost every mechanism, closure method and solution to strapping problems is the same - there are small individual differences but nothing major.


We took our new approvement photos before a green screen in our living room with a set up to lights over a couple of days so lighting and background should be consistent in all three of our applications.


Thank you very much for your time!

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change hoster to IMGUR
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Hi Sebastian, thank you for your EIB app.


One of us will be with you shortly, meanwhile It will be needed to update the posted photos according to the EIB Photo check list requirement so we can see more in detail your armor.



Photo size At least 800 X 600 (preferably 1280 X 960)



Thank you.  :salute:




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Hey Mario, thanks for the fast feedback. I've changed the resolution of all pictures (i had problems with IMGUR, so it was the first time using postimage, sorry for that!). I will change the resolution for Dani's Pictures as well.

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17 minutes ago, Shimo said:

(i had problems with IMGUR, so it was the first time using postimage, sorry for that!). I will change the resolution for Dani's Pictures as well.

Thanks, what we need you to do is to change to  the more resolution image , as follows:











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Hi @Shimo, it makes the reviews a lot easier for us if you paste direct links to the larger sized images instead of us having to click through on each image to see it larger. Can you update your (and Dani's) applications with the larger photos? You can click into each photo, and right-click and select 'Copy image address' (probably slightly different language on different Browsers) and then paste that URL.



For example, for your chest armor image:





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Nice work there is some difference in the forearms from TFA to TLJ which you may want to address



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@TKSpartan & @shashachu

problems which i had last night with IMGUR are gone, i reuploaded all pictures again - i think it should be right now ^^;


Did the same for Dani too :rolleyes:


Thanks for the Feedback!

Edited by Shimo
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6 hours ago, Shimo said:

@TKSpartan & @shashachu

problems which i had last night with IMGUR are gone, i reuploaded all pictures again - i think it should be right now ^^;


Did the same for Dani too :rolleyes:


Thanks for the Feedback!

Great Thank you :jc_doublethumbup:

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Hi Sebastian, and thank you for your application for Expert Infantry


Due to the significance of this occasion, and although the entire DO staff combined their efforts to complete this review, they have requested I have the honor of as Detachment Leader to post it up.

It's not every day we welcome the 1000th EI to the ranks, so without further delay, let's get to it.


CRL and EIB Application Requirements

All required photos are now in and, after review, we are pleased to welcome you to EI! On behalf of the entire FISD Staff and myself, congratulations not only on your accomplishment, but for having the honor of being  # 1000:salute:


Other-Armor Fit/Assembly

In this area we review observations made by your fellow troopers and the DO team. Some observations may lead to suggestions to improve the overall look of your armor.  Note that we consider both text (CRL) and pictures (screen caps/reference images) when reviewing submissions.


Overall a really nice set of armor here, brother, and most of the items in this area are simple dressing/strapping issues.


Your bucket seems to be riding a bit high in comparison with most seen onscreen (which sat pretty low).  Not a deal breaker for Level 3 by any means, but if you have excess padding in the top, removing or reducing it will help it ride a bit lower and maybe even help your visibility!  (Joseph)


                                                                             Reference images

 cwxsuxR.jpg?1          9n7TjyN.png?1  uPi5aXs.png?1 


                                                             Reference images (Note how neck seal is barely seen).

 Ap66Bv9.jpg?1           Lh9la8G.png?1  4CPE7aC.png?1


Although you have the correct number of ribs and shiny finish as required, note that the neck-seal should ideally have the zipper closure in the front.  (Joseph)


                                                                                                          Reference images

75LtjWZ.jpg             xW3R0I4.png?1  dKkP8VJ.png?1



Moving down to your arms, we noted that the right forearm goes lower than the left one one creating a symmetry issue. This is a simple dressing issue you may want to check every time when putting on your armor. (Mario)


                                                                                                                                         Reference images


izaUg5h.jpg?1              WsW4s5x.jpg?1



Rotating thighs inwards would avoid the inside seams can be seen, it will also reduce the black area between the thighs and cod as well as move the thigh away from the posterior plate as they appear to be hitting on the rear.  (Mario)

                                                                                                                                                   Reference images


     q8QZFHN.jpg?1                                pEvqtAN.jpg?1     cjwEk19.jpg?1



Looking at your TD from the side, there's a noticeable gap between your TD and the backplate  that you  may want to make some adjustment to reduce it. (Mario)



                                                                                                                             Reference images

               i6wIfmS.jpg?2                fMnGvXC.png    aQyUBP7.jpg?1     IqGNR5U.jpg



It looks as if you may be leaning to the left in your rear photo, which is causing your posterior plate overlap the left thigh.  Although the front photo shows your thighs at a matching height, the rear angle makes the left one look to be sitting higher, causing the gaps between the tops of the calves and bottom of the thighs to seem uneven.  Note the distance between the bottom of the posterior plates and tops of the thighs below.  (Joseph)


                                                                                                                  Reference images

eANvSyb.jpg           M4fJexE.png?1  DJBT7du.png?2  2OsC99h.png?2


We are suggesting trimming your cod to better reflect the angle as seen in TLJ.  Note in the reference images that the bottom part is thinner and actually curves underneath.  (Joseph)


1jz9l02.jpg         SpiHgPT.png?1  xUp8ZTi.png?1  PorkL1U.png?2



Centurion Requirements

In this section we prepare you for Centurion. More photos may be requested in the future that allow us to make better decisions on possible adjustments. If there are any areas of concern they will be discussed here.

Because Centurion photos show much more detail than EIB, items to pertaining to Centurion might be seen there and not here. We try to point out all that we can from what is seen, but the final accuracy is the responsibility of the trooper.


As they say, "The Devil is in the details".  Since every single item can't be listed in the CRLs, we must rely on screen captures and official references when doing reviews.  You certainly nailed many of the finer details of this costume, but there area few that need to be addressed before we can get that Centurion badge under your name.  Some will be easy and some will take some effort, but we have faith that you can do it and make this a truly spectacular set of armor!



Something to be aware of is that the tops of your forearms have a curve (as seen in TFA) rather than a slight angle as seen in TLJ.  (Joseph)


                                                        TFA                                                                                 TLJ    Reference images

BJy7BpS.jpg      rovKKSX.jpg?1            u99AO2r.jpg?1  qvROjln.jpg  ABM3uwu.png  zoQIZw1.jpg



It appears that your TD mount and TD plate are one piece, and although not specifically mentioned in the CRLs (yet) they must be 2 separate components.


                                                                                                                                     Reference images

  FkXZwHp.jpg         1EpRUVd.png  qzTqAV0.png   



You have one fantastic looking blaster there, but unfortunately the rear has the details as seen in TFA.  A rectangular "D-ring" must be present, and both it and the mount need to be white.  (Joseph)

                                                                                                                         Reference images

    nKHDF8x.jpg                IQuSjzO.png  rrKDawU.png  gW1MZsf.png


Another small detail that is missing from your weapon is the presence of a light mount on the barrel also known as  Picatinny (Pic) rail .  You can find it online on several types and sizes   (Joseph)  


                                                                                                                                                    Reference image

zQgZwd8.jpg        AZCTQKN.png      3DbTFWA.jpg?2


And that's it, sir!  You have truly done the Legion, the FISD and the German Garrison proud with this build, and being EI #1000 will give you bragging rights for years!  In addition to this distinction, you will be receiving a FREE 11 inch patch, 2 free March to 1000 pins and a specially designed certificate.  (I will PM you with the details). 


                                             In the mean-time, there are some folks on the Command Staff who would like to say a few words:


 Paul (Daetrin)  FISD Founder-

 " It is with great pleasure that I extend to you the distinction of being the 1000 Expert Infantry award recipient. The first was Scott M. back in 2007, so this has been 13 years in the making.

What an excellent way to complete the first M peritus pedes quinos, so to speak.  Yes, we'll work on a better way to describe you and your cohort in due time".


Congratulations on a job well done, and may you inspire others to follow.


Andrew (Sly11)  Detachment Leader-

  "It's been a lot of hard work from everyone involved to get us to this point and you, Sebastian are officially the 1000th TK to achieve Expert Infantry status.  Congratulations and thank you for taking the steps to improve the accuracy of your armour and pushing to be part of this huge milestone. Well done trooper, it's time to celebrate".


Tim (Dark CMF) Detachment XO-  

"This will be a day long remembered!


Congratulations Sebastian on earning EIB #1000.  Most importantly, thank you for earning EIB #1000.


There are not 1,000 generations of EIBs living in you.  There aren't even 1,000 EIB troopers living in you - but the spirit of FISD, Troopers Helping Troopers, the brotherhood of the TKs of all existing generations - does live in you.


None of the 999 before you made it to EIB on their own.  None who make it in the future will make it on their own.  You will play a role in the journey of each future EIB Awardee.


Remember the excitement that you have felt on this journey thus far.  Deciding to join, ordering the plastic, making that first nervous cut, receiving that email making you official.  Never forget the joy and excitement of those moments.  Everytime you wear your armor, realize that you are sharing that same sense of joy and amazement with our family of Star Wars fans.


Be proud of your accomplishments, but remain humble and anonymous behind that helmet.


Yes, the March to 1,000 has finally come to a joyous and exciting end, and you played a pretty cool part in it - every EIB awardee has - but this moment is indeed yours.  You will be forever linked with this monumental achievement of the FISD.


Thank you.  Thank you to all of you who have joined and will join the ranks of EIB over the years, from the bottom of my shiny white plastic heart".


Mario (TKSpartan)  Deputy DO:salute:

"Congratulations Trooper, Well done. This is not a one man achievement but a Detachment success. There are 999 fellow Trooper behind you and many people backstage helping everyday to make FISD great for all. Go and make the Empire Proud".


Sha Sha (shashachu)  DO

"Congratulations on on a job well done! I find it quite fitting that our 1000th approval was a sequel trilogy trooper. I hope this helps to inspire the next 1000."


Joseph (justjoseph63) DO  "What can I say, Sebastion, except BUCKETS OFF to you...  Gut gemacht, Bruder!! I will PM you re: the swag as well as the special EI certificate.  I would also like to take this time to thank all the DO's that preceded our present team, without whom this would not be possible".  :salute:


Tony (ukswrath)  PRO/FISD Admin

Congratulations Sebastian, it's an honor and privileged to welcome you to Expert Infantry 1000. This is an exciting time for the FISD and the membership. Many of us here have been pushing for this for quite a while and the day has finally come, so awesome :jc_doublethumbup:


As a DO for a few years along side Andrew (SLY11) it was always a pleasure to see the excitement the applicants expressed after receiving the award. Heck I can still remember the anxiousness the welled up inside me waiting for my approval, then the sheer joy of being awarded the EI badge, thanks Gazmosis (DO) btw. Times like this I'll never forget. I hope this moment is just as exciting for you.


The FISD has been my home since 2014. My greatest joy as a member has always been helping others fulfil their journey and dreams. We're a community that strives for excellence all the while encouraging and uplifting our fellow troopers. We hope we've inspired as you carry the torch for the next generation of members/troopers.


Congratulations again, great job on your build and hope to see you at Centurion :salute:



Steve (starsaber25) Lead Provost Marshal

"Wow I can't believe it!  We have reached a monumental milestone of our 1000th expert infantry approval.  This is certainly a time to celebrate.  The FISD is the greatest detachment within the 501st and this is the prime example why.  We have so many members that truly care about our costumes that they always strive for excellence.  Stormtroopers are clearly the most loved costume within the legion and it shows. 


I would like to extend a HUGE congratulations to you Sebastian!  Welcome to the EIB club and you should feel so proud.  I'm almost jumping up and down for you LOL!  Your armor looks amazing! 


Thank you Paul for putting together this program with your staff back in the day.  Also, thank you to all of our amazing and helpful members who have pushed our builders to strive for excellence and providing them with the tools to be successful.  Finally thank you to all of the past and present DO's.  You guys rock.  Let's keep these EIB applications going.  Lets party!!!!"


Chris (themaninthesuitcase)  Provost Marshal

"Congratulations Sebastian on being EIB 1000!  You may not have been the first but you certainly won't be the last.  You have taken the time to put the work in and join a core part of the FISD family. I hope you are soon able to get out and troop your armour and enjoy what being a FISD Stormtrooper is all about".


Glen (gmrhodes)  PRO/Newsletter editor

"Congratulations to everyone who has taken a part in this amazing milestone, to our 1000 EI recipients, to our current and past Deployment Officers and also to our founder, former Detachment Leader and creator of the program Paul @Daetrin , well done everyone involved.


Dan (CableGuy) PRO Replica Section Curator


“Wow - many congratulations to our 1000th EIB recipient. To you, and the 999 before you, a big thank you for helping the detachment reach such a monumental milestone. It’s wonderful to see so many troopers looking to go the extra mile. I salute you, all.


To all of those still planning to apply, keep to your own pace and we’ll be ready to welcome you into the #1000 and above club.


And finally, to all of those that have been active on the forum, giving helpful advice and encouragement, guiding these troopers to reach their EIB goal, be proud of your achievements too".


Frank (Frank75139)  Attache Ambassador

"Congrats on EI status and for helping us get to where we are. You may be 1000 but you're the start of a new wave of EI troopers".


Jim (Rat)  Social Media Relations


"Congratulations on taking the extra time, effort and sweat. The journey you have gone on as the 999 troopers before you is always rewarding. So congratulations again on your tremendous job of being just that much more attentive to the little details and closing out this long awaited milestone for the detachment.

As the saying goes just keep doing what got you here and always remember why you are here.

Cheers Trooper we are proud of you and your accomplishment".


                                                                And finally, a word from a true FISD Legend Steve (gazmosis)


"Fellow Troopers:

It is both an honor and privilege to have been part of something that still remains so strong in this detachment. It is a greater honor to be remembered and invited back to take part in the milestone that is the 1000th EIB application/award. I cannot thank you enough for this consideration. It makes my heart happy to know that deep down I am still a part of the greatest Detachment in the 501st. 

To the recipient of the 1000th EIB award: Congratulations Sebastian!!!! As former Deployment officer until Oct. 2015, it was my honor to work with so many troopers and behold so many fantastic sets of armor every week. Sometimes it seemed like a dream.  Your dream started (as many do) by hitting the "send" button so your payment traveled to the armor maker. Then came the waiting. TICK TICK TICK the days went by and finally your big brown box arrived. For everyone who experienced this joyous moment, it is the beginning of the road. For some, its the beginning of the nightmare. "NOW WHAT DO I DO? I DON'T WANT TO SCREW THIS UP!!!!!" That is where FISD stands behind you. With the encouragement, support, and guidance, you have arrived at a place that probably only seemed like a dream at one point. Now you look in the mirror making "pew pew pew" sounds in your bucket, Yeah, we all did it.  

Don't think for a second that because there have been 999 EIB troopers before you that somehow yours is any less special. You have studied the threads, made the cuts, glued the joints. sized the parts and painted the lines. Like the others before you, this award is not given......it is EARNED. You have earned the right to possibly shoot for Centurion. You have earned the right to now accept that someone may ask you how you did it, and you have earned the right to pass on your knowledge.  Wear that armor with humble pride as not to say "you can look like me", but let's work as a team so we can all look incredible as we stand together as brothers and sisters.  I salute you, trooper!!! Now go make some smiles"!!


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  • justjoseph63 changed the title to TK-51337 requesting First Order Stormtrooper (The Last Jedi) EIB Status (ANOVOS) (1000)

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