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  1. Thanks again Dan. I really appreciate your help and your friendship!!!
  2. You’ve done a nice job with the shims on your sides! Take a look at the back of your left shin and see if you can tighten up the gap. The right one is tighter. From the front you look like an imposing trooper and I wouldn’t want to mess with you!! Nice work!!!!
  3. Thanks, Tony! Not sure if I'm worthy, but I do like cutting, sanding, and gluing plastic, LOL! Thanks again!
  4. PETER TELEP TK-33348 Centurion letter Sha Sha http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/33348-centurion.png
  5. It’s great to see another hero TK get approved! Welcome trooper!!
  6. Name: Peter Telep TK-33348 Forum Name: 4Runner Florida Garrison, Makaze Squad Armor Maker: TMprops Helmet Maker: TMprops Cloth Belt Maker: Rob Kittel (Imperial Issue) Neck Seal Maker: Darman’s Props Boot Maker: Imperial Boots Silicone Hand guards: JustJoseph Blaster Maker: Pretorian Blasters Holster Maker: Darman’s Props Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 165lbs TK Type: ANH Hero Mentors: Gary Collins Sr. Derek Zink Gary Collins Daniel Branton NOTE: I followed the Centurion photo checklist document for this submission but also added in extra photos at the end to detail my build. Thanks for your consideration! A few extra photos to detail my build: And the team who made it all happen, from left to right: Kendall (photographer), Peter (plastic spaceman), Nancy (the boss!), and Lauren (expert Stormtrooper handler). Pups from left to right are Luke, Khole, and Charlie! Special thanks to Sha Sha and Joseph for expertly guiding me through this process! TK-33348 humbling submitting my application. Thank you very much for your time!
  7. Peter Telep 33348 EIB letter size Sha Sha Thanks again!!!! http://www.whitearmor.net/eib/certificates/33348-eib.png 285
  8. Hi, Sha Sha! Thanks so very much for going over my photos and for awarding me EIB! I'm so happy right now! Building my first stormtrooper kit was a great experience and came at a good time to keep my mind off all the problems of the world! Also, I want to stress that I know yours is a volunteer position, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your time! I'm looking forward to making those corrections you noted, taking some more pictures, and putting together my centurion application. Every trooper I've met has been warm, welcoming, and so very helpful. This really is a wonderful community, and I'm proud to be a part of it! Thanks again. I keep wanting to say may the force be with you, LMAO! For the Empire!
  9. Good luck with your application, Trooper! It's so cool to see First Order troops here! I think the Supreme Leader will be happy!
  10. Every once in a while I click on my avatar thumbnail on a post, expecting to navigate back to my own profile, and then I get directed to yours instead. Haha. Congrats on your approval! Will you teach your next Star Wars class in full Imperial uniform next time?

    1. 4Runner


      Lol. I do think my squad will troop my class at least once, and in that case the students will get to see me in full armor. They already think I’m a nerd so I have no idea what this will do for my reputation LOL!!!!  And thanks for the avatar... I do think it’s the coolest one on this forum!!!

  11. Hi, Joseph: Thanks so much for reviewing my photos! As you noted, I've added some weathering to my mike tips and added those photos at the end of my original post. Please let me know if these are acceptable now. I think they look pretty good and screen-accurate! :-) Take care and thanks again! Peter
  12. Hello, fellow troopers! I’m thrilled to be here. My hands still hurt from holding the Lexan scissors too tight and cutting through 2mm acrylic-capped ABS. Do you feel my pain? Ha ha! Anyway, I can’t wait to get out there and troop! If Only You Knew: Well, I thought I needed to buy everything under the sun to make this kit, and after buying way too much stuff, I realized, man, I only need glue, my dremel, some sandpaper, blue tape, and some magnets. A few clamps, too. But I just had way too much stuff lying around that I never, ever used. In that case, I made the job seem harder than it was because I thought I needed all this “stuff.” Top 5 things I learned: 1) Take your time. Accomplish only one “big” thing each day. Today I’m working on the right shin. That’s it. If you go too fast, you will screw up! 2) Don’t start without mentors. Make sure you have some guidance from experienced troopers and send them pictures as you build. 3) Listen to your mentors. If you ignore them, you will make mistakes! Stubbornness does not equal screen-accuracy! 4) Your family may not be as excited about you getting your thigh piece to fit as you are. Don’t be disappointed. Once they see you fully suited up, your appearance will blow them away. 5) When using the dremel and sanding roller, hold the piece tightly against your chest and use smooth, light strokes. Ignore the dog licking your leg no matter what. Oops!: My kit was a little big on me, and after fitting it, the entire torso was sitting too low and the thighs had no room to move. I had to redo my shoulder straps (tighten them up), and cut the neckline on the chest plate to give myself more room, and then take a full inch off the backs of my thighs to get them to fit properly. It was a pretty big challenge, especially when I thought I was nearing completion. Time to "embrace the suck" and take a risk! And so I did... Warnings I received were mostly about being too OCD versus screen-accuracy. Sometimes the screen-accurate way looked ugly to me, but in most cases I got over that and learned to love the asymmetric and wonky nature of these kits. A funny thing happened on my way to the Death Star: I decided to become a stormtrooper after teaching a Star Wars class at the University of Central Florida: https://news.cah.ucf.edu/news/star-wars-telep/ https://www.fox35orlando.com/video/637681 I invited the Makaze Squad to visit my classroom and talk about the 501 and about trooping in Central Florida. After hearing the fun and inspirational stories, I couldn’t help but want to be a part of this great community. That was last October, so it’s been an eventful eight months to say the least. My armor did take a long time to reach me (ABS plastic shortage when I ordered) so I was taking pictures of myself looking like a James Bond henchman from a 60s movie, LOL. I kept telling my friends, my armor will come soon! This is the best I can do for now: Shout Outs: I received great tips and advice from my armor builder, Troopermaster, who treated me like a good friend and answered all my questions as though he was standing by his phone, waiting for me to ask. This was a GREAT first experience with an armor builder, and that made it even more memorable. I also received incredible help from Gary Collins, Sr, his son Gary, Derek Zink, and Daniel Branton. All of these generous troops spent a lot of time answering my questions, sending me pictures and videos, and trying to put me at ease as things didn’t come together as I’d planned. Of course my family put up with me and with stormtrooper parts lying all over my kitchen and formal living room. The place looked like a plastic warehouse and smelled like E6000, ha ha. Finally, I’m really excited to be here, to start trooping, and to put some smiles back on people’s faces during a very challenging time in this world. In that way, I guess we are entertainers and should help make people forget about the cares of the world, at least for a little while. TK-33348, ready for duty!
  13. Name: Peter Telep TK-33348 Forum Name: 4Runner Florida Garrison, Makaze Squad Armor Maker: TMprops Helmet Maker: TMprops Cloth Belt Maker: Rob Kittel (Imperial Issue) Neck Seal Maker: Darman’s Props Boot Maker: Imperial Boots Blaster Maker: Pretorian Blasters Holster Maker: Darman’s Props Height: 5’ 10” Weight: 165lbs TK Type: ANH Hero Mentors: Gary Collins Sr. Derek Zink Gary Collins Daniel Branton (UK Garrison) Added weathering to tips on helmet: Thanks so much of your time, help, and consideration! Respectfully, TK-33348
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