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Congratulations to our new Detachment Leader - Dark CMF

Darth Aloha

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What?! LAME elections!

Where are the publicly revealed PM? Insults and fight? Baloney candidates?  :lol:


Wish you the best for this year Tim!

Alas, FISD is not as degenerate or dysfunctional as the LCO elections I'm afraid, and while it would be fun to have secret cabalistic reveals of a plot that includes Tim being an ANOVOS plant, me taking a payoff of free armor and an all-expenses paid trip to Celebration Europe to hop off the elections, and Eric being told he'd be Kylo Ren's stunt double in Episode VII...alas we hold ourselves to a higher accountability here. All the private emails where more like "Love you man!" "No, I respect YOU!", "So happy we're friends". Lame? Assuredly, but as stormtroopers we have real work to do...leave the politics for the Legion. ;-)


Unquestioned loyalty to us is more than a motto.

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Congratulations Tim! You have set the bar high for everything that you have done here on the FISD! Keep at my friend!! Man you are gonna be busy with this new work load and being my personal armor confidant!!! <br><br>

Thank you Eric for your service!! It was a phenomenal year!

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