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  1. Glad to see you here, bro! Lemme know when you get your kit!
  2. I think he was wearing them when he was taking Poe to the hanger bay
  3. How about Finn and his unique boots? Hero boots maybe?
  4. It would be cool, but no one's requested an appearance in my area.
  5. I like them all, but I'm gonna say ROTJ because I like to be different. It was also the first kit that I made without help from anyone else.
  6. I'm building a set of it for my girlfriend right now, and I must admit it's a very nice kit.
  7. Depends mostly on how the helmet fits size-wise with your head. I don't like just hard-hat liners, but they can be used in conjunction with a bit of foam where needed. ACH pads are great because you can add a few here and there. The star foam is great for accuracy, but not-so-much for trooping, unless it's used with the screen-accurate chin strap. Even then, it can feel wonky.
  8. There always seems to be tiny differences that make everyone's blaster slightly unique in some way. I'm more worried about a non-member trying to steal it on purpose at hectic troops. lol.
  9. I know sometimes they can be very slow to answer/ship, but being in Germany, you might be a bit luckier with the shipping part. Lots of suppliers aren't as quick to respond as we'd like them to be. Hopefully they'll get back to you soon.
  10. Again, everything looks great! Solid EIB! I'm sure Tony or Sly will chime in soon.
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