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  1. Edit: the label was prepared three days ago, but no location movement.
  2. Has anyone else gotten their blaster yet?<br> Can we get an update, please? <br> Thx.
  3. Been a few weeks since the last update. I hope everything is still going well.
  4. I think he was wearing them when he was taking Poe to the hanger bay
  5. How about Finn and his unique boots? Hero boots maybe?
  6. It would be cool, but no one's requested an appearance in my area.
  7. All the pics look great. I'm anxious to finally get a proper blaster.
  8. I like them all, but I'm gonna say ROTJ because I like to be different. It was also the first kit that I made without help from anyone else.
  9. I'm building a set of it for my girlfriend right now, and I must admit it's a very nice kit.
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