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  1. Here is my latest update... Holes filled!! I'm fairly happy with the results. I still need to finish the seam so it should look even better after its finished. Camera also shows a lot more detail, lol! Here are pictures of the seams pre sanding and polishing. The paste took a lot longer to make then I expected. Maybe to much acetone and not enough plastic?? That's what I'm guessing. Took over a week to get to the point where it was usable. New to this, lol! I'm confident!!!
  2. So I haven't posted on here for a while because my blaster was basically finished. I had never finished the sight fully because I just never got around to it and I still haven't topped it off with a PlayfulWolCub power cylinder. That will come!! I did finally get around to working on my sight though!! It isn't finished yet. I just have to do some glueing and touching up a bit with some paint but very excited with the outcome so far! First though a huge shout out to Derrek Day and his company Phoenix Props!! Without you my friend, my blaster would never be completely finished!! Thank you very much sir!! Shameless plug incoming -- If you are looking for an e-11 to build go to Derrek I wish he was making them when I made mine. Because if the rest of his blaster parts look as clean and detailed as the two I received then WOW!!!
  3. It has been very slow going but I did make a little progress. Pictures of my shims glued into place - Making paste hopefully this week and trying to smooth those joints out. Wish me luck!!
  4. Haven't worked a lot on my armor as I have been dreading having to put a shim on. Plus, I have been out of snaps so that put me at a "stand still". I didn't want to buy more snaps yet because I was hoping to get an answer to this question first. How much do snaps effect the decision for Centurion, in regards to brand and color? I have asked this question in a private message but haven't heard back from the recipient so now I'm asking via my build thread in hopes of getting some type of feedback on this subject. I purchased the black plated Tandy brand snaps. They aren't black. More of a gunmetal grey in color. (Haven't gone back to look again but I was sure I saw a build thread using the same color snaps.) The other thing noticeable with these snaps is the logo imprinted on the snap. Just wondering if this is an issue? Not necessarily on the strapping system but more in regards to the 3 visible snaps. I did finally cut my "love-handle" extensions and this is the seam before gluing. Let me know what you think. I will abs paste the seam after I have them glued together via a strip of abs in the back. **edit** Forgot to mention I had to fill those holes I prematurely drilled... I guess I assumed to much before drilling, lol!!
  5. I loved building mine! Enjoy the build and keep those pictures coming!
  6. Great job bud! Don't let the shiny white stuff beat you!!
  7. Not sure if I should wait for stencils or just free hand it with masking tape, because these look really nice!
  8. Don't forget to moisten the qtip first to help with loose cotton getting left in your new paint job!
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